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The Keeper is a character created by Quinn. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Wisdom Glass".


The Keeper is a resident of The Court of Wisdom, a court that exists in the Cyber World of the computer game "Wisdom Game, The Ultimate Journey of Knowledge". She is a gorgeous blonde woman, who most of the time appears literally with no eyes. When her eyes do appear, they are a frightening and striking shade of blood red. She only makes them appear, either when she is angry, emotional or very upset.  

She always tries to encourage people to heed to the rules of wisdom, which are: Respect, integrity and honesty. When her court sensed that two boys from the real world Jimmy Miller and Allan Price stole a copy of the computer game. She was chosen to help lure and teleport them to the Cyber World to have them stand trial for stealing Wisdom. She was chosen to be a prosecutor. She worked hard and seriously, trying to get them to admit that one of them stole the computer game. She screamed at them terrifying them.

Later on, one of the boys (Jimmy) was convicted and sentenced to death by guillotine for stealing the game. She told him that in the world of wisdom stealing is a capital offence and execution was a perfectly legal punishment. When Allan soon confessed he really did it he was going to be instead, Jimmy threatened to smash The Wisdom Glass if they both weren't set free to go, She was then devastated to see that the Court Jester carelessly dropped the Wisdom Glass and it smashed into many pieces.


  • Danette Mackay also portayed The Night Nurse
  • An unconfirmed possibility, is that she might also go by the name of  The Gatekeeper.

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