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This good character is a heroine.

Sharon is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Chameleons".


Sharon was Janice Robinson's best friend, the weekend the events took place she and Janice were looking at cute pets at the pet store when they Noticed a mean Red Haired boy being mean and cruel to the animals. She and Janice didn't realize the boy was replaced by an evil Chameleon clone.

The boy showed her and Janice a terrarium that housed a pet Chameleon in it, the boy encouraged her and Janice to touch it. Sharon didn't because she thought it was too gross, but it bit Janice on the finger and when Janice knocked over the terrarium the chameleon escaped and followed them to Janice's home. The Red Haired Boy took off after telling her and Janice a rhyme  "Bite you once, bite you twice. A little water pay the price!".

Sharon's parents were away for a weekend holiday to Hawaii, and she was staying with Janice's family. That night Janice was complaining to Sharon about how unfair she felt it was that Sharon's parents give her so much freedom and let her do more things she wants and how her parents treat her like a baby. She tells Janice that her parents are too busy with work and aren't even around very much these days.

When Sharon went to bed in the guest room, the Chameleon bit Janice again and was about to douse her with water and take her place. Then she showed up to check on her, the Chameleon changed back and ran off. When Janice told Sharon what happened, she didn't believe her at first, she thought that Janice was just having a bad dream.

Eventually she noticed Janice acting really strange, like she obeying her parents every decision and not acting reckless or stubborn and just not being her usual self. Then when she found a box Janice ordered full of more Chameleons and saw her eating a pet fish she really became suspicious,

Finally the evil Chameleon confessed and didn't deny anything to her and threw Janice (as a Chameleon) into the sink. Sharon took a huge risk and put her hand into the garbage disposal and saved her. She told the Evil Chameleon that she would tell on her and she would get caught, but the Evil Chameleon kept telling her that no one would believe her and just think she was crazy.

Soon Sharon took the whole box of Chameleons and was about to dump them all down the well in the backyard. Then the Evil Chameleon stopped her and grabbed the box from her and tried to convince her to just put her hand into the box and get bitten and surrender. Then it turned out that Sharon put the real Janice into the box and it bit the Evil Chameleon for the second time changing back.

After the evil Chameleon spun her and Janice around in circles, Sharon couldn't tell which one was the real one. Until one of them said she could prove that she is the real Janice. To prove it, she takes the box of Chameleons and dumps them down the well. The other Janice says that it was a trick. Sharon believed the one who dumped them down the well and then sprayed the other Janice. The other Janice screamed no and turned back to a chameleon. 

However she wouldn't realize until it was too late that the Evil Chameleon tricked her and she didn't save the real Janice after all. Then soon she and Janice's parents would next be victims of the Chameleons.


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