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The Shadowman is the villain who appears in Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows. Kyle Strauts portrayed the Shadowman. And Aaron Douglas portrayed Charlie Murphy.



The Shadowman

The Shadowman was June Murphy's father Charlie Murphy. He was the lighthouse keeper and lived in the lighthouse raising his daughter. In 1996, the town decided to closed down the old lighthouse. He was ready to throw in the towel and gave up. But his daughter wouldn't give up. So she took it upon herself to start a petition to try and save the lighthouse and to keep it open.

However in the end, the petition didn't get enough signatures. So the lighthouse was closed. So he gave up and throw away to key to the lighthouse, and it fell down the cliff. But his daughter wanted to keep it. So his daughter risked her life climbing down the cliff to retrieve the key, but she fell down the cliff and died.

Soon after his daughter's death, he thought magic could bring her back to life. So he sacrificed his soul to the demons using The Book of Shadows. Which ended up cursing him and turning him into The Shadowman. He hates light and disappears if a light is shone at it.

Powers and Abilites[]

The Shadowman has the powers to capture his victims and take them to shadow side of the lighthouse, where they would remain for all eternity, that until The Midnight Society was able to set them free. It also seems that only those who enter and left the haunted woods after dark can see him as others can't as seen when one of the members of the society tries to warn a woman walking her dog, only for her to explain she doesn't see anyone else.