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The Blaze is a character created by Andy. It appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hunted".


It is said to be a legendary wolf that no hunter has ever been able to catch for many years. It can be believed that The Blaze is no ordinary wolf, perhaps he is a spirit of nature or a spirit of the woods.

This was because one day a family came to their camp near the woods for hunting season. The Family consisted of Grant his daughter Dianna, Gar and her friend Laura. The Blaze overheard them all except for Laura, talking big about how much they enjoyed hunting. Gar said then the killing process during hunting is quick and painless,  Laura said that they wouldn't be thinking that if it was happening to them.

Therefore with help from Laura, he decided to turn one of them into a wolf to show them how it feels to be hunted. Diana was turned into a wolf, by a wolf charm that was given to her by Laura. Then Grant and Gar chased after her to hunt her. Just as her own father was about to kill her. The Blaze felt that she learned her lesson about how it feels to be hunted and changed her back. Making her own father realize with shock that he almost killed his own daughter learning his lesson too.

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