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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Tannis is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Mystical Mirror".


Not too much was known about Tannis. She was a very beautiful young lady. She worked for an unknown period time at Ms. Valenti's Boutique and Beauty Store. She didn't find out until that it was too late, that Ms. Valenti was a witch. Also that she was planning to steal her youth and beauty. Therefore Ms. Valenti could stay young forever.

It can be assumed that eventually Ms. Valenti recognized her a true beauty. Thefore she had her look into her Mystical Mirror. This placed her into a trance. One that would let her willing drink a potion that Ms. Valenti offered to her. She sensed something was wrong and tried to run away. Ms. Valenti kept chasing after her calling out her name.

Finally she stopped running when felt painfully sick to her stomach. She did not know the potion she drank would transform her into a dog. Soon she along with two others were going to by used as sacrifices. Ms. Valenti's was preparing a Dark magic ritual. Ms. Valenti lied to her staff and told them all that she quit her job and ran away from home. When the truth was she was a dog and kept prisoner. She was held captive inside a cage made of sticks.

Eventually Ms. Valenti prepared to perform the dark magic ritual. Ms. Valenti had also captured her friends and co-workers: Vicki and Laurel. The three of them were transformed into helpless and defenseless dogs. Ms. Valenti and was willing to sacrifice her, along with the two other girls who became dogs to stay young forever.

Soon Tannis was changed back to normal after a girl named Cindy, who was Laurel's friend, destroyed the Mystical Mirror and defeated Ms. Valenti.

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