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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Sylvester Uncas is a minor character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner".


He was a talented comic book artist. In fact he was such a good artist, that he wasn't just making comic books, he was also creating guidebooks to other worlds. So people in other worlds could protect themselves. Everyone thought he was crazy. So they didn't believe him until he created The Ghastly Grinner. After he created the first issue, he soon realized that he mistakenly created something so evil that he immediately needed to put a stop to it. Therefore he tried to quickly wrap it up and end the comic book series by making the final issue: "The Death of the Ghastly Grinner". However, before he could finish the comic book, the Grinner found out and captured him. So he was never seen again.

To protect other people, his daughter Frankie recalled all the comics, cancelled the series and locked all the copies away. His loving daughter never gave up on hope that one day he could be rescued.

In 1994 his daughter seeked the help of a young artist named Ethan Wood. After Ethan accidentally released the Grinner into real world, Ethan finished the final issue of the Ghastly Grinner. Inside the comic book world Ethan was the main hero and he found him and rescued him. At first it seemed like Ethan failed when the panels revealed that the Grinner caught Ethan at the end.

Then Ethan's friend Hooper Picalarro quickly erased the Grinner's face from the last panel. This defeated the Grinner. So Ethan finally brought him back to the real world. Afterwards, he looked at Ethan's drawings. He was so impressed that he inspired, and supported Ethan to make his own comic book series. Which soon turned to out to be an immediate success.

Soon, he decided that he had enough excitement to last him a lifetime. So he retired and never drew another comic book again.

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