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Sandy Campbell is a character created by Gary & Frank. She appeared as a minor character in the episode "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure".


Sandy is the girlfriend of Russell "Rush" Keegan. She and Rush are pretty close seeing as how they enjoy making out. She unintentionally caused a rift between the two brothers. Since Rush only wanted to spend time with her, and Max wanted the attention of his brother back.

One day Rush invited her to come over the following night to hang out. She and him just happened to be sitting on a blanket on the grass, where the lawn sprinkler was. Then just after he invited her. Rush's younger brother Max and his friend Tony played a prank. They turned on the sprinkler, getting she and Rush wet. She was so offended that she ran back home.

The following night she came over to the Keegan's house. Since her boyfriend and his brother successfully tricked their babysitter Mrs. Gregory into leaving them alone. That night she and Rush were about to make out, when Max interrupted claiming a telescope was showing bizarre images. She overlooked this thinking he was cute. Then she Rush began to make out again, only to be interrupted by Max screaming and yelling for his brother's help.

Hearing this, she was now upset and worried that Max had gotten himself hurt and needed his brother's attention. Then after getting tired of being interrupted, she went home as her boyfriend went to check on his brother. This resulted in Rush becoming furious at his brother and temporarily not wanting to see and speak to him.

She wasn't seen or mentioned again throughout the rest of the story arc. But it can be assumed that she and Rush stayed together.


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