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Samantha, better known as Sam was a member of the original Midnight Society.


Sam was a friend of Betty Ann who knew of the Midnight Society because of her. After Kristen and David moved away, Betty Ann invited Sam to become part of the Midnight Society. The group was surprised that Sam was a girl.

Sam's official Collector Photo Card set reveals that, while she is conventionally attractive, she is also incredibly athletic. Additionally, she expresses a love for history.

Gary and Frank had a crush on her from the moment she was introduced into the society. Though Sam liked Gary, some episodes displayed she had feelings for Frank as well such as in "The Tale of the Closet Keepers". However, before the events of "The Tale of the Night Shift", Gary asked her out and though she returned his feelings, she turned him down because her job would prevent her from having the time for a relationship. Though at the end of the episode, she changes her mind and the two start dating.

She told "The Tale of Watcher's Woods" and stayed in the Society until its disbandment.


Sam's stories tend to revolve around love, relationships, and the undead. As pointed out by her official Collector Photo Card , she'll often tell stories featuring strong female characters, and many of her stories take place in the past.

On Screen Stories[]

  1. The Tale of Watcher's Woods
  2. The Tale of the Dream Girl
  3. The Tale of the Long Ago Locket
  4. The Tale of the Room for Rent
  5. The Tale of C7
  6. The Tale of the Night Shift

Novel Stories[]

  1. The Tale of the Restless House
  2. The Tale of the Zero Hero
  3. The Tale of the Shimmering Shell
  4. The Tale of the Stalking Shadow
  5. The Tale of the Egyptian Mummies