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This is a good character as well as a victim!

The Forest Ranger is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Manaha".


The Forest Ranger is a nice and pleasant man. He works hard to ensure that there are no unsafe and hazardous conditions in the woods. He also is in frequent contact with a man named: Mr. Ostrowski, who is the director of the nearby summer camp. Which is Camp Towaki.

When campers from Camp Towaki go on hikes and camping trips, they are always required to check in with him. Then he contacts Mr. Ostrowski, to inform him that the campers made it to the area. Also to report to him, in case there are any accidents or injuries.

During the events of the story, a young boy named Jonah went on an overnight camping trip with a group of others. Soon Jonah mistakenly discovered a hidden cave at the bottom of a hill. The cave was actually a tomb that sealed away an evil Shaman. When Jonah lifted up the statue it freed the Shaman. Now the Shaman was freed at last. So The Shaman and his flesh eating monsters called Manaha were now free to roam the forest. Jonah had been warned to let him and the others flee the woods, while they still could. So Jonah was terrified.

When Jonah and his group, went to check in with him, he wasn't seen at his cabin. Jonah was worried that he had been captured by the Manaha. But it turned out that he had only stepped away for a few minutes. So when had Jonah screamed worrying that he had been captured, he and all of Jonah's other campers all laughed at him. Making Jonah feel embarrassed believing that he was seeing things.

Soon, the Manaha turned out to be real, and they captured him, Jonah's scout leader Lonnie and a chubby camper named: Eddy. He and the other two were bound and gagged in a tree bark like material and suspended in the air. The Shaman was prepared to light bonfires beneath him and the other two for a sacrificial ritual.

Then the Shaman was approached by Jonah. Jonah was now more brave and courageous than ever. Now he no longer believed the Manaha. The Manaha were real to only those who believed in them. So they began to vanish. Then Jonah tricked the Shaman into thinking he gained control of the Manaha and were going to prey them onto him. So the Shaman fearfully retreated back to the cave. Then Jonah placed the statue back and sealed him away again. So he, Lonnie and Eddy were all rescued safe and sound.

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