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Scot is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Last Dance".


Scot is a nice, caring and supportive person. He is friends with Jane, Michael and Michael's girlfriend Tara Martin. He and Jane are both very supportive and encouraging with Tara being a talented violist. He and Jane were getting annoyed and fed with Michael's lack interest and lack of support in his girlfriend Tara being a classical musician.

During the events of the story the town's big old recreational center was literally falling apart. Instead of renovating the building, it was going to be torn down. In its place a new strip mall was going to be built.

In the last week, he and Jane went to the recreational center to see Tara's violin recital. Tara played wonderfully. So he and everyone else clapped and applauded her. Afterwards he and Jane congratulated her on a well done recital. She thanked them, but was ashamed to say that she felt that she just made her boyfriend fall asleep. Hearing this, he and Jane encouraged her not to feel bad. Just because Michael was a jerk. Later in the cafeteria, he and his friends discussed the program the building was having the night before it was going to be torn down called: "The Last Dance".

The whole time that he and his friends were talking, an unseen creature was Tara stalking from a ceiling vent above. Then suddenly the tiles broke and almost fell on them. He and Michael cover Tara and Jane just in time.

Then in the locker room, he told Michael that he had been very rude and unsupportive to Tara. Michael replied by saying that he was just trying to be truthful to Tara. Michael also told him that he just wanted to make sure she didn't get her hopes up. Because many talented people, just end up busking for money. Then suddenly he noticed a huge tear on the back of Michael's leather jacket. Michael was furious to see someone or something tore it. After finding a huge hole in the locker, he figured that it might have been a big rodent.

Back in the cafeteria, he and Jane were shocked and upset to find out that somebody had just stolen Tara's violin. So now Tara would not be able to perform at the program. Later that evening. the last dance program began. Tara was still upset because she still had not found her violin yet. He and Jane expressed their sympathy and supported her. Michael on the other hand, just wanted them to all enjoy the party and have fun. For being so insensitive, Tara stormed off and left with Jane following her. He was not too impressed with his lack of sympathy and support.

Twenty minutes later, he and Michael went off to find Tara and Jane. Since they had been gone for so long. They found Jane drenched in red paint. Jane was sobbing and tense. Now Jane mentioned that something came out from the ceiling vent and captured Tara. Seeing the red paint footprints Michael followed them into the ventilation tunnels. He stayed behind to comfort and support Jane. Since she had become so traumatized after seeing an unknown creature kidnap her friend.

It turned out that although Tara kidnapped, she was going to be all right. The kidnapper was a mutant known as The Lurker. The Lurker lived a secluded and secret life behind the walls of the recreational center. For years the Lurker admired Tara from afar and watched her grow up to become a very talented young woman. Since the building was going to be torn down, The Lurker soon would no longer be able to see her. So The Lurker unwilling kidnapped her. In order to meet her. Then have her privately play a goodbye song for him. Then later on a last dance.

Whether or not he and Jane ever found out about this is unknown.

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