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Sue Simpson is character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Vacant Lot".


Sue is a nice, caring and supportive person. She attends high school with her best friend Catherine Crawley. She and Catherine are athletes who recently tried out for the track team. She made it to captain of the team, while her friend Catherine only made it to fourth position. She gave her support to not give up and to keep on trying.

Then the next day, she was amazed to see that Catherine had gotten a second wind. So Catherine could now run faster than ever. Afterwards she complimented her on a job well done. Then she asked her how she improved so soon. Catherine suddenly became nasty. So she insulted and talked down to her. She rudely told her that she was fast and she was slow. Then Catherine told her she wasn't as special as she thought. Then Catherine coldly left her feeling insulted.

A day or so later, Catherine met with she another friend at school. She no longer seemed upset about what had happened, it was like she was willing to let it go. She and their other friend were impressed with Catherine's new expensive clothing and beauty makeover. Then she and the other girl revealed that they were on their way to get concert tickets. It was for a band that everyone loved called: The Blasters. Which tickets for were impossible to get, and were now sold out. She regretfully informed Catherine that she could only get two tickets. So Catherine decided to be fair and let them have them. Catherine was about to apologize for what she had said to her the other day. Then a mysterious woman named: Marie appeared, which made her change her mind about apologizing.

What she didn't know, was that Catherine was getting clothing, beauty makeovers, and pretty much anything for free from This woman. But what her friend Catherine didn't know, was that she trading her love and positive emotions away. Which was why Catherine was becoming so nasty and unpleasant. Catherine got Maria to give her the last two concert tickets to impress a boy named Eric. However soon Catherine was cursed by greed. Catherine was now disfigured with big painful lesions, sores and blisters. Then soon Catherine returned all of the stuff. Then also did a selfless act to spare her sister, she gave Maria her prized ring. This returned the curse back to Marie. Then it healed and restored Catherine and her sister Joyce.

It can be assumed that afterwards, Catherine apologized to her and possibly gave her the concert tickets.


  • Erin Simms later co-starred with Ross Hull in the show Student Bodies.

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