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This good character is a hero.

Sean O'Shaney is a character created by Eric. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun".


Sean is a short sized Leprechaun, pure of heart, brave and bold. He has a vast knowledge for magic spells, potions and possibly greatly trained in combat skills. before the events of the events, he had a conflict with an evil banshee named Gort. The period of how long they knew each other and how long their conflict went on is unknown, just that after one of their last battles he cut off Gort's tail and kept it as a souvenir of his victory.

Then sometime later, in the early 1990s he ran a public garden. He would water and take care of the plants and sell


"Hello Gort!, or is it Erin now?"

customers plants and seeds and various other herbs and spices. One day, a young boy named Jake Joysen came to him asking to buy certain ingredients to make a special tea. The ingredients were Bluebells, Foxgloves and Ragweed. This mad him furious, because he knew that only evil pixies and banshee's drank tea brewed from those herbs. So he kicked Jake out of his garden.

A day or so later, Jake came back to him desperately seeking his help. He gave Jake a chance to explain himself, Jake explained to him that he and older Irish actor named Erin had been rehearsing for a play, in which his character is transformed into a Leprechaun to protect himself from a goblin. Jake wanted to know what was happening to him, why his ears were getting pointy and why his voice occasionally sounded deeper.

He now realized he had misjudged Jake, and knew he had no idea what those tea herbs were, he only wanted to why Erin made tea from them. He took Jake to spy on Erin in his dressing room, where they realized he was a monstrous Banshee in disguise. Also he informed Jake that Erin was going to turn him into a changeling frog, to feed off his soul for the next seven years like all banshees do.

He trained Jake to be fearless, and to and not lose his Gaze on Erin during the night of the play. Also to stop drinking the glamor, before it was too late. During the night of the play, he crashed the play posing as a character to save Jake. He was a little too late though, because Erin changed into his real monstrous self Gort, and managed to turn Jake into a changeling anyways.

Just when Gort was about to take off with Jake trapped as changeling frog, he presented something to Gort that he desperately wanted returned to him; his tail. He offered a trade to Gort, his tail in exchange for Jake. Since a Banshee is type of pixie, when they're offered a trade they can't refuse it no matter what they'll get in return. This is just as long as the proper incantation is said.

He yelled to Gort the incantation "Yours be mine!, and mine be yours!" and threw him tail back to him. This made Gort vanish in a bright flash. Then afterwards, he sprinkled some magic dust onto the frog, and said "absent friend, distant place, return, return to the human race!" He completely turned Jake back to normal. The audience of the play was very impressed and they all stood up and clapped thinking it was all part of the show and he and Jake bowed to the audience and he gave Jake his hat.

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