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The Shrunken Head is a character and object created by Gary. It appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Unfinished Painting".


A severed and specially prepared human head that is used for trophy, ritual, or trade purposes. Or in some cases a curse or punishment cast by spell or potion.


The Shrunken Head is the disembodied head of a soul hunter. He was an evil soul hunting warlock, who centuries ago, crossed paths with a benevolent mage. Since his powers kept him immortal, his foe cursed him by giving him a shrunken head. Then it was dismembered from his body and kept within concealed captivity.

At some later point in time, he met an artist named: Mrs. Briar. She made a pact with it to help it hunt and capture souls. In exchange he would give her eternal youth.

He and her devised an elaborate scheme to lure poor unsuspecting victims. They opened an art gallery called: The Hunter Gallery. In the back, Mrs. Briar would privately converse with it, inside a cabinet. He would help her imbued paintbrushes. It then created unfinished paintings for Mrs. Briar's students to work on. When the students finished the paintings, they would be convinced to sign them. Then it would captured their souls. This happened because the student had given life to the painting. So it kept him and Mrs. Briar alive.

Also once the paintings were signed they were slightly altered. In which one of the characters in the painting would resemble the victim. Also it would be resigned by Mrs. Briar. This gave the general public the façade and false pretense that she was an excellent artist. Also it would inspire them to work for her. Over time the gallery was soon filled full of beautiful paintings.

With its limited mobility, it could only manipulate people if it spoke to them or gazed into their eyes. However it could still cast minor illusions. It would cast the illusion of a little girl wandering around, who would lure new victims to come to the gallery. Usually she would drop an item that had the name of the gallery inside of it.

In the 1990s two new students were lured. First it was a young artist named: Jenna. She was finishing a painting. It was of three different girls of different backgrounds. She was soon captured after finishing and signing the painting. The second was another female artist named Cody. She was finishing a painting of a ballet dance recital. Then she was also captured into the painting after finishing and signing it. Then it sensed that Cody's brother Lucas was in on its secret. After he realized his sister instantly disappeared after finishing the painting. So it cast the illusion of the cute little girl again. Then it tried to politely lured him to come inside and see him face to face. There it may have instantly captured his soul. This didn't work though. Since Lucas ignored her.

Then it turned out that when Cody was captured, Mrs. Briar forgot to confiscate her paintbrush. So Cody broke it and was able to escape back to reality. Cody had her suspicions for a while that the paintbrushes were cursed, and they captured people into paintings. So she broke into the cabinet to confiscate them all. Here it saw her face to face. It sensed that since she was able to escape that she was strong. So it tried to convince her to work for it as a new soul hunter. Cody just ignored it. Then soon Cody burned all paintbrushes. This drained all of its powers. So it and Mrs. Briar lost all of their life sustaining powers and were finally defeated and destroyed.

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