The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 1
Season 4, Episode 1
Air date October 1, 1994
Written by Chloe Brown
Directed by D.J. MacHale
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The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 2

The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 1 is the First episode, as well as Part One of the Season Four premiere of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and the Fortieth episode in total.


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Story Cast

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The night begins with Gary making an announcement. He tells his friends that tonight is a special night, normally when they meet around the campfire to tell their tales, each one of them has their special brand of terror. Then as Tucker comes in, Gary says some of them tell stories of adventure. Then as Betty Ann comes in he says that some of us tell stories of the macabre and grotesque. Then as Kiki comes in, Gary says that some of them tell stories about real people trapped in unreal worlds. Then as Sam comes in he says or heroes searching for truth.

Gary tells them that no two stories are alike, because no two of us are alike. Frank comes to stand next to him and tells them it's why the two of them are telling the story together tonight. Sam is shocked and smiling she "you're kidding" and asks them why? Frank says because it's so major it needs the best of both of them. Gary says it has magic, Frank says it has mayhem, it's about an evil power so strong, Gary says that it survived for centuries, waiting to rise up and spread it's terror.

Sam is smiling and is really excited and says excellent. Tuckers asks them what they're waiting for? Frank and Gary each sit down on one arm rest and frank hands him the dust pouch and tells him to do the honors.

Gary throws in a handful of the campfire dust (non-dairy creamer) to intensify the fire while he and frank submit their story for the approval of The Midnight Society, together at the same time they title their story "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure" and they both begin.


Gary and Frank tell the story. The story first takes place years ago. A good pirate named Ian Keegan decides to pay his old Captain, Jonas Cutter, who is a ruthless and violently vicious bloodthirsty pirate a visit. He quietly sneaks into the underground crypt and arms himself with his dagger saying he'll use it to slay him and avenge the souls of all the innocent people he killed to obtain all of his treasure.

He then slowly turns the chair around to see it's a rotting skeleton in his old clothes. The sight of it terrifies him and he backs away and falls down. Then he drops and loses his dagger, and a young cabin boy sneaks in and steals the dagger. Then suddenly, Captain Cutter's Ghost appears laughing at him. Ian trembling and terrified, tells him he has to stop, because too many innocent people have been killed for all the treasure he has stolen. Captain Cutter tells him that he enjoys slices people in two, especially traitors like him.

Also, he tells Ian he has vowed to guard his beloved treasure for life and after his life (possibly all eternity). Ian places a curse upon him telling him that because of greedy soul ,all the treasure he has will never make him happy. Cutter pulls out his cutlass and tells him and may your death be a bloody one. Ian, terrified, braces himself as Cutter lunges at him to put him out of his misery.

Then the story goes forward in time to modern day (when this aired), a young blonde boy named Tony screams and moves away as his friend Max comes at him with a sword! but a toy sword that is. Max Keegan and his friend Tony are around 10 years old and they're having fun playing pirates and having a sword fight.

Meanwhile his older brother Russell "Rush" Keegan who is about 15 just wants to spend time with his girlfriend Sandy Campbell whom he has invited over to visit that night. Max and Tony sneak up on them from the side of the bushes as they're relaxing in the sun and about to kiss. They do not know that the sprinkler is nearby. Then as a prank Max and Tony quietly sneak around and turn on the sprinkler. This takes Rush and Sandy by startling surprise. Max comes out boasting about his prank and Sandy humiliated storms off and heads for home. Rush threatens to pound him for what he did.

When they get back to their home which is near the shore of the ocean, they find that their parents are all packed up to go on their bicycle riding trip. Feeling Rush isn't mature or responsible enough, they decide to leave them with an elderly boring babysitter named Mrs. Gregory. Then after they leave, Rush and Max team up together to trick Mrs. Gregory. They cleverly trick her into thinking they're sick with the measles and that their parents are staying home to take care of them.

Then after, Mrs. Gregory leaves Rush cuts him off of their team and breaks his promise of doing stuff with him. Because he's feels he is a pain and too young. Max threatens to phone their parents and tell them that they lied to Mrs. Gregory, but promises to keep quiet and not bug him all weekend if he'll buy him a Shandu's Magic Set.

When Rush heads down to Sardo's Magic Mansion, and he buys The Shandu's Magic Set. Sardo tries to impress him with a potion they ends up exploding and bubbling. Then he tries to offer Rush a flask of popularity potion, which Rush says no thanks too. Rush is about to go home but takes interest at Sardo's in store contest. The Contest is for whoever can open the old wooden chest, can have the prize that is inside. Rush doesn't think it's a challenge because he thinks anyone can open it. Sardo says he can't and he's tried everything to open it and it won't budge.

Rush without much effort gently opens it, he is amazed and tells Mr. Sardo who corrects him again, that his name is Sardo, no Mr. and accent on the "do". He is thrilled to see that Rush actually got it opened, Rush feels ripped off because the contents inside it, according to him are old and junk. nothing but a rusted old key, an old dagger and a spyglass. Sardo accidentally slips out that it's a big deal to him because the person who gave the chest to him will award him $5,000 when he can get the chest open. Hearing this Rush is mad and feels ripped off and takes the spyglass which he thinks is broken home with him.

That evening, Rush has his at home date with Sandy, he asks Max to not bother them, and lets him play with the broken spyglass. Max looks through it and says it works for him. Max is told to go away and he goes to his room and excitedly looks through his new magic tricks set. Then suddenly a whistling sound is heard and the floor starts slight shaking and the spyglass on his desk starts tapping and moving. Max goes over to look at it and the it begins spinning around like a propeller and this makes him nervous.

Meanwhile, Max and Sandy are happily sitting beside each other and the sofa about to make out. Then Max barges in and interrupts them telling Rush that the spyglass is weird and that it was moving by itself. Max bugs them asking them if they're were just about kiss and Sandy just smiles at him. Rush, thinking he is just trying to bug and annoy them, tries to make him shoo and go away. Then in Max's bedroom his window bursts open and dense fog blows in.

He threatens to make max eat the spyglass if he doesn't leave at once. Then after he leaves Sandy tells him to give Max a break because he's just a kid and he's cute. Rush shows his disgust by not believing what she's telling him. Most likely because he is just fed up with Max bugging him all the time.

Max gets back to his room and closes his window, Then notices his closet doors slamming shut. He slowly walks over to them to see if there is anyone in his closet. To his relief he finds no one in there, then he is startled when he turns around and sees Rush. Rush wasn't trying to scare him, he just came to borrow some CD's. When Rush comes back to Sandy they begin to make out and passionately kiss.

Back in max's room, the spyglass blows off the table and rolls on the floor near his bed. Max walks over to retrieve it. When he bends down to pick it up, suddenly an arm grabs his hand and pulls him in laughing an insane and sinister laugh. Max scream and pulls off the glove and breaks free. Then suddenly the laughing starts again, and this time a skeleton arm is pulling him in by the foot. Max screams his head off terrified asking for Rush to help him.

Rush and Sandy are interrupted of their alone time. Sandy realizing Max has a problem, feels she should go home because he needs his brother attention. Or because she is fed up with one too many interruptions. He tells her to wait while he reluctantly goes to check out Max's problem. When they get to Max's room there is nothing under the bed, and Sandy has left and gone home. Rush is really mad thinking Max played another prank on him to just ruin his night with Sandy, or just to get his attention.

Max still frightened says that they should call the police. Rush gets really mad at him and tells him he is tired of him messing things up for him all the time. He also tells Max that doesn't care about his stories, or his problems and he doesn't care about him and also tells him that he hates him and wishes he would just go away.

That night, Rush has a dream. The dream is very blurry and takes place at night in a foggy cemetery. He walks along the past and up to the doors of a mausoleum. Then a very pale ghost calls out to him, unknown to him at first, he is Ian Keegan. He tells Rush that he is the one and warns him telling him "What he wants is not what he desires" and to not be fooled, Rush can't make head or tails of what this means.

Then suddenly his dream results into being a nightmare as his legs get wrapped in vines. Then a creepy skeleton comes up to him from behind and grabs his shoulder with his bony hand. He tells him he's been waiting for a final battle and asks him if he'll be a match for him. Rush then wakes up from his nightmare screaming and it's morning. He looks through the spyglass again and is stumped to see a vision inside it of his nightmare.

Rush returns to Sardo's Magic Mansion, Sardo is happy to see him and tries to offer him the rest of the items from the chest. Rush says no and is furious and wants to return the spyglass. He returns it and storms off, Sardo tries to beg him to take it back but he doesn't listen and leaves. An unknown man in his shop then tells Sardo that the items belong to him now, he's just not ready to accept them yet and he will when the times comes. Tempting Sardo with big rolled up wad of money, asks him when Rush comes back to send him over to him.

That night, at the Keegan's house Max is home by himself. Max enters his bedroom and nervously calls out hello and no one answers. Then his window blows up and the air is blowing in. Max falls into a trance and slowly walks outside. Near the shore, he finds the spyglass on a tree stump. and notices a person in a rowboat is rowing backwards towards shore.

Rush comes home and calls and calls for Max and gets no answer, Then getting fed up, he searches Max's room and find on the door of his closet a dagger bearing note. The message tells him "This is no dream the boy is mine"  Rush then gets very worried and searches all around the house and finally finds him outside, and he doesn't move or answer him. All Max is doing is staring at the person in the rowing boat who is rowing backwards to shore.

The rowboat comes in and Rush goes up to it and tells him that his father will be home soon. He turns the person around to say it to his face, but it's just a rotten and decayed skeleton. Then quickly it transforms into a hideous, one eyed, balding pirate. He laughs an insane laugh at Rush and says he knows his dad isn't coming and that he's come for the boy!

Rush grabs Max and they run into the their house and lock the door, he is about to call the police. Then suddenly the pirate has appeared inside their home somehow and is going to get them. Then the front door opens in a flash of light. Then a vicious and violent looking huge pirate enters. Unknown yet to him, it's Captain Jonas Cutter, he asks Rush if thought he really had a chance against him. Then he summons the other pirate who he addresses as Mr. Noise, to hold Rush in a tight restrain. He talks down to him and tells him that after all these years he's just a young boy.

Then he asks Max to come with him, in a trance Max obediently walks over to him. Captain Cutter tells him to talk a good look at him, it'll be the last time he'll ever see him. Then he picks him up and carries him away laughing along the way, and disappearing when exiting the door. Also Mr. Noise vanishes too. Rush devastated runs to the shore and sees they are already taking off in a rowboat, with the captain laughing as they go and disappearing into the dense fog.

Rush then picks up the spyglass and points it to his house and looks through it, and he sees the mausoleum from the cemetery and the door slams shut while Captain Cutter is heard laughing in the background.


Suddenly it cuts back to the campfire scene with The Midnight Society, and the sound of thunderclouds are heard. Sam expresses her concern saying that she thinks they're gonna get caught in the rain. Betty Ann tells them to talk fast and asks them what happened next? Frank says that Rush could only think of one thing to do... Then before Frank could continue, suddenly lighting flashes and thunder is heard again. Then it begins to rain heavily. Tucker stubbornly says it will pass and asks them to continue.

Frank puts out the fire and Gary says he's sorry and they'll continue their story next time, Tucker complains saying "Aw man, it was just getting good" and runs off and leaves with everyone else, as a torrential thunder and rainstorm begins. Then a message comes up saying "To be continued...".

  • The only season opening where no members had been added to or gone from the Midnight Society.
  • The magic set on Max's ad that Rush buys for him is Shandu's Magic Kit. Shandu was the name of the magician in another of Gary's stories, "The Tale of the Magician's Assistant".
  • Dominic Zamprogna, who portrayed Rush Keegan previously appeared in the series before. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Full Moon" as Jed.
  • Sardo's Fourth appearance.
  • Dr. Vink's Fourth appearance.
  • Emily Hampshire, who portrayed Rush's girlfriend Sandy later reappeared in the series again. She next appeared in "The Tale of the Vacant Lot" as Heather.
  • Suzie Almgren who portrayed Mrs. Keegan, previously appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Crimson Clown" as Mrs. Carter.
  • Mark Bromilow, who portrayed Mr. Noise, previously appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Magician's Assistant" as Nazrak.
  • Ajay Fry who portrayed Max's friend Tony later reappeared in the series revivals episode "The Tale of the Time Trap", as Brad Row.
  • This episode along with it's second part originally aired together as one hour premiere. During reruns only each part would air per evening.
  • The only two-part episode and the only one to have more than one storyteller (Gary and Frank's tale was interrupted partway through by a thunderstorm).
  • The first time two members of The Midnight Society told a story together.
  • The first two-part episode.
  • The first time an episode ended with the message "To be continued...".
  • The first time Frank put out the campfire.
  • The second time it rained on The Midnight Society, the first time was at the end of "The Tale of the Quicksilver" and the third time was during "The Tale of C7".

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