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This Magical Item is Evil!

The Silver Sight was an evil magical charm from the three part episode "The Tale of the Silver Sight".



The Silver Sight!

The Silver Sight was a solid silver charm the size of a Macintosh apple. It was said to be ancient, but its origins remain a mystery. One certainty about it would be that it contained a powerful black magic: armies had won wars with it, kingdoms have toppled, and cities have fallen.

For millenniums, people had used it, either knowing or ignorant that the charm was actually an object of pure evil. Its most prominent power was enabling its user to banish their enemies - all they had to do was to point the charm in the direction of the person and say that the person was their enemy, and the person (and soul) would be imprisoned within the charm forever. Whenever this happened, the malevolent powers of the charm would intensify.

Another particularly prominent power of the charm would be granting wishes: it would always give its user the things they desire the most and improve their luck (at first). However, since everything comes with a price, there were always unforeseen yet terrible consequences, for the charm would eventually give them bad luck, or cause them to make unwise and unethical decisions. Hence, making a wish through the charm often resulted in innocent people suffering, becoming grievously hurt, or even killed.

The charm was constantly under the supervision of an Evil Demon. The Evil Demon would appear as young seemingly innocent Waif Kid. The Demon would constantly keep an eye to make sure the charm was being used and that more souls were being captured.

In 1937, a group of five friends called The Midnight Society came into contact with it and they each used it, having no idea at the time it was evil. The five friends were.

  • Gene what he used it for is unknown, possibly to one day have a loving family.
  • Laing Candle, who later grew up to be a rich war hero, may have used it to gain strength and bravery to fight in the Second World War. Also, he used it make a guy named Vince's life miserable, causing him many accidents and a life time of bad luck. Also, soon Laing may have used it to steal Vince's girlfriend Donna Tilton.
  • Donna Tilton, apparently used it to increase her popularity. She soon left her boyfriend Vince (from all the bad luck and accidents he endured) and started dating Laing Candle, but soon afterwards she died in a car accident.
  • Eleanor Gregory, used the charm to help her improve her luck and skills in the stock market. Therefore, before she was twenty she made a huge fortune. Then for years lived a glamorous life of luxury. Then some years later, the side of effects of the charm caused her to make constant bad choices and decisions and her stocks crashed. She passed away leaving her son and his family hiding in the sewers. This was the only place to keep them hidden from the authorities, debt collectors, bookies and loan sharks who they still owed or had borrowed money from.
  • Bruce McGorrill, always a fun loving person had used it to purchase the playland amusement park. He became one of the youngest amusement park owners in the world. When he found out the charm was evil, he had it inside the merry-go-round in one of it's eyes painting it blue (when the rest of the eyes were brown). However, the day after he hid the charm, the evil spirit caused him to fall off a roller coaster and die.

The group disbanded, and so The Evil Demon vanished. Then Just before Bruce died, he carefully hid the charm. Also he recorded a warning message on a record. Because if the presence of the Evil Demon ever resurfaced, they would know where then charm was hidden and could try and destroy it. But to keep the charm from getting into the wrong hands, or found by mistake he broke up the record into five pieces and gave each of his friends a piece.

  1. Listen to the music (Gene's piece)
  2. Not all the eyes are brown (Laing's piece)
  3. It's a race that has no winners (Eleanor's piece)
  4. With many ups and downs (Donna's piece)
  5. Know your true enemy (Bruce's piece)

Then years later, in the year 2000 The Evil Demon resurfaced at long last. The Demon and was in pursue of new people to use the charm. Grandpa Gene sensed the presence and tried to stop it himself. But the Demon scared him of his wits and killed him. Therefore, Gary and Tucker along with Tucker's Midnight Society dangerously tracked down the record pieces and glued them together, listened to the message and figured out where the charm was hidden.

Gary knew that The Waif Kid (The Evil Demon) was the true enemy and used the charm on itself. This caused the Charm to release all it's captured souls. Then with no souls trapped within, the charm lost it's power and vanished.