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The Brauns Family
"May we come in?"


Lex's parents address him as Master


Mrs. Braun is female and Mr. Braun and Lex are Males.

Dates of Birth:



Vampires, Daywalkers, Paramedics


To collect blood and to be invited into whatever home they visit and bring their master over


They successfully get Lex to be invited over to Toll's House to feed on them.


"The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors"


Carl Alacchi, Françoise Robertson and Johnny Morina.



Mr. and Mrs. Braun and their son Lex, recently moved from the Ukraine to a North America country and settled down in Emma Toll's neighborhood. Emma and her younger brother Dayday were excited to have them in their neighborhood at first. That was until Emma became very suspicious of them.

First of all because she found out they came from a part of Romania that is near Transylvania. They wear only black clothing, the color of evil and darkness. The three of them were never seen in the daytime only leaving their house at night time. Also their son Lex didn't go to school and none of the other kid's in the neighborhood even heard of him. Also everyone in the neighborhood began getting an energy draining sickness that came out like an outbreak after they moved into the neighborhood.

Emma snuck into their basement one night when they werent home to find their coffins to reveal and expose the truth about them. However when she was out her brother couldn't stop their mom and inviting all of them in for a visit. During their visit they revealed that the two of them work in the medical field and are studying to be paramedics. Also they ask Dayday since Lex hasn't been feeling very well lately if he be invited over the next night and hang out with him and play video games and Dayday nicely agrees

Emma doesn't not find coffins in their basement yet, but in the fridge are many bottles of blood.  Dayday breaks into the basement to to tell her their coming home and this is more than enough for Emma to convince her brother to help the very next morning, to hunt them and drive stakes into their hearts. Emma and Dayday go over to their home the next morning wearing cross-shaped necklaces and armed with garlic and stakes. They are most surprised to be greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Braun first thing on a sunny morning. They also prove to be immune to the cross-shaped necklaces.

They tell Emma and Dayday that they've finally been happily switched from night time shifts to daytime shifts and they have been helping the hospital by storing extra units of blood in their basement. Emma goes home feeling embarrassed and foolish. while her brother mocks her and laughs at her.

Little do they know, that in their basement Mr and Mrs. Braun knew Emma and Dayday were in their basement, but they say they're not worried because a vampire can't enter a person home without being invited and tonight their master has been invited over to visit them. The reveal that their son Lex is the vampire and he's their master and he's been invited over to the Toll's house. This is possibly because Lex may have been bitten a while ago and has cursed his parents as his loyal servants, or his parents are daywalker vampires who are immune to the sunlight . Also no one will ever believe that a little boy can be a vampire.


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