The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 2
Season 4, Episode 2
Air date October 1, 1994
Written by Chloe Brown
Directed by D.J. MacHale
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The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 2 is the Second episode, as well as Part Two of the Season Four premiere of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and the Forty-First episode in total.


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The next night, Frank and Gary arrive together. When they both turn around to look they can see that Betty AnnSam and Kiki are all sitting down by the campfire and are eager to hear the rest of the story. Tucker comes running in really excited saying "Come on I wanna know what happens" and exciting runs over to sit down.

Sam asks, who was the guy who brought the chest to Sardo? Betty Ann wants to know where that cemetery was. Kiki wants to know why only Rush could open that chest? deciding to give the viewer a reminder about what happened in the first episode Gary and Frank give a little recap, briefly explaining to the viewers what previously happened in part 1, up to the point where they explained that a horrifying ghost kidnapped Max. Rush didn't know what to do, Max was gone and he he couldn't get a hold of his parents. Sam says that's where they left off. and Tucker tells them to Kick it.

Frank throws in a handful of the campfire dust (non-dairy creamer) to intensify the fire while he and Gary submit their story for the approval of The Midnight Society, together they title their story "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure: Part 2" and they both pick up from where they left off.


Gary and Frank continue their story. So after Rush can't get hold of their parents he stormed over to Sardo's Magic Mansion in the middle night. Sardo is annoyed that someone is over this late, until he realizes it's him and he happy to see him again and lets inside. Rush is furious and demands Sardo take the spyglass back because it's making ghosts appear in his house. Also he tells Sardo they're not illusions because they just kidnapped his little brother.

He threatens to come back with the police if Sardo doesn't help and give him answers right away. Sardo in his defense tells him that the police won't believe him anymore then he does. Rush then admits that they don't, because  he already tried and had no luck. He then asks Sardo what's going on? and tells him he wants his brother back. Sardo doesn't know anymore then he does, but gives him the business card of the man who has the answers and does know. The business card says The Wild Boar Coiffure.

Rush goes over to the barbershop and to his surprise the man is none other than Dr. Vink. Dr. Vink has once again changed professions and now he is a barber running a barbershop. He tries to offer and suggest some hair tonics to Rush. Rush makes it clear that he is not interested in the hair products, and just gets to the point of mentioning that his little brother was kidnapped. Dr. Vink already knows about it and tells him he can help him if can understand one thing, which is he is not a nut bag. Although Rush never said he was one.

Dr. Vink informs him that the man who kidnapped Max is a ruthless and violently vicious bloodthirsty pirate names Captain Jonas Cutter. Who adopted the last name Cutter because, he loved blades and how they could cut through flesh. According to history he hid his treasure in a secret underground vault that still hasn't been found yet. When Dr. Vink shows Rush a portrait of Captain Cutter from a history book, Rush immediately reacts and says it's him and they need to call the police. Dr. Vink tells him the police can't help him because he's been dead for about two hundred years now. Rush upset and disappointed sits down and sulks.

Dr. Vink then tells Rush that the old wooden chest contains items, They once belonged to the one man, who tried to defeat Captain Cutter but instead met his doom. Then before he died he vowed that one day a champion would come along. Rush says that it's the same chest from the magic mansion that he recently opened. Dr. Vink says he knows, he left it there hoping to find the champion who would open it and eventually be ready to do battle with the enemy. Inside it contains the items the spyglass, the key and the dagger which are blessed and imbued by the spirits of Cutter's innocent victims.

Rush is still scared and confused, he asks him what it has to do with him? and why he would be the chosen one? Dr. Vink then asks him to tell him what his full name is. Rush says it's Russell Ian Keegan. Then Dr. Vink shows him the bottom of the chest, it's carved in with the name "Ian Keegan" on it. Realizing that Ian Keegan is Rush's great grandfather from over 5 or 6 generations ago. Also he is the chosen one who needs to finish what Ian started. Rush doubts himself because he is just a kid. Dr. Vink uses some reverse psychology to persuade him telling him that it's always easier to hide behind the vale of youth, then to face the responsibility of the brother he despises.

This encourages Rush and tells him he just wants his brother back. Dr. Vink tells him to accept his destiny which Rush reluctantly does. They head over to the cemetery. Dr. Vink makes sure he has everything he needs, telling him he'll know what to do when the time comes and watches from afar. Rush first encounters the ghost of Ian Keegan who he now addresses by name. Ian floating by points to him the path to the mausoleum. Then Ian tells him has the power to get his brother back. Once again Ian gives Rush a warning telling him "Grandson, What he wants is not what he desires don't be followed" Rush still can't make heads or tails of what it means. Then Rush heads over to it and unlocks the door to the mausoleum and lets himself in.

Then he is greeted by a terrifying and talking and laughing skeleton. The Skeleton screams to him welcome Skipper! Rush screams in terror and falls through the floor boards and fall all the way to crypt's basement. In the crypt he can constantly hears Captain Jonas Cutter's voice laughing, echoing and taunting him. He just tries to ignore it and keeps moving on.

The underground cave is a like a maze, and Cutter from nowhere asks him if he can find him. Rush takes a wrong turn and goes another path. He tells Captain Cutter he doesn't want to hurt him, but Cutter still taunts him. When he Rush carefully walks through a narrow crack he sets off a sliding spike trap and he barely makes it out alive. Then at another corner, a pirate points a cannon at him and ignites the fuse and shoots a cannonball, luckily he ducks out of the way right in time.

When he turns around he finds Max, seems he somehow escaped. He takes him by the hand tries to walk away but he is silent and doesn't move. Then when he turns around to face him it's turns out to be Mr. Noise, this causes Rush to trip and fall on the ground. Mr. Noise pulls out his cutlass telling him "just doing my job!", and is ready to kill Rush. Rush picks up his dagger and it glows with energy and zaps Mr. Noise on the head. Mr. Noise instantly vanishes and Rush is amazed by the dagger's power.

Rush walks further ahead until he enter the treasure room. The room is loaded with treasure chests full of doubloons, necklaces and jewels, fancy cloaks, goblets and chalices on the furniture. Then Rush finds Max locked inside a large canary cage. Max confirms that it's really him and he and Rush apologize and they reconcile. They are intercepted by Jonas Cutter who tells him that there display of emotions is so touchy he could die, but pointing them to his old skeleton, he tells them that he's already dead and laughs. Captain Cutter is ready and raring to go along with their battle. Rush tries to reason with him saying he never wanted any trouble or for any of this to happen.

Captain Cutter is mad and says that he was the who opened the chest, and went through all the trouble to find him and defeat Mr. Noise, he broke into his treasure room! So there for he thinks he does want trouble and therefore he is going to get it! So he picks up his cutlass and begins swinging it and lunging it at Rush. Rush has forgotten to use his dagger and can't fight back. Captain Cutter almost hits him and chops a candle in a clean swipe. Then drinks some rum from an old goblet and mentions how much he's enjoying the fight.

Dr. Vink sneaks in to the room from the corner and reminds him to use the dagger. Crouching down he pulls out the dagger, but Jonas Cutter comes in from the side and kicks it out of his hand. Meanwhile, Max have broken out of the cage himself now. Captain Cutter then closes in on Rush who is on the floor nervously backed in a corner. He asks him if this is all he will get for the grand battle he's been waiting for ? Rush nervously tells him he can't fight and doesn't know what to do. Captain Cutter then tells him that there is nothing let to do but put him out of his misery, and he prepares to deliver the killing blow to Rush

Then Suddenly, Max has escaped armed with the dagger he tells him he doesn't think so and asks him to leave him alone. Rush immediately runs over to Max's side. Captain Cutter now realizes that two boys to kill is better than one boy to kill, and asks them who will go first ? Rush takes the dagger and powers it up. Then blasts him with an energy blast that makes him back away and pushes him into a throne.

Then Rush uses the power of the dagger. He somehow wraps and binds Captain Cutter's limbs to the throne in vines tightly binding him in place. Dr. Vink now joins them at their side. He tells Rush now it's time to stab him with the dagger and fulfill his destiny. However instead of terrified, scared and nervous Captain Cutter is laughing and seems to be enjoying himself. Also he keeps telling him to use the dagger on him. Rush closes in on Captain Cutter who mocks him telling him he's afraid of him and he knows he won't do it. Telling him that he's just a scared boy too scared to use the dagger. That he shouldn't be afraid to use the dagger, he should be more afraid of him because he'll keep coming after him, but first he'll take his little brother again. Rush now furious is about to use the dagger and stab him in rage when Captain Cutter begins to laugh.

Rush stops in his tracks and thinks about what Ian Keegan meant when he told him "what he wants is not what he desires".Cutter insults Ian and encourages Rush to finish him off, but Rush refuses. Cutter mocks Rush for being afraid, but Rush turns this back on Cutter, believing that he's afraid too. He realizes that Cutter has been guarding his beloved treasure for years, but now that the age of piracy is over no one ever comes to look for it anymore, he has no one to guard it from. So when he was released from the chest, he purposely kidnapped Max to cajole Rush to come and fight him. Cutter insists that Rush is wrong and demands that he use the dagger on him. Rush says that the treasure is worthless to him now, but he has no choice but to guard it, meaning that Cutter may want something to be done to him, but it's not what needs to be done. Dr. Vink agrees, realizing that using the dagger on Cutter may release him from his curse and put his soul to rest. Rush is unsure of what to do, but Dr Vink tells him the justice for all of Cutter's victims is now in his hands, and that he must use it wisely.

Still tightly wrapped and bound on the throne he keeps shouting and demanding for Rush to use it. But instead, Rush breaks the dagger in half over his knee. Ensuring that Cutter can never be free as now no one can ever use the dagger to release Cutter's ghost from his treasure room. Then Captain Cutter screams to them at the top of his lungs CURSES! CURSES! Then an earthquake begins happening inside the crypt, with boulders and rocks crashing down. Cutter shouts at them, calling them cowards, but soon the shouting becomes begging for them not to leave him in the cave. Rush and Max thankfully get outside of the crypt just in time as it caves in.

Back in the cemetery, Rush and Max meet with Ian Keegan one last time. Ian tells his great grandsons he's proud of them, and that Rush did make the right choice of breaking the dagger, so Cutter's ghost would never be freed. Then Ian vanishes, and after looking through the spyglass again daytime resumes. Max tells Rush no one is ever going to believe what happened to them. Then Dr. Vink comes by and congratulates Rush for succeeding. Rush apologizes that he didn't get the treasure, Dr. Vink says it's okay he enjoyed the thrilling adventure instead.

Then he reveals that he did get some of it after all. To reward them possibly for all their troubles he gives both Max and Rush a valuable gem. Max gets a sapphire and Rush gets a ruby. Rush is surprised mentions that he really didn't go away empty handed after all. Then Sardo who is mad comes by and said that he did. Because he wasn't paid his $5000. Dr. Vink tells him that he is going to pay him double and after Rush and Max head for home they discuss more jobs that they can do together. Possibly Dr. Vink still hasn't changed, he might just been in it for the riches.

Then as Rush and Max get home, they're greeted by their parents who have just gotten home from their bike riding trip. They happily welcome their parents back. Max and Rush tell their parents they had the most incredible weekend. Their mom and dad also tell them that they had the most amazing and incredible weekend. They tell them they can't wait to tell them about it. Max and Rush then decide not to tell them about what happened during their weekend.


As the story ends, Gary and Frank say that Rush and Max never told anyone about their adventure. Because they were afraid that if they did, then someone else would have gone searching for Cutter's treasure. Then if someone did find Cutter's treasure, they would also encounter Cutter's ghost who would be patiently waiting to have one last battle. They both say the end and end their story. Everyone is very impressed and tell them it was an awesome and excellent story. Gary and Frank high five and Gary declares their meeting closed and Frank puts out the campfire.

  • Dominic Zamprogna, who portrayed Rush Keegan previously appeared in the series before. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Full Moon" as Jed.
  • Suzie Almgren who portrayed Mrs. Keegan, previously appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Crimson Clown" as Mrs. Carter.
  • Mark Bromilow, who portrayed Mr. Noise, previously appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Magician's Assistant" as Nazrak.
  • Sardo's fifth appearance, his next appearance would be in "The Tale of a Door Unlocked".
  • Dr. Vink's Last appearance.
  • The only time a protagonist eventually gets Sardo's name right.
  • The first time a character didn't refer to Dr. Vink as a nutbag.
  • The only time that a protagonist pronounces Dr. Vink's name right and does not call him a nutbag behind his back (though he still gives his famous line saying he isn't one anyway); also the only time where Dr. Vink is a hero.
  • Only time Dr. Vink was on the side of good.
  • This episode along with it's first part originally aired together as one hour premiere. During reruns only each part would air per evening.
  • The only two-part episode and the only one to have more than one storyteller (Gary and Frank's tale was interrupted partway through by a thunderstorm).

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