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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Simon is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Renegade Virus".


Simon was a bit of a big shot, his family and sister all liked him. He did well and was popular at school. Only he started to get on his friend Evan's nerves.

When he got to the sidewalk he met up with Evan and had him go long and catch the football. When Evan ran out to catch it, he swiped Evan's bike and quickly rode it to school, much to Evan's chagrin. He made it to school on time, while Evan ended up being late thanks to him.

Then he hinted out to Evan that as a joke he switched the locks on their lockers. Then he made Evan really jealous and disappointed to reveal that the pretty girl named Sonya that they both liked had feeling for him. So he was the one going to the game with her on Saturday. In class, he told Evan that he was sorry. Then Evan told him to just wait and see.

Then after school, he was amazed to see that Evan wasn't mad at him anymore. Evan told him that Mr. Poe was ready. Mr. Poe was the school's science and computer teacher, who had been working on a new computer program for months. He and Evan had really been bugging for Mr. Poe to let them try it first. So he and Evan both excitedly headed off to the school computer department. There they saw that Mr. Poe had set the program up so that person who tries out the game needed to lie down in a recliner chair and have a headset of goggles and headphones put on their head. So he volunteered to try out the program first.

The program that Mr. Poe has invented, is a virtual reality program. One in which the person can change which place or period of time they wish to visit, and feel like they're really there and it's all controlled in the person's mind. The person has three choices:

  1. A trip to the planet Saturn.
  2. A trip to the middle ages as a knight of the round table.
  3. A trip to prehistoric times to see the dinosaurs.

He chose The Knight's of the round table. Then Mr. Poe began to set it up. However when the program started, he didn't enter the middle ages with the Knights of the Round Table. Instead he woke up on what seemed to be just another day. After getting dressed and ready for school, he called out good morning a few times but no one answered. He still heard voices such as his parents and his younger sister calling him but they didn't answer him back. Suddenly he heard his father calling him to have a word with him in his office. He entered his father's office to speak to him. Then the chair spun around, but his father was not sitting there!

Instead, it was a sinister renegade virus that looked like a short silver person. It told him that he was not dreaming. The evil being told him that he was in cyberspace and that he was still in the game. Only that the rules have changed. He realized that he was a computer virus. Then he asked the Evil Virus how he got into the game. The Virus told him all that matters was how it was going to get out. It told him that it planned to output itself from the program and into his brain. Then enter the real world and cause some real mess and destruction. He didn't believe him until he saw a game-pad pad had been forged onto his left hand and he screamed in shock. Then he demanded rules and fair play. The Virus agreed and gave him a chance to escape the game and stop it. But he only had 10 minutes.

Suddenly he woke up from his game session to reality. He was relieved to see his hand looked normal again. Mr. Poe asked him how it was. Alarmed he told Mr. Poe that the game has another virus in it and it needed to be stopped right away. Mr. Poe, got mad and felt insulted, claiming that he worked so carefully on his software. Then he was kicked him out of the computer department. As he entered the hallway, he saw that the end of the hallway was closed up with a locked cast iron gate. He called out to the other side for help, and Evan and Sonya appeared together. Evan tauntingly asked him "What's the matter, forgot your combo?". Then Evan and Sonya happily walk off together. Then he saw that the game-pad port was on his hand again. So he realized that he was still in the game.

He looked into the computer department window to see that his real self was still on the recliner seat and that Evan was monitoring it. Then suddenly, he saw a group of students walking backwards. He made it to Mr. Smith's class and Mr. Smith seemed like he went insane. He told him that he was late for the most important test of his life. Mr. Smith asked the whole class what 2+2 was. One boy said 5. One girl said 6. As in 6 minutes to go before the virus gets him. Then they all looked at him and he said: four? Mr. Smith told him he was wrong. Then suddenly he had no clothes on but his boxer shorts. Now Mr. Smith and the entire class laughed at him, as he ran out of the classroom humiliated. Then he was relieved to see that his clothes were back on again.

Then he goes to his own computer to find a way to remove the virus. On his way out from the school he can see the Virus, sitting on top of a pop machine who told him that he had just five minutes to go. He makes it back to his house in time and sees his computer is blaring and buzzing with a virus warning message. He sits down at the computer. Then suddenly Evan is on the screen talking to him from the computer in Mr. Poe's computer department. Evan revealed that he was the one who put The Virus into the programming. Evan did it as payback to him for all the pranks and misery he recently caused him.

Evan offered to stop The Virus if he apologized and so he did. Evan revealed that the virus shouldn't harm him and can be easily undone. Then he showed him his hand and Evan looked at it in horror. Evan didn't think the virus would go defunct and try and take over someone's brain. So Evan tried to enter the abort code but he gets frozen out.

Now he only has two minutes to go. Since Evan was cut off, he didn't hear what the abort code was. All he could hear was the code is my com... before getting cut off.

The virus now pounds on the office room door as he tries to figure out the abort code. First he tries Evan which doesn't work. Then he heard com. So he thinks computer teacher and tries Poe. But that also didn't work. Also next he tried Sonya and that also didn't work. Then the computer gave him a hint: "What's the matter? forgot your combo?". Then he figured out that it was Evan's locker combination.

He entered the code just as The Virus breaks the door down, and is now standing right next to him. Seems he still had to press any key on the keyboard for the abort to work. The Virus laughed in a sinister tone as it wrapped him up in the chair in cables. Then the Virus pulled off his right glove to reveal its right hand was nothing but a screw lock parallel cable. Then it reached it down to connect to the game-pad port on his hand. Luckily he squirmed an arm free. Then he quickly pressed a key on the key board and the abort was accessed. The Virus screamed and disappeared.

Back to reality for real this time, he took off the headset, and he was relieved to see that his hand was okay again. Mr. Poe asked him if he was all right, saying that he had no idea how a virus could have gotten in there. He looked at Evan and said me neither. Then he overlooked it and said that it was probably just an accident. Then he and Evan made up and Evan apologized telling him it wasn't supposed to happen and he just wanted some payback. He was not mad at him. Then he chose to ride Evan's bike home. Then Evan ran after him to stop him.

Meanwhile a custodian rolled his bucket pass them, to reveal the hand of the virus gripping on the rim of the bucket, revealing that he has somehow entered the real world anyway.


  • Christopher Redman also portrayed Mike.

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