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Stig was a member of the original Midnight Society.


Stig is a friend of Tucker's. He is brought to the Midnight Society by Tucker in Season Five after Frank moved away. He is likely around older kids' age since Kiki seems to know him, possibly attending the same school or living in the same neighborhood.

Due to his lack of good hygiene and odd habits, he was strongly disliked by the other members, especially Kiki whom he has a crush on, though Kiki does not reciprocate at all. The others except for Tucker, were cold and unpleasant to him for a while, but over time most of them mellowed out and begun to accept him as part of their group. Although they still were turned off and repulsed by his odd and gross habits and mannerisms. Perhaps this is why after he told The Tale of the Dead Man's Float, he wasn't immediately accepted by the group, though the story was one of the scariest. He was finally made a member after he told The Tale of Station 109.1.


Stig's stories are both about outsiders judged for their appearances or tastes.


  1. The Tale of the Dead Man's Float
  2. The Tale of Station 109.1


  • Stig is the last member to be initiated into this generation of The Midnight Society.
  • It is unclear whether or not Stig is his real first name, or just a nickname. If it really is his real first name, he may be of Scandinavian heritage. Since Stig is a common Scandinavian first name for males. However if it is only his nickname, it may come from the term stigma, as he is marked an outsider for his notable lack of hygiene.