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Sardo is a main character from the mini series: Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows". He was portrayed by Ryan Beil.


This Sardo is the grandson of the original Sardo.

2021 series[]



In "The Tale of the Haunted Woods", he owns a magic shop in Shadow Bay. Unlike the original show where anyone could enter the store at random, he wants every guest to say a password, with the password being "Abra-cadabra". In this iteration of the character, he is more knowledgeable towards what he sells to people and what is in his store. He is the person who tells the tale to the Midnight Society. Like the original Sardo, he still reacts the same when someone calls him Mr. Sardo and still says, "All right, but I'm losing on the deal."

In "The Tale of the Phantom Light", he is approached again for information and helps the Midnight Society learn how to hold a séance and gives them a 'Phantom Light' that would show when evil is in the room. He then asks them to get his Book of Shadows back, warning them away from opening it.

In "The Tale of the Danse Macabre", he mentions Vink when speaking on the phone. He also warns Luke about opening the book again. Later in the episode, he listens to the 'Danse Macabre' when Seth is in the store hoping for help in becoming an official member of the Midnight Society. When Seth admits what happened, he reveals that they were wrong in what the spell they cast had done and tries to go into the school to help the teens. Once inside the dance, he pretended to be entertainment and helped the teens escape from the Shadowman. When the fake Conner approached him, he said, "Hello, Shadowman."

In "The Tale of the Midnight Magic",