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The Redcoats were characters created by Sam. They appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Long Ago Locket".


While walking through the woods, a love sick teenager named Jimmy Armstrong suddenly found himself in a time slip back to the American Revolution. There, he met up with Lieutenant William: a Minuteman spy who was on the run from British Army. Jimmy tried to outrun them, but they surrounded him opening fire at him. Which all of their shots all missed. Eventually they caught him and took him prisoner. Jimmy at first thought they were all actors rehearsing in the woods. Until he found out they thought he was a spy. So now they were going to hang him.

Then William fired his rifle and Jimmy managed to escape. In the woods, William informed Jimmy that he must find his way to Harrisville to deliver a locket to the woman he loved named Emilienne, and confess his love. Before she ends up going through with a marriage to another man that she doesn't really love. Soon Jimmy realized, that when Lt. William told him what year he thought it was, that the Redcoats were real. Therefore he had entered a time slip back to the year 1780!

After reading a book about the Battle of Harrisville, that Jimmy got from a local historian named Mr. Olshak, Jimmy learned that the Redcoats captured Lieutenant William and hung him for being a spy on September 17, 1780. When he looked at the date on the classroom calendar, Jimmy realized that the day it happened, would be on that current day. So hurried off as fast as he could to save the Minuteman. When Jimmy finally got to the woods, he could see that they had finally outsmarted Lt. William and took him prisoner, Then they tied him to a big willow tree, but just as they were about to carry out the execution, Jimmy distracted them with loud rock music blasting from friend Josh's boom box. When they were distracted, Jimmy freed William by cutting the ropes loss with the knife he recently gave to him. Then Jimmy quickly told him the way to Harrisville, as he knew the route by heart. After Lt. William got away, they quickly tried to capture him again. The captain ran after Jimmy on his horse at full speed. Until he almost ran over Jimmy and his dear friend April, who came to check on Jimmy. Until finally Jimmy ran out of the time slip, and returned back to the present time.

Shortly after, Jimmy saw that the inscription on his dagger changed from Lt. William to Capt. William. Jimmy now realized that he changed history. So Lt. William got away from the Redcoats and survived, making it all the way to Harrisville. Then he happily married his true love, and was promoted to the rank of Captain.



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