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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Stacy Cooper is a character created by Kiki and the main protagonist of the episode "The Tale of Apartment 214".


During the events of the story, her mom Bonnie and her dad had separated. So she and her mom moved across town and rented apartment 213, in the Corteen Apartments building. At first she wasn't so happy. She missed her dad and her old friends and thought that the apartment they lived in was too small. But it was all they could afford. So she and her mom made the best of it.

As soon as she moved into the building, she noticed that the door to 214 was open. At first it seemed like nobody was there. Soon enough she found out that a kind and elderly woman named Madeline Koegel lived, who was an artist and painter. She admired the woman's artwork and she agreed to become friends with the old woman. She would regularly visit her and they would talk while having tea.

She and Madeline became very open to talking about themselves to each other. She nicely listened to Madeline explain her how her old life had been ruined. This was because Madeline's nephew Frank promised her, she could always live with them but as time grew on he got tired of taking care of an old woman and asked Madeline to leave. So for many years Madeline lived all alone. While Madeline was understanding about how she felt about being away from all of her old friends

What she did not know at first was that Madeline was really deceased and that she was haunting her own apartment as a poltergeist. Therefore she had unwittingly accepted her friendship offer, creating some sort of pact with her.

Then she promised Madeline that she would visit her on a very specific day. When the day came up, she was about to make good on her promise and visit her. Then she came across Angela. Angela lived in apartment 212, and was pretty much the only other child living in the apartment building. She and Angela had only recently become acquainted. Then Angela talked her into going to a battle of the bands concert with her. She liked Angela and was desperate to make new friends. So she went to the concert with Angela and bailed on Madeline.

When she got home that night it was late and dark. She could overhear her crying. When she went to see her, Madeline approached her and he screamed at her, demanding to know why she broke her promise. Then suddenly she saw Madeline disappear and all of the furniture and paintings were gone as well. Suddenly the door locked and she could not get out. So she cried for help while repeatedly pounding on it. Until the landlord Mr. Tibold Holstrom opened it to let her out.

At first she and her mom thought that perhaps Madeline had moved out. Then she and her mom got a big surprise. They asked Mr. Holstrom if Madeline had moved out. He told them that apartment 214 had been empty for years.

Then some time went back, and she and Angela became good friends. Now it seemed like Madeline was not going to be coming back.

Then one night her mother went out to see her dad. Then Madeline returned and she begun using her poltergeist abilities to terrorize and harass her. First she saw Madeline through the keyhole. But she was gone, when she went outside. She asked Mr. Holstrom if Madeline had come back. Mr. Holstrom revealed to her she didn't. Also that he just cannot seem to rent out 214. Every time he shows the room, something always scares away the new tenants.

She kept running around hallways scared, screaming for help. When she got home, Madeline slipped her notes asking her why she broke her promise. When she finally faced Madeline, Madeline angrily revealed to her why visiting her on that day was so important and meant so much to her.

The reason was because, that day was the Tenth anniversary of Madeline's death. She fearfully fled from her, but Madeline wouldn't give up. She continued to be terrorized her and. She kept getting asked the question of: "Why did you break your promise?". Finally Madeline got her cornered. So she begged for mercy and she apologized. Then she explained to her she didn't mean to hurt her feelings. She only broke her promise, because she wanted to make a new friend.

When hearing this, Madeline realized that she just wanted to make a new friend. Therefore Madeline went back to being her good old kind self, realizing that it was wrong to terrorize her for seeking new friends.

Then in turn, she realized that Madeline would only reveal this other side of her emotions because she felt completely alone, as if no one wants her around. Stacy confined to her that she did care and did want her around. Then sometime soon, she made it up to Madeline by convincing her mother to rent apartment 214 for themselves.

Therefore, she and Madeline lived happily together from then on, and Madeline would no longer be alone. Whether or not she ever revealed Madeline to her mother is unknown.

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