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The Hounds or The Hungry Hounds were characters created by Kristen. They appeared in "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds".


They were the Pease families pet hounds. They lived on their farm for an annual fox hunt game. Dora said their names were Bounder, Rexy, Helga, and Brutus. The


Woof! woof! woof! woof!

morning of the fox hunt race Dora didn't have it in her heart to let Mon Petit Rouge the fox die taking part in the hunt. So therefore she rode off into the forest to set him free. Before she left she forgot to feed them and in no time at all they were starving. Later that day when the Stable Keeper Giles when to check on them they were nearly starved to death and they looked at him and he just couldn't hold them off they were so hungry and the shock of it was so intense it gave Giles a heart attack and he died on the spot. Eventually they starved to death too.

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