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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Tate is a character created by Vange. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Zombie Dice".


Tate was an avid gamer. He enjoyed gambling, taking risks and accepting challenges. He was overconfident, and thought very highly of himself, often in an egotistical way. His skills gained him popularity among his friends and peers. However, he would sometimes go overboard, which would often result with him getting into trouble at school.

His friend, Alex, was his complete opposite and was very careful and cautious with everything he did. Tate would often mock him for being this way, calling him a "wimp" or a "granny". After school, he would usually hang out with his classmates, peers, Alex, and his little brother, Andre, at "Click's Emporium". This was a popular after school hangout. One that had all sorts of games, video games, snacks, and sodas.

Here, he gained popularity for winning bets and getting high scores. One day he celebrated by buying everyone snacks and soda. He then challenged Alex to a video game. Alex turned down the offer, because he knew that he could easily beat him. Hearing this, he teased him in front of everyone about how he never took a risk or a challenge. Then he tried to bet him an easy challenge: He bet Alex that the place would close at 7 O'Clock. Even though everyone knew, and it was even mentioned on the wall that it closed at 6 O'Clock. Alex chose not to accept the bet because it sounded silly. Therefore, he mocked him, telling him that he could not even bet when he knew that he was going to win.

When the place closed, the owner, Mr. Click, introduced himself to Alex and Tate. Mr. Click told Tate that he saw great potential in him. He saw him as someone that was never afraid to take on a challenge and never lost. Hearing this, he boasted that he had never lost yet. Therefore, Mr. Click personally challenged him to play a game. Hearing this, he was eager, and willing to take him on with any game. Alex reminded him that Mr. Click owned the place, so he likely knew the games better than anyone else. Tate wasn't even worried. Then, Mr. Click challenged him to a different and private game. If he won, he would get free run of the emporium for a year. But if he lost, he would have to give Mr. Click his thumbprint. This left everyone all feeling a bit confused, and a little creeped out. Tate and Alex left Click's Emporium, but all Tate could think about was taking on Mr. Click.

The next day after school, Alex had free movie passes and invited him along. Tate turned it down and decided to take up Mr. Click on his challenge, since he felt that he couldn't back down from a challenge, since he wasn't a "granny" like Alex was. Upon showing up at the emporium, Mr. Click took him into his office. There, he was challenged to a game called "Zombie Dice". The two dice each had a red skull on them. He had to throw both dice three times: If a skull appeared, even once, he would lose. If no skulls appeared, then he would win. At first, he thought that it wasn't a fair game, since it seemed to be total luck, and he tried to back out. Then Mr. Click him taunted him, telling him that he might be a coward, just like his friend (Alex). Hearing this, he took him up on the challenge. He threw his first two tosses and had no skulls. Now, certain that he would win, he threw the last toss. Upon throwing it, one red skull appeared, so he lost.

He was disappointed that he lost, but since he lost, he had to give Mr. Click his thumbprint. He was then lead behind a secret false door. Here, he was instructed to place his thumb on a pedestal when he got there. Here, he bumped into Klimbo (Mr. Click's mistreated brainwashed, tall, brute henchman). He grunted at him and pointed him to the direction. Then he instructed him to touch the screen of the pedestal, so he did. However, his thumb got stuck and he couldn't get free. He panicked as he was instantly shrunken down to an action figure size. Then, he was locked inside a small, boxed cage. Mr. Click then showed up and explained the situation he (Tate) was in. Mr. Click explained that he had buyers from all around the world, ones who would pay handsome prices for very unique "pets".

A little later, Alex and Andre got worried, since he had now been gone for so long. So, they checked the emporium. The place was closed, but they sneaked inside. Upon seeing his coat, Alex sensed that he was still there. Then Alex stumbled upon the secret door and entered the backroom. There, Alex found him shrunken inside the box. He asked him what happened to him.

Mr. Click came by and said that he won, and he took his thumbprint. So, when you win someone's thumbprint you own them. Therefore, Mr. Click shrinks the losers down to miniature size. Then sells them to buyers all around the world, as pet humans. Mr. Click then said that Tate would be going off to a buyer in Australia. That is, if he survived the trip, because, apparently, not all of them do. If Tate did, he may enjoy even it down there.

Alex demanded that Tate be set free, but Mr. Click refused because Tate lost. So, Alex challenged him to the game, and if he lost, he would give up his thumbprint. In the office, Alex decided to have Mr. Click throw the dice to see whether or not the game was rigged. Mr. Click agreed and won the game. Alex then begged for a double or nothing, but on a different game. Since he didn't have much more to wager, he offered that Mr. Click could have his little brother, Andre.

At the bar, Alex bet Mr. Click to a rigged soda drinking contest. Alex bet Mr. Click that he could drink three mugs of soda before he can finish one small glass. All he wanted is a head start to be fair. Also Mr. Click couldn't pick up the glass, until Alex finished the first mug and set it back down. Mr. Click cannot touch Alex's mugs, and Alex cannot touch Mr. Click's glass. Then if Alex won, they would all go free, and get Mr. Click's thumbprint. Mr. Click, feeling overconfident, agreed to it. However, after Alex drank the first mug, the trick of the game was now revealed: Alex placed the empty mug upside down on top of Mr. Click's glass. Since he could not touch Alex's mugs, Alex was able to finish before Mr. Click could.

Mr. Click complained because he felt that Alex was cheating. Tate was freed, appearing just moments after Alex won the bet. As he came by, Mr. Click was astounded to see that he had been freed. Tate informed him that Alex was the winner and that he was the loser. He then applauded Alex and apologized to him for before. Then, he told Alex that now he realized that he wasn't such a Granny after all.

Mr. Click tried to make a run for it, as he headed into the backroom. There, Mr. Click had pushed his henchman, Klimbo around for the last time. Klimbo was now fed up with him, and closed in on him. Then in a big bright flash of light. Alex, Andre asked Klimbo where Mr. Click was. Klimbo smiled to them and said that the game was over. Klimbo then headed off with Mr. Click securely locked inside the box.

Soon Click's Emporium was closed down and Mr. Click was never seen again.

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