The Midnight Society is the secret and selective group of friends who gather together in a hidden clearing in the woods to tell their best scary and horror stories. The location of the place is hidden and each member is bonded to keeping the secret of where the location is. Not very often, but usually when one existing member leaves or moves away a new person can take their place.

The way a new member is nominated, and given his or her chance to join is for an existing member to get the unanimous approval from the whole group or to just be brought in and nominated by a member with seniority. The nominee is lead to the clearing with their vision concealed usually with a blindfold or with a bag over their head. It is usually kept on until the end of the story,but sometimes it isn't. Once they’re brought in the leader explains the rules to the nominee.                                                    

  1. The location of the clearing is still kept secret to him or her unless he or she makes it in.
  2. The nominee has to tell the group a great story. Then afterwards the Midnight Society all votes on how well the story was and whether or not they’ll let him or her join, and the vote has to be unanimous meaning every current member has to say yes.
  3. If the nominee doesn’t make it in, their vision is concealed. That way they won’t know where the location is when they are taken back to town. Usually they are not given another chance, although occasionally some Nominees who almost make it in get another chance to try and join.


The very first Midnight Society was formed in 1937 by Gene along with his friends Laing Candle, Bruce McGorrill, Donna Tilton and Eleanor Gregory. Gene and his friends cleared away the trees and built the campfire pit, the original seats and the Storyteller's chair which is a solid stone pointed arm chair. The Campfire pit and Storyteller's chair was always used from that time from then on, unlike their wooden stool chairs that were eventually replaced with rock and log seats. Unsure if Gene's group did this but, usually before a beginning a story, the storyteller would throw a handful of non dairy creamer dust into the campfire to make the fire burn more intensely.

Eventually, Gene married a woman named Aggie. Then as time went on had a son or a daughter, who would grow up to be the mother or father of Gary and Tucker. This remains unknown if the son or daughter had their own Midnight Society. Or if it's just passed down from Grandfather to Grandson.

In the early 1990's Gary formed his own Midnight Society. His first members were David, Kristen, Kiki, Betty Ann and Eric. Then in 1992 David brought in Frank as a nominee. In order too join, Frank told his story "The Tale of the Phantom Cab" and got his approval and became a member for a few years. Then about a year later, Eric left with no mention or reason for what was said for his departure. Then in late 1993, both David and Kristen's families moved away.

Kristen was replaced by Sam. Originally, she was Betty Ann's best friend who heard about the Midnight Society from her, and was very eager to join. Everyone thought she was a boy, until the bag was taken off of her head. She told her story "The Tale of Watcher's Woods" and got her approval and joined until the group parted ways. Also she became Gary's girlfriend.

David was replaced by Gary's younger brother Tucker. He was at first, a really immature prank playing brat. He was mostly teasing his brother about his crush on Sam, and had a constant conflict between him and Frank. He was usually the one to get Frank going. Eventually Tucker matured a little bit and he did nice things like buy Gary rare concert tickets for his birthday, and asked Sam to join Gary on the outing.

Then in late 1995, Frank left The Midnight Society because he and his family moved away. Frank was replaced by Tucker's friend Stig. It was because of his lack of good hygiene and odd habits, he was strongly disliked by the other members.  Mostly by Kiki whom he seem to have attraction and feelings for, which Kiki certainly did not reciprocate. He almost didn't make it into the group after he told his first story "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float" because he tasted some of the campfire dust which grossed everyone out. Then he got a second chance and joined after telling his second story "The Tale of Station 109.1" and remained until the groups disbandment. Why Gary's group disbanded is unknown, but possibly because they grew up and matured and went off to colleges, Universities and trade schools.

Then in late 1999, Tucker decided to bring back The Midnight Society. He formed his own Midnight Society with his friends Andy, Quinn, Megan and Vange. Megan wasn't sure about being out in the woods at first and wanted to do it in her own backyard, but she gave it a chance and came around. The group went on for about two or so years.


  1. Gene 1937
  2. Laing Candle 1937
  3. Bruce McGorrill 1937
  4. Eleanor Gregory 1937
  5. Donna Tilton 1937
  6. Gary 1990
  7. David 1990
  8. Kristen 1990
  9. Kiki 1990
  10. Betty Ann 1990
  11. Eric 1990
  12. Frank Moore 1992
  13. Sam 1994
  14. Tucker 1994
  15. Stig 1995
  16. Andy 1999
  17. Quinn 1999
  18. Megan 1999
  19. Vange 1999
  20. Gavin 2019
  21. Akiko 2019
  22. Louise 2019
  23. Graham 2019
  24. Rachel 2019


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