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Stanley is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Vampire Town".


Stanley seems like a nice, but rather tense and paranoid person. When the truth is, he is really a vampire clandestinely living among humans undetected. How long he's been a vampire and how old he really is, remains unknown. He is sadistic, sinister and has incredible strength.

The beginning of the events of the episode, late one rainy night he broke into Wisteria Funeral Home. He snuck into the prep room, and hid under a blanket. Carl Mueller the Mortician, investigating all the noise was knocked out cold by him.

He was just about to bite him and feed on him, when he saw that Carl was wearing a holy symbol necklace which made him ran off scared.

A week later, the Carballo family checked into his hotel for their trip. He found the teenage son Adder to be very suspicious, because Adder didn't come to check in until nighttime and wore sunglasses and all black clothing, and he wanted to visited the catacombs, something no normal person usually does.

Stanley saw this a ruse, to blame his attempted attack on him. So he phoned Carl Mueller and arranged for them to try and hunt Adder down and stake him.

He and Carl found Adder exploring the catacombs, and they kept running into him trying to stake him down. He and Carl didn't believe Adder who kept trying to say he was not a vampire. Also he got Carl to believe it was a trick when Adder revealed that he had a reflection. He and Carl were just about stake him, when suddenly a puff of smoke rose from the floor.

From out of the smoke was the Vampire Dreyfus!, who was arisen that night and was trying to chase Adder down. Stanley ran from him in fear, possibly due to the facts that he was living among humans. or was just simply afraid of him. After Adder killed Dreyfus with sunshine,  his only request was for him to be told he really wasn't a vampire.

That following morning, when the Carballo family was checking out, Adder thanked him for not telling his parents and keeping quiet about their eventful adventure the past night.

Adder gave him another vial of Raven's blood, to help him in case he encountered another vampire. Stanley was sniffing it almost like he was in paradise. When Adder asked him that if Dreyfus had only arose the following night, who attacked Mr. Mueller the week before.

He approached Adder and told him since it's getting harder and harder getting around undetected, he was hoping that everyone would just think it was him. Suddenly Adder realized he had no reflection and he was the vampire!

Then He told Adder: "I Hope you like Vampire Town, because you'll be staying here a long long time!". Then in a big hiss, he opened his fangs to bite the terrified boy.


Richard Jutras also portrayed The Pizza Delivery Guy.

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