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The Tae Kwon Do Instructor is a minor character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Laser Maze".


The Tae Kwon Do Instructor is a well respected and highly trained instructor. He believes that everyone should respect each other. Also that winning is not everything. Since everybody wins and loses sometimes. He also believes that both a winner and a loser should show always bow to each other to show proper respect. For an unknown period of time. Or possibly for a number of years he has been the instructor/sabom of the overly competitive twin sisters Kara and Ashley Fox.

During the events of the story, he had a sparring match done between Kara and Ashley Fox. Ashley won the match and acted like a sore winner, while Kara lost and acted like a sore loser. He was disappointed in their behavior. Since he felt that they lacked respect for one another. He reminded them both that they needed to learn that winning was not everything. Along with the fact that they needed to learn to both respect each other and work as a team. Instead of always competing against each other.

Later on, his words of wisdom come in handy. Since the Fox twins mistakenly came into contact with an evil highly intelligent android named: Drake. Drake was from an alien planet where the beings enjoyed watching a deadly game of laser tag known as: Laser Maze. However the beings from Drake's planet just weren't agile enough to play it themselves. Therefore Drake captured the Fox twins to make robotic clones of them. Then send them off to Drake's home planet to play the games for entertainment. However the cloning machines Drake used on the Fox twins would eventually drain them of their live forces and kill them. So the Fox twins finally decided that it was time to follow his advice and work together. So together the Fox Twins outsmarted Drake at his own game, defeated Drake. Then finally the Fox twins were freed at last.


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