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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Shawn Mackenzie is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Water Demons".


Shawn had been going through a period of disobedience and rotten behavior. Therefore his mom sent him to spend the summer in the country with his strict uncle and his cousin Dean Wilson.

His cousin Dean tried to persuade him to give the country life a chance. But he was too set in his ways with city life, to try the country life. He was very disappointed that there didn't seem to be anyone around under fifty, there were no movies to see, and no girls to date. He also didn't find working in his uncle's general convenience store to be very fun. Therefore, he was literally and painstaking counting down the days to which the summer would be over. He also kept on stealing chocolate bars and bubblegum. Which his cousin kept trying to convince him to pay for.

Then he could see his cousin looking scared and nervous. It turns out they had to make a coffee delivery to the Westchester Mansion. Captain Abraham Westchester, was a wealthy sea captain who made a vast fortune looting and pillaging sunken ships. The mansion was by the sea. His cousin found the place to be very creepy. Believing that the rich sea captain may give them a big handsome tip, he talked his cousin into going right away.

When he and his cousin got to the mansion, they found a map leading them to where the pantry was. They were to put the coffee in there and charge the bill to the Westchester store credit account. Inside he was awestruck and amazed by all the display cabinets full of valuables. There was valuable such as Old antique pistols, spyglasses, jewelry such as solid gold and gold encrusted rings, necklaces, bracelets and pocket watches. The solid gold pocket watch piqued his interest. So he was sneaky and he stole it.

Then he scared his cousin, by coming up to him from behind. Then Dean backed into a wall that turned out to be a revolving false wall. There he and Dean encountered Captain Westchester who seemed very afraid and paranoid and really exhausted. He remarked how cool it was that the sea captain used to pillage and loot the sunken ships. Then Captain Westchester snapped at him. He asked him if really thought it was cool sliding rings off of bony fingers and pulling necklaces off of rotting skulls. Hearing this, he really took his previous thought into reconsideration.

The Captain explained to him and his cousin, that since he looted and pillaged sunken ships, he was cursed by the sea. So whenever the sea captain falls asleep, Water Demons slowly come forth from the sea to the house. They planned to drag the old sea captain to the bottom of the sea and drown him as payback. Therefore Captain Westchester must try and stay awake at all times.

He and his cousin didn't believe the old sea captain at first. They just thought he was old and getting senile. So they said goodbye and left.

That night, he had an argument and disagreement with his Uncle over going to bed too early. So he decided to run away from home for the night. After he left, his Uncle was sure he would come after he calmed down. Not being being able to think of anywhere else to go, he went over to the Westchester Mansion. There he fell asleep in the outdoor hammock. Soon he fell asleep and was in a good sleep. Until Captain Westchester fell asleep too!

Then he woke up, when he felt moisture dripping on him. He was horrified to see a group of Water Demons standing around him and claiming him to be a graverobber. Then he ran off scared and screamed for help. He tried hiding inside the woodshed, but the Water Demons arose through the moisture in the00 crude floorboards. There the Water Demons continued calling out and tried grabbing him. Then his cousin who went looking for him, found him. Dean could see him screaming and begging for help. At first he didn't realize that since stole that sold gold pocket watch, that he was now cursed too! Then after he honked an air horn several times, Captain Wester finally woke up. So all the Water Demons temporarily vanished.

Soon he and his cousin found the Captain. The Captain could see the green handprints on his shirt. This was sign of the Water Demons. The captain taunted him and his cousin that he really was not so crazy after all. So he reluctantly went inside to listen to what Captain Westchester had to say.

The captain explained that a luxury yacht named the Del Rio crashed in the sea behind his house thirty years prior. So over time he learned how he could time his sleep, but over time it was becoming less effective. Also the Captain explained that he tried returning the valuables to the buoy where the crash happened. But, since he traded some away they kept on coming back.

Then his cousin suggested that the captain give the Water Demons the collection he got in exchange to compensate. The Captain agreed so they loaded up a boat and prepared to row over to the buoy and drop the valuables into the sea. He wasn't so sure he was up for it. Then the Captain reminded him that they were now after him too. So he reluctantly helped them.

Just as the boat was all loaded up, he accidentally knocked out the captain with an oar. The he accidentally knocked his cousin's glasses into the sea. Without his glasses, his cousin couldn't see where the buoy was. So his cousin stayed behind, also someone had to guard the captain from the water demons. Therefore he was talked into going to the buoy and drop in the valuables himself. When he got to the buoy, he started throwing the valuables in one by one. Instantly the Water Demons rose up. They all gripped onto the boat trying to capsize it. Then he quickly threw the last piece in and they retreated. He screamed for them to leave them alone. Afterwards, he laughed his head off over his victory.

Then when he got back to the dock, he thought the Captain needed to see a doctor. Then suddenly a Water Demon pulled his cousin into the water headfirst. That was when he realized that he still had the pocket watch. So he throw it on and profusely apologized for both he and the Captain saying they were wrong and that they were sorry. Then afterwards, Dean was returned. Also as a thank you, the Water Demons returned his cousin's glasses to him.

Afterwards, the Captain woke up. His cousin told him the good news was that he took everything back. So now the Water Demons were at peace. Captain Westchester thanked he and cousin sincerely.

Afterwards, he soon properly paid his cousin back for all the chocolate bars and bubblegum. Then he also started to do more to help him out in the store.


  • During the time that this aired, Tony Sampson was well known and admired by his fans for his portrayal as Flash/Keith Haldane on The Odyssey television show.
  • Tony Sampson later went on to voice Eddy in the hit Cartoon Network show Ed, Edd, n Eddy.

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