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Russell Ian "Rush" Keegan is a character created by Gary & Frank. He appeared in the two part story arc: "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure".


Rush Keegan and his younger brother Max used to be very close. They would hang out together all of the time. As time went on he out grew childish things and took more interests in teenage hobbies. Such as spending time with his girlfriend Sandy Campbell. He was getting fed up with his younger brother always bothering him and playing pranks and embarrassing him in front of his girlfriend.

That weekend his parents were going away on a bicycle riding trip. Feeling he wasn't mature or responsible enough, they decided to leave him and his brother with their boring babysitter named Mrs. Gregory. Then after his parents left, he and his brother teamed up and tricked Mrs. Gregory. They fooled her into thinking they were sick with the measles. So now their parents were going to stay home to take care of them.

Then afterwards, he broke his promise of doing stuff with younger brother. Since he felt that he was a pain and too young. Then his brother threatened to phone their parents and tell them that they lied to Mrs. Gregory. So he asked his brother what he wanted. His brother asked him for a Shandu's Magic Set, promising to keep quiet and not bug him all weekend.

So he went down to Sardo's Magic Mansion, to buy the Magic Set. There Sardo had an in store contest. The Contest was for whoever can open an old wooden chest, could have the prize that was inside. He didn't think it was a real challenge, believing that anyone could open it. Sardo says he can't and he's tried everything to open it and it won't budge. The without much effort he opened it.

Sardo seemed thrilled to see that he actually got it opened. Then he felt ripped off because the contents inside it, according to him were old and junk. It was nothing but a rusted old key, an old dagger and a spyglass. Then he reluctantly took the spyglass which he thought was broken home with him. That evening, he had an at home date with Sandy, he asked his brother to not bother them, and allowed him to play with the spyglass.

Meanwhile, He and Sandy were about to make out. Then Max barged in and interrupted them telling that the spyglass was weird and that it was moving by itself. He was very annoyed thinking that his brother was just going out of his way to bother and annoy them. So he rudely told his brother to leave them alone. Then after his brother left Sandy told him to give Max a break because he's just a kid. He showed his disgust by not believing what she was telling him. Most because he was just fed up with Max bugging him all the time.

Soon he and Sandy began to make out and passionately kiss. Then suddenly he could hear his brother scream his head off, sounding terrified and screaming for his help. Sandy realized that Max had a problem, so she felt she needed to go home. Since his brother was the one who needed his attention. So he told her to wait while he reluctantly went to check on his brother. When he got to his brother's bedroom, his brother told him a skeleton was under his bed trying to grab him. But when he saw that there was nothing under the bed, he was annoyed. Then he was most disappointed to see that Sandy went home. He got really mad thinking he played another prank on him to just ruin his night with Sandy, or just to get his attention.

His brother was still frightened saying that they should call the police. He then got really mad at him and told him that he was tired of him messing things up for him all the time. He also tells Max that doesn't care about his stories, or his problems and he doesn't care about him and also tells him that he hates him and wishes he would just go away.

That night, he had a dream. The dream took place in a foggy cemetery. He walked up to the doors of a mausoleum. Then a very pale ghost called out to him. unknown to him at first, this was the ghost Ian Keegan. Ian Keegan was an ancestor and a great-great-grandfather of his, who was killed by the evil pirate Captain Jonas Cutter. The ghost told him a warning. It was: "What he wants is not what he desires" and to not be fooled. He couldn't make sense of this.

Then suddenly his dream resulted into being a nightmare as his legs get wrapped in vines. Then a creepy skeleton came up to him from behind and grabbed his shoulder with a bony hand. It told him that he's been waiting for a final battle and asks him if he'll be a match for him. He then woke up from his nightmare screaming in the morning. He looked through the spyglass again and he was stumped to see a vision inside it of from his nightmare.

Then he hurries over to Sardo's Magic Mansion, to return the spyglass. Sardo think he wants the rest of the items. But he refuses them. So he returns it and storms off. After he left, An unknown man in the shop told Sardo that the items belonged to him now. He just was not ready to accept them yet. However he will when the times comes.

That night, he came home and called for his brother and got no answer, Then he searched his brother's bedroom and found on the door of the closet a dagger bearing note. The message told him: "This is no dream the boy is mine". Then he got very worried and searched all around the house. He finally found him outside, but he didn't move or answer him. All Max did was stare at the person in the row boat who was rowing backwards to shore.

The rowboat comes in and he goes up to it and telling him that his father would be home soon. He turns the person around to say it to his face, but it was just a rotten and decayed skeleton. Then quickly it transformed into a hideous, one eyed, pirate. The pirate laughed an insane laugh at him. He tells him that he knows his dad isn't coming, and that he's come for his brother.

He grabs brother and runs into the house and locks the door, he is about to call the police. Then suddenly the pirate somehow appeared inside the house. Then the front door opened in a flash of light. Then a vicious and violent looking huge pirate entered. Unknown yet to him, it was Captain Jonas Cutter. He asked him if thought he really had a chance against him. Then the other pirate who is addressed as Mr. Noise is summoned. Mr. Noise held him in a tight restrain.

Then Captain Cutter put his brother in a trance and took him away with him. He watched as the pirates laughed saying he would never see his brother again, and they disappeared in the dense fog.

After he couldn't get hold of their parents, he stormed over to Sardo's Magic Mansion. He was furious and demanded Sardo to take the spyglass back because it's made ghosts appear, and they kidnapped his little brother. Then he threatened to come back with the police if Sardo didn't help right away. Sardo didn't know anymore than he did. So he gave him the business card of the man who had the answers.

He went over to see this man, and the man was none other than Dr. Vink. He informed him that his little brother was kidnapped. Dr. Vink already knew about it. So he informed him that the man who kidnapped Max was a ruthless pirate named Captain Jonas Cutter. When Dr. Vink showed him a portrait of Captain Cutter from a history book, he immediately recognized him, saying that they needed to call the police. Dr. Vink told him that the police couldn't help him because Captain Cutter has been dead for about two hundred years now.

Dr. Vink then told him that the old wooden chest contained items, that once belonged to the one man, who tried to defeat Captain Cutter but instead met his doom. Then before he died he vowed that one day a champion would come along. He recognized it as the same chest that he recently opened. Dr. Vink says that he left it there hoping to find the champion who would open it. Then eventually be ready to do battle with the enemy. Inside it contained the items: the spyglass, a key and a dagger. Which were blessed and imbued by the spirits of Cutter's innocent victims.

He then asked what it had to do with him. Dr. Vink then asked him to tell him what his full name is. He said it was Russell Ian Keegan. Then Dr. Vink showed him the bottom of the chest. It was carved in with the name "Ian Keegan" on it. He now realized that Ian Keegan was one of his Great grandfathers from over several generations ago. So he is the chosen one who needs to finish what Ian started. He doubted himself at first. Then Dr. Vink used some reverse psychology to persuade him to do it.

Then he reluctantly accepted his destiny as the chosen one. Heading over to the cemetery. Dr. Vink told him he would know what to do when the time came and watched him from afar. First he encountered the ghost of Ian Keegan whom he now addressed by name. Ian pointed to him the path to the mausoleum. Then Ian told him that he had the power to get his brother back. Then he headed on over to it and unlocked the door to the mausoleum and let himself in.

Then he was greeted by a terrifying skeleton. The Skeleton screamed to him welcome Skipper! He screamed in terror and fell through the floor boards and fall all the way to crypt's basement. In the crypt he kept on hearing Captain Jonas Cutter who was laughing, echoing and taunting him. He just tried to ignore it and kept moving on.

The underground cave Was a like a maze, he took a wrong turn and went another path. When he carefully walked through a narrow crack he set off a sliding spike trap and he barely made it out alive. Then at another corner, a pirate pointed a cannon at him and ignited the fuse and shoot a cannonball. He luckily ducked out of the way just in time.

When he turned around he found Max. It seems he somehow escaped. He took him by the hand tried to walk away, but Max was silent and didn't move. Then when he turned around to face him, it turned out to be Mr. Noise. This caused him to trip and fall on the ground. Mr. Noise pulls out his cutlass and was ready to kill him. Then he picked up his dagger and it glowed with energy. Then he zapped Mr. Noise on the head. Then Mr. Noise instantly vanished.

He continued to walk further ahead until he entered the treasure room. There he found his brother locked inside a large cage. Max confirmed that it was really him. Then and his brother apologized to each other and they reconciled. They were intercepted by Jonas Cutter who was ready and raring to go along with their battle. Then Captain Cutter picked up his cutlass and begun swinging and lunging it at him. He had forgotten to use the dagger. So he could not fight back. So Captain Cutter almost got him.

Dr. Vink sneaked in to the room from the corner and reminded him to use the dagger. Crouching down he pulled out the dagger, but Jonas Cutter came in from the side and kicked it out of his hand. Meanwhile, Max broke out of the cage himself. Captain Cutter then closed in on him as he was on the floor. He now was nervously backed into a corner. Captain Cutter asked him if this was all he would get for the grand battle he's been waiting for. He nervously told him that he could not fight. Now Captain Cutter decided that it was time to put him out of his misery. Then he prepared to deliver the killing blow to him.

Then Suddenly, Max escaped armed with the dagger, demanding for him to be left alone. He immediately ran over to Max's side. Captain Cutter now realized that two boys to kill was better than one. So he asked the both of them who would go first. So he took the dagger and powered it up. Then he blasted the Captain with an energy blast that forced him to back away and sit on a throne.

Then he used the power of the dagger, to wrap and bind Captain Cutter's limbs to the throne in vines tightly binding him in place. Dr. Vink then joined them at their side. Dr. Vink told him that it was now time to stab him with the dagger and fulfill his destiny.

However instead of looking terrified, scared and nervous Captain Cutter was laughing and seemed to be enjoying himself. He kept on telling him to use the dagger on him. Then he closed in on Captain Cutter who mocked him telling him he was afraid of him, knowing he would not do it. Then suddenly he remembered what Ian Keegan meant when he told him "what he wants is not what he desires". Captain Cutter then encouraged him to finish him off, but he refused. Then Captain Cutter mocked him for being afraid, but he turned this back on him, believing that he was afraid too.

He realized that Captain Cutter had been guarding his beloved treasure for centuries, but now that the age of piracy was over. Nowadays nobody ever comes to look for it. Therefore Captain Cutter has no one to guard it from. So when Captain Cutter was released from the chest, he purposely kidnapped his brother to cajole him to come and fight him.

Captain Cutter insisted that he was wrong and demanded that he use the dagger on him. He says that the treasure is worthless to him now, but he has no choice but to guard it, meaning that Captain Cutter may want something to be done to him, but it's not what needs to be done. Dr. Vink agrees, realizing that using the dagger on Captain Cutter may release him from his curse and put his soul to rest. He was unsure of what to do, but Dr. Vink tells him the justice for all of Cutter's victims is now in his hands, and that he must use it wisely.

Still tightly wrapped and bound on the throne, Captain Cutter kept on shouting and demanding for him to use it. But instead, he breaks the dagger in half over his knee. Ensuring that Captain Cutter can never be freed. As now no one can ever use the dagger to release Cutter's ghost from his treasure room. Then Captain Cutter screams to them at the top of his lungs. Then an earthquake began to happen inside the crypt, with boulders and rocks crashing down. Cutter shouts at them, calling them cowards, but soon the shouting becomes begging for them not to leave him in the cave. He and Max thankfully get outside of the crypt just in time as it caves in.

Back in the cemetery, He and Max meet with Ian Keegan one last time. Ian told he and his brother that he was proud of them, and that he did made the right choice of breaking the dagger, so Cutter's ghost would never be freed. Then Ian vanished, and after looking through the spyglass again daytime resumed. Then to reward them for all their troubles, Dr. Vink gave both he and his brother a rare and valuable gem.

Then as he and Max get home, they're greeted by their parents who have just gotten home from their trip. They happily welcome their parents home. He and his brother decide not to tell their parents about their incredible adventure. Or to tell anyone else about Cutter's treasure. So nobody else would go looking for it. Then end up encountering Captain Cutter's ghost who would be eagerly looking forward to another battle!


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