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Sardo was a character from Are You Afraid of the Dark? created by Gary, borrowed once by David and passed onto Tucker's stories in the later years. Year later another Sardo appears as a person living in the town the new series is set in.



Sardo is a supposed magician and owner of Sardo's Magic Mansion. He is strangely unaware that many of the items in his store are really magical, and this often leads to the problem in the story. A recurring joke is someone calls him "Mr. Sardo" and he responds with "That's Sar-DOH! No Mister, accent on the do!" Also, whenever someone enters the store, Sardo always asks whether or not they've seen the vomit. Also quite often he offers prices that are too expensive for the item(s) that a characters wishes to purchase. That is until he agrees to sell them for a slightly lower or often much cheaper price. With him saying his other famous quote "All right!, but I'm losing on the deal!"


  1. "The Tale of the Super Specs".
  2. "The Tale of the Dark Dragon".
  3. "The Tale of the Carved Stone".
  4. "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure"
  5. "The Tale of a Door Unlocked"
  6. "The Tale of Oblivion"
  7. "The Tale of the Time Trap"
  8. "The Tale of the Darkhouse"


  • According to D.J MacHale, Sardo became a recurring character because seeing how Richard Dumont played him for the first time gave him more ideas for what to do with him.
  • DJ has said that Sardo's name came from a brand of bath oil.

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