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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Sean Hackett is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dream Machine".


Sean is a promising and skilled young writer. Almost every story he wrote about, would include his best friend and crush Jennifer Johnson. However, she only saw him as a friend (although their other friend Billy could see a spark between the two of them).

At school, Sean was in the same literature class with Jennifer and Billy. The teacher was Mrs. Dodds and she gave his class the homework assignment to write a two page story, on a topic of their choice.

For some reason, Sean moved out and lived on his own. His parents got him a spare bedroom for a cheap price, but in a very old and rundown apartment building. The building was so run down, that the upstairs staircase was closed off by the time he got there.

At first he was discouraged thinking he would not be able to get to his room. Then when Billy fell through the staircase trying to get to it, he and Billy found themselves in a crawlspace under the stairs.

There he and Billy found a suitcase containing a vintage and antique typewriter, unaware at first that it was the Dream Machine. The newspaper articles on the wall said it belong to a James Ellington. He read that James Ellington was a famous author and inventor, who went missing in 1931 and found murdered in 1932. He thought that the typewriter was classic, so he took it to his room.

That night he wrote a story called: "The Halloween Dance". It was about his high school having a Halloween dance, everyone was all dressed up. The main character in his story was Jennifer. She was dressed as a beautiful Gypsy princess and he was a dressed as a vampire. He addressed himself to her as Count Sean and asked her to dance with him. They danced together for hours.

Then near the end of the night, when they had their good night kiss, he revealed to her that he was really a vampire! So he opened his fangs to bite her on the neck. To claim her for himself!

While he wrote this whole story, he was completely unaware that Jennifer was dreaming about it. She seemed to be enjoying her dream for a while. Then she woke up horrified when the ending came!

The next day at school, he was most surprised when Jennifer told him that she had a nightmare exactly the way his story was written. He was certain that the typewriter made the nightmare happen. But Billy didn't believe it at first.

Then as Billy was resting on his bed, he wrote another story. The next story was called: Trapped, the story was about Billy. One night on a dare Billy went to the graveyard to search for the grave of Blind Paul. Just as Billy found the grave he bumped into a black hooded figure. Billy screamed in horror, as the black hooded figure pushed him into the reopened grave of Blind Paul. The wooden coffin closed on him, then dirt began to be shoveled on top of Billy burying him alive.

Then just as he stopped writing it, Billy woke up scared half to death screaming for help. He convinced Billy that his typewriter wrote his nightmare. He realized that since the typewriter causes nightmares, it must have been why it was hidden and why the original owner was murdered.

So that night he used the dream machine to contact Jennifer in her dream. He told her that he wrote her vampire nightmare and explained that his typewriter is a dream machine and that he can create any dream he wants with it. She told him that it was also a scary thing. He realized she was right so he asked her to contact him when she woke up. Then for the first time he and her kissed. Then luckily when she woke up she called him, saying she got his message and believed him.

The next day at school, he handed in "Trapped" as his assignment to Mrs. Dodds. After school, he met with Jennifer and Billy at his room to discuss how to dispose of the dream machine typewriter. Then Billy begun reading the 'Halloween Dance". He noticed the typewriter glowing and then he and Jennifer were transported into the story.

Then he and Jennifer realized that they had no choice or freewill but to perfectly act out the story. So he was turned into a vampire and she as a gypsy princess, and they begun dancing. He was just about to bite her on the neck, when Billy got creeped out and stopped reading. So luckily he didn't bite her.

Then he remembered that he handed in "Trapped" to Mrs. Dodds. So he and friends went back to school to get it back. But he and his friends had trouble finding their teacher. So he decided to stop the dream machine once and for all. He wrote a small paragraph and it was read out loud. It said: "The typewriter stopped glowing, and all the stories ever written on it never came true!".

Then the typewriter glowed green one last time. Then in a puff of smoke, it vanished. He was relieved to see Billy safe and and sound, and to never have worry about the Dream Machine ever again.


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