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The Oak Wand, was a Good Magical Item created by Kiki. It was used in the episode, "The Tale of the Quicksilver".


Connie and Laura Turner's bedroom was being haunted by a Demonic Ghost. Their house was built over an old cemetery and his remains were


Aaron Johnston using the wand

forgotten. Then the girls' bedroom was built over his resting spot. This demon seeked revenge to old those who disturbed his eternal sleep. Therefore it lurked inside the bedroom walls, and inflicted pain and suffering to those who lived in the bedroom.

Then one night, Laura decided to try and get rid of the demonic ghost by herself. She perform a magical ritual, that summoned the ghost. That she made this wand, but the wand didn't work. This wand was supposed to make the demon obey her and obediently enter a containment amulet. Instead the demon just caused the bedroom to burn down and took Laura's life.

Then a year later, the Johnston family moved into the house. This time the demon victimized the younger brother Dougie, causing him a severe and untreatable cold and fever. Laura Turner's ghost,(now known as The Quicksilver) warned the older brother Aaron through dreams that she made the wand wrong.

Aaron met Connie Turner from school, and convinced that they had to stop the demon and finish what her sister had started. They redid the magical ritual that Laura had done, but they also could not get the wand to work. The instructions said that only a wand made of oak tied with silver would work. Then suddenly, Aaron realized that Laura had been constructed the wand incorrectly. Instead of using a silver spoon, she mistakenly used a steel spoon.

Then Aaron placed his silver necklace into the tip of the wand. Then it finally worked properly and he was able to finally contain the demon once and for all.

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