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This Magical Item is Evil!

The Book of Shadows is evil magical item from the mini series: "Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows"



The Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is a book that can do multiple spells. For a number of years it was in possession of the Sardo family kept in their protection. In 1996, former lighthouse keeper Charlie Murphy used the book, hoping it could bring his recently deceased daughter June back to life. Instead it cursed him, transforming him into the Shadowman. In 2021 Connor Stevens stole it and casted spells from it. He first attempted a séance, to contact the ghost of June Murphy and find how to defeat the Shadowman. Then Luke McCoy used it, he intended to cast a light spell, to form a light barrier around him the Midnight Society to ward off the Shadowman. Instead Luke cast the wrong spell. It enabled the Shadowman to take on a human form and become immune to daylight. The book can also be used to travel back and forth in time. Luke used the book a second time to travel back in time to 1996. There he and his friends prevented June Murphy's death and thus the creation of the Shadowman.


There are only 3 known spells in the book. When the spells are made, The book will find a way to bring evil into the world.

The Protection Light Spell[]

This spell will protect the users with a magical light to cast away evil spirits.

Cast Lyrics:

Spirits high and spirits low

Protect me from this wicked foe

Drive away all harm and fear

Only good is welcome here

Spell of magic pure and bright

Protect us in your hollowed light!

The Life for Death Spell[]

This spell will sacrifice the users life for a certain return for the pay.

Cast Lyrics:

I seek you in the darkest hour

Hear my plea and give me power

Take me in the black of night

Into the light

The curse that cannot be reversed

To what was stolen return first

Firelight and shadow black

I give my life to pay death back.

The Return spell[]

(More coming soon)

Cast Lyrics:

Regard the words of which we speak

Reward us with the path you seek

Rewind the clocks and hands of time

Remove the chains of fate that bind

Return us to where and when

Until we speak,Return again.

Seen in:[]

Tale of the Haunted Wood

Tale of the Phantom Light

Tale of the Midnight Magic

Tale of the Darkhouse