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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Susan Henderson is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dollmaker".


Susan and her parents moved to the country a couple of years prior to the events of the story. When she moved in, she soon became best friends with a girl named Melissa. Melissa would come to the country a few weekends a year to visit her Aunt Sally and Uncle Pete who lived next door. She and Melissa always looked forward to the visits and had such fun with each other.

Her house had a weird construction flaw: In the attic there was an outside door leading to nowhere. If you were to step through you could fall to your death, or be seriously injured. Also in the attic there was a strange and creepy dollhouse. It is unknown where the dollhouse came from. Then one night she played with the dollhouse. Then the attic door opened unveiling a new hallway. She was curious, so she went inside to check it out. Then the door closed and she got trapped inside.

She soon realized where she was and that the dollhouse was evil, and that it gave her illusions and a portal to enter inside. It was in pursuit of capturing victims to add to the inside to live as dolls. Once she was inside, she was trapped. Nobody could hear her calling for help. Her parents were devastated when she disappeared. Her mother was certain that the dollhouse had captured her. Melissa's Uncle Pete agreed having his own suspicions. But everyone else thought it was just illusions from their grief. Also her parents were so upset over losing her, that they moved back to the city.

She soon figured out that the way to escape the dollhouse, was to head upstairs to the attic and jump out of the window. However, a tall bookcase was blocking the door to the attic. She tried to move it herself and her left hand broke off! She was slowly progressing into a real and fragile porcelain doll!

Then several months later, Melissa came to her Aunt and Uncle's house for another visit. She was devastated to her that she and her parents moved. Soon Melissa found out from her Aunt that she had disappeared. Melissa vowed to help find her. The dollhouse started giving Melissa illusions of her to lure her inside. This was how Melissa found out she was there.

Soon Melissa entered the dollhouse again and found her. After all these months, her transformation to becoming a doll was nearly complete. She looked all rosy and she could hardly speak anymore. She was only able to faintly hint to Melissa that there was a chance of escape in the attic. Melissa finally figured out what she meant. It was the attic inside the dollhouse. But she was now too weak and fragile to help her move the bookcase blocking the way.

Eventually Melissa knocked down the bookcase and carefully helped her up to the attic. Then she and Melissa prepared to jump out the window. At first it seemed impossible. It looked like they would fall to the ground below. Then they realized it was just an invisible force field meant to trick captives into staying inside. So Melissa held her and they jumped through it and they escaped and she finally returned home.

Aunt Sally and Uncle Pete were rejoiced to see her back safe and sound. She was changed back to normal. Then she and Melissa hugged happy to finally be reunited. Then her parents were informed that she was back. Then later that night Uncle Pete burned the dollhouse in a big bonfire. So she would never have to worry about it again.


  • Amanda Walsh also appeared in the episode "The Tale of a Door Unlocked" as a unnamed girl called Girl aka The girl who gave Ashley a cupcake.

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