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This Magical Item is Neutral.

The Stone Maiden Statue was a neutral magical item created by Megan. It was from the episode: "The Tale of the Stone Maiden".



Stone Maiden Statue

The statue is based on a story from ancient Greece. The story was about: Two young lovers, who were being torn apart because their families didn't approve of their relationship. Eventually the girl found a magical potion that could turn them both into stone. Therefore, they decided that since their love was so strong, they decided to spend eternity together as statues. Instead of spending the rest of their lives apart.

Years ago prior to the events of story, a talented but lonely artist named: Vivian White was sad for not finding true love. Therefore she put her love into her work and sculpted the statue. She made the statue so perfect and authentic. And since her love was put into it the statue became real. Therefore it was imbued by the ancient Greek legend. Vivian donated the statue to a city park, under the contract of agreement that the statue would always remain intact.

During the year 2000, the city decided to balance their budget. So without consent, or not realizing the terms of the contract, the city sold half of the statue to another park. So a maintenance named: Bob separated the boy from the girl. The instant this happened, the girl became lonely and devastated. So real water actually began to pour from her vase. It was unknown that the next male to drink this water would be turned into a stone statue. Therefore the girl would have a mate again and no longer be lonely.

A day or so later, a teenager named: Kevin Tyler was upset after breaking with his girlfriend: Julie Hart. They had a disagreement over Kevin finally introducing her to his parents. Since his parents found artistic people to be different and strange.

Minding his own business, Kevin stumbled upon the the partially dismantled statue. Here he noticed that the girl's vase was pouring water. He rubbed some onto himself to cool down. Then he drink a bit to quench his thirst. However the water tasted horrible. Then in agonizing pain, Kevin turned into a stone statue. As this happened it was eye witnessed by a creepy stalker named: Henry. Henry was a self employed environmentalist. One who took it upon himself to keep the park clean, tidy and recycled.

Henry tried to convinced Julie about what had happened, but she didn't believe him at first. After he convinced her that he was harmless she began to trust him. So they seeked out Vivian White for help and answers. Vivian explained to them that turning people to stone is exactly what the statue does. She told them the whole legend and when and why she sculpted the statue. Then she was furious to find out the boy half of the statue had been removed. She phoned the city and they informed her why it was done. Hearing this she threatened to sue. Unless the statue was returned to its rightful spot.

Henry, Julie and Vivian tracked down Bob just as he was about to ship the boy statue onto a train. Bob was rude and impatient. He just insisted on going through with his orders from the city. So Henry stole Bob's truck and returned the boy statue to its mate. Vivian was astonished to see the vase really was pouring water and that the legend had come true. So Henry placed the statue back on its plinth. Immediately the vase stopping pouring water.

However Kevin still had not changed back to normal. Until Julie finally professed her true feelings, apologized and pleaded for him to come back to her.

Afterwards, Vivian contacted the city and resolved the matter. Therefore from that day forward the statue was to remain fully intact. Or else Vivian would sue them!