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The Lurker is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Last Dance".


Not very much is known about The Lurker's origin, but it can be assumed that he was born as either a genetic freak of nature, or a mutant. He Had a hunched back, and deformed enlarged hands with long fingernails.

He chose to seclude himself from society and live underground. For many years, he lived in tunnels under the building of the recreational center in Warrenville.

Then at some point, he begun to watch and listen to Tara Martin practicing and playing her violin. Over the years, he watched and listened to her behind the walls, and in the air vents admiring her from afar. He also developed an insane obsession with her, also he was a very talented artist, drawing many professional sketches of her. He also grew to really love and appreciate her music, and dreamed of one day having her play just for him.

Soon, it was announced that the old recreational center was going to be torn down. Therefore he knew soon enough he would never get to listen to nor see Tara again. He made preparations to meet her in person, unfortunately the only way he could do it, was by kidnapping her.

A few days before the recreational center's Last Dance, he listened to Tara performing a recital from a ceiling air vent. Intentionally, he cried and his tears dripped down onto her musical notes book. Also, before the end of her recital he dropped his sketch pencil, which landed on her music notes book.

He overheard how unappreciative, insensitive and non supportive Tara's boyfriend Michael was about her playing classical music. To get back at Michael, he broke into Michael's locker and tore his leather jacket. Also he stole Tara's violin, to give to her when he would "bring" her to his lair.

The night of the Last Dance, he pilfered food from the recreational center's cafeteria and brought it to his lair. Then when Tara was upset about losing her violin and not being able to perform at the last dance. He showed up to abduct her, Then to stop Tara's friend Jane from getting in his way, he spilled a bucket of red paint on her.

Soon he captured Tara and brought her to his lair, although he brought her against her own free will, he was very nice and polite to her. He explained to her who he was and his exact reasons for bringing her to his lair. He then returned her violin to her.

Then in no no time soon, Tara wasn't afraid of him anymore and she begun to trust him. He wanted her to play for him and he even offered to hide if she wanted. Tara told him that he didn't have to hide, and she would only perform for him if would reveal his face to her.

He was very reluctant to showing his face, believing himself to be hideous. Tara didn't care, she just insisted on seeing it. It turned out that despite the fact he needed a haircut, he was actually pretty good looking.

Then on his request she played on her violin, Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. He enjoyed it thoroughly, and when she was done he was crying. He said it was because he felt bad about how some people really didn't care and appreciate her enough. He even offered to have her move in to the underground with him. Therefore she could play all day if she wanted.

Suddenly Michael showed up to Rescue Tara, he then got furious and his obsession for her got to his head. He locked her in a cell and screamed that no one was going to take her away from him. Michael demanded her to be let go, but he got really upset saying that he didn't deserve her, and didn't love and appreciate her enough.

He then grabbed the violin and ran, he soon ambushed Michael and Tara on the bridge on their way out. He got into a skirmish with Michael and tripped off the bridge. He then hung onto the railing for his life, Tara tried to pull him up but he was too heavy.

Then he considered the easy way out, stating he wasn't afraid to die, and told her to never give up her dreams. Then at the last second Michael helped pull him back up. When he was saved, he realized his mistakes and the error of ways. Then he apologized for everything he did and ran off.

Then later that night, he was heading back to his lair.  He was already feeling sad, that he would never see her again. Then to his surprise, Tara was waiting for him inside the lair. Tara then asked him for the Last Dance and happily accepted and he danced with her for quite some time.

The Lurker was last seen, running off to a new underground location.


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