Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, we call these the Rules and Guidlines. Please remember to follow them at all times.


  1. All users must follow Fandom's Terms of Use at all times.
  2. No spamming of any kind will be tolerated.
    1. Do not post random images or GIFs for no reason.
    2. No advertising is allowed.
    3. No gibberish or silly edits.
    4. Do not create useless or silly pages. Also, do not add pointless categories to pages. Examples: "White Pants Episodes" or "Episodes with white pants".
  3. No false information is to be included on articles.
    1. Everything added to articles should be verifiable.
    2. No gossiping or spreading rumors as if they were fact.
  4. No impersonation of any kind is tolerated.
    1. Example 1: pretending to be any actor, creator, or user that you're not.
    2. Example 2: role playing or attempting to start an RPG.
  5. Do not ignore the advice of a Bureaucrat, Admin, or Content Moderator.
  6. If a Bureaucrat, Admin, Content Moderator, or even a Rollback undoes or changes an edit that you made, do not repeat the edit. Please contact them first.
  7. If a user is warned by an administrator, the user is expected to follow the advice and show improvement. If they continue to disobey, repeat the same mistakes, or get worse, they are subject to be banned for a period of time or possibly forever.
  8. When coming from another Wiki, please always remember to mind your manners. This includes people who are admins on other wikis. If you have questions or concerns about this wiki, then please message a Bureaucrat or Administrator on their message wall.
  9. User's are welcomed to edit their profile pages as they wish too. However, nothing sexual, obscene, or offensive is to be included.
  10. Do not edit another user's profile page or message wall without their permission. This may result in a ban/block.
  11. Do not harass, fight, bully, or insult other users.
  12. Do not try to use multiple accounts in a way that is deceptive or harmful. Trying to use multiple accounts to avoid a ban or to break rules is not permitted. Users caught breaking this rule risk having all of their accounts blocked/banned.
  13.  Do not join this wiki just to message or harass users from other wiki's. Disputes like this should be settled on Community Central. Users who violate this rule may be blocked permanently if it's clear that they don't care about contributing to this wiki.
    1. An example: Picklefan17 joined this Wiki only to message and fight with another user named Gherkinking12. Picklefan17 may not have agreed with being disciplined or blocked by Gherkinking12 on some other wiki. This is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  14. Do not go to other wiki's to message and harass our Bureaucrats and Administrators. If a user has been disciplined or blocked on here, then they have done it to themselves. Fighting and harassing them on another wiki won't help the situation or resolve the problems. Disputes regarding discipline and suspensions from this wiki should be settled on Community Central.
    1. An example: Picklefan17 was blocked on our wiki for 3 months for not following the Rules and Guidelines. He or she didn't agree with this. So Picklefan17 joined the Ice Cream wiki to fight with that Admin/Bureaucrat. This is not allowed and will not be tolerated. Doing this may result in bans getting extended or becoming perpetual. Also bear in mind, that the admins on the other wiki may discipline you too.
  15. Be careful with how much personal information you decide to share and discuss about yourself.
  16. Never write or tell anyone your home address, phone number, or mobile number on any page or in the chatroom (this includes your own profile pages).
  17. Remember this site is NOT a dating service.If you meet or know another person you like, please keep it to yourselves and take it off of the wiki. 
  18. If they wish to, users can post pictures of themselves every now and again. However, the pictures must abide by Wiki's Terms of Use. Also, the pictures must not include any school, job, club, or unique logos, house addresses, or license plate numbers. These must be blurred or cropped out before uploading.
  19. No hate speech.
    1. Respect the LGBT community.
    2. No racism.
    3. No Sexism.
  20. No pornography is tolerated, anyone who uploads any pictures, video clips, or sounds clips of pornography will be blocked forever.
  21. No uploading videos. This wiki is to be read only, but images are allowed. Additionally, do not offer or ask for any pirated material or tell people where to get pirated material.
  22. Respect other wiki's and websites. Please do not go to other wiki's or websites and say that this is wiki is better, and do not disrespect any other websites or wiki's on this wiki.
  23. Comments on pages are only to be about the topic of the page or things relevant to the topic of the page. If you wish to be social with other users, please message them on their message walls or ask to meet with them in this wiki's chat room.
  24. Swearing and the use of foul language is no longer going to be allowed nor tolerated.


  1. Try to use proper grammar and punctuation. Proofread before you publish your edits.
  2. Break text up into paragraphs when necessary.
  3. False information is spam and is not allowed. Likewise, no guessing; this also isn't allowed. If you don't know for certain what happened, then leave it alone until you find out what did happen.
    1. Guessing characters names, of which have not been revealed, or that were credited without an actual name. If you do find out their name, please provide proof.
  4. Do not start an empty page, make a good effort to start it or to finish it. Also always ask for help if necessary. Admins may delete pages that are low effort if they don't see evidence that the page will improve in the future.
  5. Mass editing: Regular users are not allowed to bot edit or edit a high amount of times simply to get their edit counts up. This includes changing one letter or number on multiple pages at a time. This is only allowed if there are coincidental mistakes on multiple pages at time. In situations like this, try to describe what you've changed in the edit summary.
  6. Do not remove content from pages without permission. This is considered vandalism.
  7. Every page should have categories. This is to keep the wiki organized and to help find other pages faster.
  8. The mention of which Midnight Society Member is telling the story needs to be included. This is because, although not everyone will always read the episodes Intro, they will still know whose story it was.
  9. All content shared on this wiki should abide by fair use.
  10. Try to only include good quality photos.
  11. Photo gallery: If desired an episode page can have a gallery of photos. When the page is near complete they will all be added to the episode page's tabber section.
  12. Do not copy off of the website. Also please try not to copy from other wikis. If you use a source besides and episode, paraphrase and consider citing the source.
  13. Please, do not copy anything off of this wiki to add to another wiki. If you must, please try to write it in your own words and/or credit this wiki with a link.
  14. When you add trivia to pages, check your sources very carefully. Also, do not add silly or pointless trivia.
  15. Ask for help or advice on editing whenever necessary.
  16. Do NOT add excessive amounts of categories to another category. A few are all right to help lead it off, but adding too many may have you misconstrued as spamming or cheat editing/boosting.
  17. Always preview your edits before you publish them.
  18. Enjoy! :)

Page Rules

A page may be deleted for any of these following reasons.

  1. The page was completely empty or just about empty.
  2. The page was copied word from word from another site or source.
  3. The page already existed here on the wiki.
  4. If the page is off topic
  5. If the page is a message/post that discusses ones opinions or asks questions. Please remember - this is not a discussion board. This in an information site regarding to the theme of AYAOTD.
  6. If it is purposeful spamming.
  7. If it is a discussion or conflict with other users.
  8. If it is an advertisement.
  9. If it is a page that a new user made to introduce themselves. If you would like to introduce yourself, message an Administrator or create a blog.
  10. If the page was already deleted before.


The chatroom feature will be coming soon and all the same wiki rules apply to it. 


The time being this wiki is still on it's way to building itself up. No other users will become bureaucrat's until a trusting community can be formed. However more Rollback's and Administrator's are needed and will be hired as time goes on. Although Sometimes with a good reference from another wiki or experience of working on multiple wiki's, that can really help a users chances. Still these condition must be followed.

  1. Trustworthy: He or She must be proven trustworthy and  won't just become an Administrator immediately upon request. The user must prove his or her commitment and good standards to the wiki.
  2. Reputation on other wiki's: it will be reviewed how well the user behaves on other wiki's.

Staff colors

  1. Dark Red is for a male Bureaucrat.
  2. Purple is for a female Bureaucrat.
  3. Dark Orange is for a Male Administrator.
  4. Yellow is for a Female Administrator.
  5. Green for Male Content Moderator
  6. White for Female Content Moderator.
  7. Blue is for a Male Rollback.
  8. Pink is for a Female Rollback.
  9. Lime is for a Male Chat mod.
  10. Aqua is for a Female Chat mod.

User Colors

Default name color

Most of the time regular users names will be in the wiki's default username color.

Brown name color

If a username is in Brown then that means the user is being watched for not following the rules, or is suspected of not following the rules.

Dark Slate Gray

If a user's username is in Dark Slate Gray, then that means the user is blocked/banned from this wiki.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.