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Sara Simpson is a character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Room for Rent".


When she was younger, she had an on-again and off-again romantic relationship with her friend Samuel. Then during the second world war, she fell in love with a fighter pilot named Jacob. She and Jacob were planning to get married after the war. However while he serving, she fell in love with another man. She was planning to break up with him after the war ended.

Her fiancé Jacob was co-pilot to Samuel, who had also joined the air force and they went together on many missions. Then on one mission the plane got hit and caught fire. Samuel wasn't sure they were going to make it. So he gave her fiancé the last parachute and persuaded him to jump out and save himself. However, the parachute failed and Jacob fell to his death. However, after this happened Samuel miraculously landed the plane.

After the war, Samuel married another woman and she married another man. She and Samuel were still somewhat friends, but also became hostile to each other. Since she had a grudge that Samuel didn't choose her, and that he thought she had gone crazy, over the death of Jacob.

She made a career as a psychic and fortune teller. She would tell people their fortunes and do palm readings. Then years later, She and Samuel were both eventually widowed. Also for unknown reason's Samuel was raising his granddaughter Jessie Dixon. Jessie started to do regular chores for her to earn money.

Then one night in 1994, she did a psychic meditation called the opening. Which could only be done on the Ninth hour, of the Ninth day of the Ninth month. It was to allow a spirit from heaven to temporarily return to earth. Then allow it to fulfill their unfinished business. She was unaware that the spirit who returned to earth was none other than Jacob. As this took place, Jessie and her best friend Alex stopped by to pick up Jessie's money for the chores. They saw the spirit fly in from her ceiling. So they ran home terrified.

The next day, the girls told her what they saw. Also that the spirit of this man had just rented a room at Jessie's house. She was amazed astounded that her meditation had worked. So she explained to the girls what she had done and what the spirit was doing. She also explained that the returning spirit only had until the next full moon. Also that since the spirit has no physical contact. Therefore the spirit needs to possess someone.

When Alex saw an old picture at her house, Alex and Jessie pointed out the man they recognized to be the spirit. She explained to them it was Jacob. Also that he was her fiancé and what had happened to him. Soon it turned out that Jacob thought Samuel betrayed him. So he wanted to take possession of Samuel and reunite with her.

After several failed attempts, Jacob finally possessed Samuel and went over to her house and attempted to reunite with her. She phoned Jessie explaining that her grandfather was outside her house. So Jessie hurried over, she was shocked to realize that Jacob had finally succeeded in possessing Samuel.

Jacob told her and Jessie that he planned to continued living through Samuel's body. While Samuel's spirit would go to heaven in Jacob's place. Then Jessie revealed to him that her Grandfather had written down what really happened in his journal. So Jacob read it. Finally he realized that Samuel meant to try and save him not purposely sabotage him.

Still in possession, Jacob told her that they could be together again. With a heavy heart, she finally told him the truth: She was going to break up with him after the war, because Samuel was the man she was really in love with. She just never got the chance to tell him.

Then she begged and pleaded for him to release Samuel and save him. So Jacob freed Samuel from the possession. Then Jacob told her that he always loved her, and to thank Samuel for trying to save him. Then she watched Jacob ascend back to Heaven.

When Samuel came to, he asked her what was going on. She smiled at him and told him that this could mean a new start. Soon she and Samuel happily renewed their loving relationship.


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