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This good character is a heroine.

Sarah is a character created by Sam. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Watcher's Woods.


Sarah is an smart and ambitious overachiever. She has earned every medal a trailmaker could earn. So she was looking forward to her the new challenges awaiting her on her first time at Camp Grindlestone. The only problem was that she was always so busy with her activities, that she never made much time for friends.

Just as she got to camp, she met another camper named Kelly. Kelly was the complete opposite. Unlike her, Kelly was unkind, rude, dishonest and not trustworthy. She was looking forward to sharing the same tent with Kelly more than she was. And she was eager to meet new people.

Later that evening, She noticed an intriguing shrine on the wall. The shrine was in memory of three young girls who went missing and were never seen again. The plaque had three old pictures of trailmaker girls, along with three golden whistles below each picture. The message on the plaque said: "Never enter Watcher's Woods; ever!". Curious she asked what Watcher's Woods was. When she asked, everyone suddenly became quiet. Kelly filled her in. She was told that Watcher's Woods is a place where people just mysteriously disappear and vanish. It is said to have been happening for centuries.

She didn't seem to believe her, so she asked her where the woods was. She was told that it keeps moving around from one forest to another, looking for new victims, and once you realize you are inside; it's too late. She still didn't believe Kelly, and she said it just sounded like a stupid camp story. The she asked why it was called Watcher's woods. She was told by another girl, because few people have escaped and when they do they go crazy. Also that it is controlled by The Watcher. The Watcher is the evil demon who rules over the woods and picks out it's victims. She is last told that those trailmaker girls from 1919 went on a hike and they were never seen again. The only thing, that searchers ever found of them were their whistles.

The next day the counselor paired her and Kelly to work together. Their goal was to collect as many specimens as they could find, to earn for their nature medals. Since Kelly had been to the camp before, the counselor thought that Kelly could show her around the woods. She was eager to start, but Kelly was rude to her, telling her to stay out of her face.

Later while walking through the woods, Kelly got annoyed and fed up with her. She kept reviewing some trailmaker instructions. Such as when getting lost, to blow loudly three times on your whistle to call for help.

Then she caught Kelly who was about to light a cigarette. So she took the lighter and cigarette away. Then she reminded her that the counselor told them not to light any fires, so there would not be any accidents.

Kelly, then decided to try and lose her. So Kelly said she knew where a pheasant's nest was. She was excited and followed her to where it was. When they got to the spot, Kelly showed her the way in to see it. Then Kelly ditched her and took off. Soon she realized that Kelly tricked her and headed off to find her.

Later on at nighttime, she got lost. So she called out loud for Kelly several times but got no answer. Eventually a deep demonic voice quietly called out to her: "Sarah!". She turned around and followed the sound to a tree. There a man's face instantly appeared. It was the Watcher. He told her " my woods!". She screamed in terror and ran off.

Next she stumbled upon a strange green light, and she found a campground. The campground belonged to the three missing trailmakers from 1919. The three of them were imprisoned by the Watcher to forever remain in his woods, until they found their whistles. Now the three of them had become old, and evil hags. She sneaked in and very carefully spied on them.

She found Kelly was there too, and she was being held prisoner in a cage. Kelly apologized to her for everything that had happened, and for getting her into the mess. Kelly explained that three hags think that she stole their whistles from them. Suddenly the hag came up to them wielding a machete causing her and Kelly both to scream. The hags now realized she had found them out too.

She immediately told them that she knew where their whistles were, and she would run back and get them. The Boss Hag trusted her and agreed on the condition: They would keep Kelly prisoner and if she didn't come back before sunrise, Kelly would be food for the mice and the newts.

Then she ran back to the camp at full speed. She got lost along the way, so she navigated by finding the north star. Suddenly she could her that voice calling to her again. So she asked what it wanted. The Watcher's face appears in a puddle and told her: "I'm watching you!". She ignored it and continued along her way. Then The Watcher's called out to her again, then she tripped and fell down. Then a rotten corpse popped out from the ground. Then the whole corpse morphed into The Watcher. The Watcher, told her that she fascinated him, and he needed another precious soul like hers to add to his precious woods and he asked her to join him.

With Kelly's cigarette lighter, she threatened to torch his woods, if he didn't leave her alone. Hearing this, The Watcher seriously backed off and vanished into the ground. Then she ran back to the cabin and smashed the glass on the shrine open and retrieved the three whistles.

She made it back to the hags' camp in time, but she tripped and fell down. So one of the whistles fell into the bucket of rats that was beside Kelly's cage. She didn't realize that she had dropped one, so she throw them over to the hags. The hags complained that they needed three whistles to break the spell not two. Then she begged them to let her find the third one. The hags all agreed that they already gave her a chance, so now it was too late. Now she was magically strapped to a board and a jagged blade was going to drop down on her killing her!

She begged Kelly for help, Kelly could see where the third whistle was. So Kelly faced her fears and put her hand into the bucket and retrieved the whistle and threw it over, just it time before the blade came down on her. As the whistle was retrieved, she was magically released.

At first they hags couldn't believe that they finally had them. Then together the hags blew on their whistles three times. Then they glowed and vanished. Afterwards everything from their camp was gone. Now nothing was left. Except now she and Kelly found three trailmakers signs. The sign was a symbol saying: "I've gone home".

On the way back to the camp, she and Kelly saw an old-fashioned car driving by. The driver politely nodded to them. In the back seat were the three trailmaker girls from 1919. They all smiled and waved to her and Kelly. When they left, She and Kelly realized that they finally helped set them free.

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