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The Silent Servant is a character created by Betty Ann. It appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Silent Servant".


Who created the Silent Servant and when, is unknown. It is a pure evil and supernatural being contained inside the form of a barnyard Scarecrow, it can teleport, has construction skills, and super strength. It is harnessed and control by a powerful and evil talisman known as The Dragon's Talisman. Once a new person reads the incantation from the talisman, and after saying the words "Calevactor Sellemnos" he or she will now be it's new master.

The Silent Servant often will do whatever it's master asks it to do. However, sometimes it will cause some grief or misery such as ruining one item to build another item. Also the master has to be very careful what he or she says or wishes for. This is because it is always listening. and will always see it's task through until it is done. No matter what it is. Even, it has to kill innocent lives to get it's job done.

In the 1960's and 1970's a farmer named John Earlstead (the true master of the Dragon's Talisman) was controlling it. He was using it to help around on his farm, and make the work progress much faster. Then slowly, bit by bit it made John Earlstead's Farmhand George constantly paranoid. George kept thinking it was always after him. Eventually, it drove George crazy and caused him lose to lose his sanity.

In 1974, John Earlstead died and the talisman had gone missing. For many years Crazy George searched for it, but he never found it. Then in 1994, the Scarecrow was found inside a locked closet inside the Earlstead's barn. This was because two cousin's Anne Peterson and Jarred Conner were exploring the barn. They came to visit it after hearing the legendary rumors about the Silent Servant.

They mistakenly took the talisman home with them. Then soon Jarred read the incantation out loud. He first commanded the Servant to finish building them a garden fence to keep deer out. Then Jarred asked it to build him a real baseball dugout. However in order to do this, it trashed the garden fence to use it planks to build the dugout. This got Anne and Jarred both grounded. Then her brother Mark took away their baseball gloves.

Then a couple nights later, when Anne's dad (Uncle Pete to Jarred), went out to work on a field with his tractor. Mark had a baseball game and gave them back their gloves. Then Mark went off to play his own baseball game. Then Jarred was furious to find out the bag didn't have their gloves in it. Thinking his glove was stolen, he blurted that he would like to kill however took it.

Then they realized the Silent Servant heard them and was now gone. Then soon it instantly appeared just a few paces away from Anne's father in the field, who was fixing his tractor. It begun sneaking up on him, preparing to possibly strangle him.

Then soon Anne realized to stop it, they needed to snap the talisman in half and separate the dragons. Then Anne also discovered that only the true master or some scared belonging to it could separate the dragons on the talisman. Then just in the nick of time, Anne snapped the talisman in half over the top of John Earlstead's gravestone. Then after this, happened It instantly lost all it's powers and was reduced to nothing but a pile of dirty clothes.

Then soon enough, Crazy George connected the pieces of the talisman back together. Then he laughed manically, realizing now the servant could be under his control.


  • John Walsh, was a stunt double car driver in the episode, "The Tale of Highway 13, for The Trucker.

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