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The Sandman is a character created by Kristen. He appeared as the villain in the episode "The Tale of the Final Wish".


The Sandman is a magical being from the world of fairy tales. He puts people to sleep by sprinkling various different sands into their eyes, such as Deep Sleep, Catnap, 40 winks, snooze, or out like a light. As his intentions are usually limited to helping people fall asleep, The Sandman is usually seen as a helpful character. But as seen in the episode, he also has sinister and dark side.

One night, He granted the wish of a 13 year old girl named Jill Petterson. While clutching the book, "The Sandman and Other Tales," to her chest, Jill looked out the window to the first star she saw, and made a wish to not only live in a world where Fairy Tales are real, but also that everyone she knew would leave her alone. 

The next morning, Jill awoke to her brother leering over her in bed as he often does. After yelling at her brother for startling her, she headed for the door to tattle, but paused to look at him before leaving her room. When she looked back at her bedside, her brother had vanished completely. Jill then went to her parents' room, only to find their bed clearly slept in and no one in sight. Perturbed by her findings, Jill returned to her room where she noticed some movement under her bed, rustling her duvet cover. Expecting her brother, she lifted the duvet only to be greeted by The Sandman, who cheerfully exclaimed, "Hi there!" Jill retreated from The Sandman, not knowing who he was or why he was under her bed. She didn't get far before he pulled her under the bed, and off to the Land of Nod. In the Land of Nod, she discovered all her friends and family were locked in eternal sleep and trapped in his mystical dimensional realm.

The Sandman introduced himself to Jill and told her that he had granted her wish. Now nobody else would ever bother her again, because they will all sleep forever in The Land of Nod. She begged him to let everyone go, but he wouldn't, explaining that it was her fairy tale. Since releasing everyone wasn't in her fairy tale, he insisted that he could not release anyone. He tried to explain that he fulfilled her wish and that she should have been more careful with what she wished for. After more and more complaining and crying and whining from her, he got a little impatient and he tried to apologetically explain to her that Fairy Tales couldn't be changed and they are what they are.

Finally, Jill grabbed his huge hourglass and threatened to smash it if he wouldn't release everyone who was trapped. The Sandman was furious with Jill, and fed up with her antics, and tried again to explain that this is not how her fairy tale is supposed to end. He continued to try and tell her that if she insisted on being foolish, then he was going to have to put her to sleep too.

Hearing this, she smiled to him with relief as she realized, a Fairy Tale can be changed after all. Suddenly he recognized his misstep, and watched in horror, as she smashed his giant hourglass. In a fit of rage and fury he screamed NO! at the top of his lungs, then Jill was freed, as was everyone else. Afterwards, everything went back to normal, as it was before he granted her wish.

Soon after Jill went back to sleep, the wind blew open his book "The Sandman and Other Tales". The wind opened it to the last story in the book. The story was called, "The Tale of the Final Wish", then it blew to the last page in the book. We then heard him saying "The little girl went back to sleep, promising never to believe in fairy tales again. If only she knew she never would have gotten into that bed again!" when it ended, he could be heard diabolically laughing. This could have meant either Jill would from now on have the worse nightmares ever, or he was still was going to capture her.


  • Bobcat Goldthwait, was famous for his portrayal of the character Zed in a few of the Police Academy movies.
  • The aforementioned actor also voiced the pudgy demon Pain in Disney's Hercules

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