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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Sally Sellman is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Captured Souls".


She is Danny Sellman's mother and Doug Sellman's wife. During the events of the story, she, her husband and her daughter all headed to a resort hotel in the country by the lake. She was hoping that she and her family could enjoy the fresh air and have a nice relaxing vacation.

She and her family found out the the hotel was being managed by a creepy young man named Peter Kirlan III. She was concerned and worried when she found that his parents were away on a cruise. So he was left at the hotel all alone. She saw her husband and daughter having fun playing catch. So she hurried outside to take their picture. Peter got very scared and worried about having his picture taken. So he insisted on not being photographed. Also Peter took the picture of her family all together.

Soon she didn't realize that she and her family were beginning to age rapidly. This happened because Peter was really an elderly mad scientist who specialized in youth restoration to stay young forever. So there were mirrors all over the hotel. Whenever she and her family would look in the mirrors or be near them, it would cause them to rapidly age. She and her husband just thought that all their years of stress were finally catching up with them. So she and her husband mostly just wanted to rest and take it easy. She was concerned to see her daughter was breaking out with pimples. So she considered getting her some skin medication. She wasn't aware that her daughter received accelerated puberty from looking into the mirrors. Most of all, she and here husband were unware that soon they would died from old age!

Her daughter quickly figured out what was going on. Danny stopped looking in the mirrors and she found where Peter was using his youth capturing machine. Danny then set his machine in reverse while he was inside of it. Then it overloaded and it broke down. Peter rapidly aged back to his real old age. Then she and her husband were restored back to their real ages. When she and her husband woke up she and he felt as good as new.

Then the next day, he and family decided to leave the hotel. On the way out she showed her daughter a polaroid picture she found of an old man. Unaware that this was Peter really looked like in his true age. Her daughter said it just looked like a sad old man. Her daughter never told her the truth about Peter. Then after leaving the hotel, her daughter convinced her husband to finally take them all to the beach.

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