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The Corpse is a character created by Stig. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float".


He is an evil zombie and an angry spirit, who preys on anyone who dares to disturbs his eternal sleep. Also, he was invisible and couldn't be seen and can blend in perfectly with water. However it gave off a hint when it's presence was near. Since it was a rotting corpse it reeked like decay and mostly Sulphur and acid. When it came close by anyone around, they would smell the acid like odor, if was the most unpleasant foul smell.

Whenever someone was in the pool or sometimes after a certain period of time it would prey on the person swimming and pulled him or her underwater until they drowned and died.

In the 1950's there was an old cemetery next to a high school. To expand the school and build the swimming pool the graveyard was moved and all of the bodies were dug out and moved. However his body was forgotten and remained where he was.

Soon in 1954 the High School swimming pool opened up. One day during the school lifeguard's Charlie Dempster's shift his girlfriend's Cindy's little brother Joe was swimming in the pool. The corpse sensed his presence and came after him and pulled him underwater and drowned him to death. Charlie Dempster tried to save him, but it didn't let him. Also it soon drowned three more people and the pool was drained, closed off from the school and forgotten. The door to the pool house was covered by a row of lockers inside a change room.

Then in 1994, Science geek Zeke Matthews, trying to impress school swim team member Clorice, showed her where the school pool was. Soon with her ambition and determination the pool was reopened. The Corpse soon tried to grab and drown Clorice and her friend Greta but they got out of the pool just in time.

Later when Clorice and Zeke are relaxing and studying chemistry in a raft in the pool, The Corpse came after them and tried to pull them under and drown them too. Then the school janitor who also happened to be Charlie Dempster saved them and pulled them both out in time. Zeke got the idea that if they can see it then they have a better chance to try and stop it.

Since it was part acid, Zeke poured some Methyl Orange into the pool. The chemical reacts with acid turning something acidic red. Soon The Corpse emerged from the water as a hideous and terrifying zombie, that is a partially decomposing, part skeleton and all colored red. Since it was visible now it couldn't hide anymore so it began traveling around through water pipes.

Zeke didn't know how to stop it until Clorice reminded him about his volcano experiment in which you mix manganite with water it'll explode, since The Corpse was water based. When Clorice swim to the bottom of the pool to retrieve the dropped jar of mangenite, The Corpse almost got her. Zeke jumped in to save her and distract it and then it began to close in on him and almost got him because Zeke was an inexperienced swimmer.

Charlie pulled him out in time, Then Clorice doused it with the mangenite. The Corpse loudly and violently screamed and moaned as it bubbled, oozed and sizzled. As smoke and steams made it begin to evaporate away into nothing. After that it was never seen or heard from again.


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