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The Shaman is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Manaha".


Hundreds of years ago The Shaman was a medicine man for his local native aboriginal tribe. Then as time went on he was driven to madness with his enjoyment for using dark magic becoming a Shaman. He began to refer to the woods as his own personal hunting ground. He also controlled mythical fleshing eating monsters called Manaha to capture his, prey including other humans (possibly he was also a cannibal too). Soon the villagers of his tribe knew he was now far too powerful and dangerous and imprisoned him inside a stone tomb in a small cave. The source to keeping his sealed away was a small tiki like statue, resembling a Manaha.

Hundreds of years later, in 1996 a young boy named Jonah entered the cave and by mistake lifted the tiki and open the seal to releasing him. He warned Jonah telling him to warn friends to all leave the woods. As The Manaha were now free and roaming around.

The Shaman soon began using the woods as his hunting ground once again and he had the Manaha capture three people, a forest ranger, a scout leader named Lonnie and camper named Eddie. He was preparing a ritual by a bonfire as part of a sacrificial ritual and gain more youth by killing them or possibly he was going to be a cannibal and eat them or both.

He was furious to find out Jonah was now more courageous than ever, and no longer believed in the Manaha and they begun to vanish. Also he was tricked into thinking Jonah now had control over the Manaha. The Shaman was terrified into believing they were now coming after him, he was chased all the way back into the small cave. When he got there Jonah placed the tiki statue back on the slab and resealed him inside his prison. This time the cave had an earthquake and the entrance got sealed off by multiple boulders trapping the Shaman inside forever.

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