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The Tale of Highway 13
Season 7 , Episode 6
Air date April 23, 2000
Written by Ted Elrick
Directed by Jim Donovan
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The Tale of Highway 13 is the Sixth episode of the Seventh Season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Eighty-Fourth episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]


That night, Vange and Quinn are getting the campfire going. Megan is shaking and clapping out the dust on the sofa cushions. She complains about how disgusting the sofa is getting. Andy comes to lie down on the sofa. He then tells her that's the beauty of it: never having to clean it.

Then suddenly, a small white mouse appears climbing on Andy's hand. Andy gets up and Megan backs away in fright. Megan is terrified saying that the sofa is infested. Vange picks the mouse up and presents it to them. Quinn explains it is Vange's pet. Megan is still terrified and wants it taken away, because it is a rodent (they are mostly filthy creatures). Vange tells them to stop speaking him that way or they'll hurt his feelings.

Tucker comes in walking his bicycle. Then he throws it down and seems stressed. He apologizes for being late. He says that his excuse was that the chain on his bike broke. He says that he wishes he wasn't given Gary's old piece of junk bike. And he wishes for once to not be given a hand-me-down. Quinn tells them all what that means: something given to someone that wasn't brand new. Megan scoffs at him saying she knows what it means. Then everyone sits down.

Quinn sits on the storyteller's chair. He explains that is was his story is about. Because if you get something that is second-hand, you get something that already has a history to it. The item can be used, worn out, or even broken. It can almost be like getting someone else's troubles. So now they are your troubles. He explains that in his story, a couple of guys take on somebody else's troubles. So now they've got to deal with it. Because if they don't, they may not live long enough to get another hand-me-down ever again! Hearing this, Quinn's friends all seem intrigued.

Quinn throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense, while he submits his story for approval for The Midnight Society. He calls his story "The Tale of Highway 13" and begins his story.


Quinn tells the story. It is about two teenage friends. Justin: A mature and responsible person who can always be trusted. Then there is Craig: A reckless and irresponsible person, who often gets himself into trouble. Although, he often caused Justin grief and problems, they had been best friends since kindergarten. So being friends for such a long time, he was able to put up with it.

One night, Justin was impatiently waiting for Craig to return his mom's car at the local pizzeria. Craig arrives too late, and it's already closed. He explains to his annoyed friend, he was so late because he was at the Shop-n-Drop talking to a girl named Ronnie. This makes Justin furious, because he has a crush on this girl and, Craig knows that he likes her. Craig says that he's too shy to even ask her out. Then he tells him to relax because he's the best friend he's got. Finally he returns the car keys. Justin notices the left side mirror on the car broke off. Craig nervously says he got too close to the drive in window and it broke off. This gets Justin all stressed. Since it is his mom's car and she'll be furious. Craig suggests to temporarily park it right against the wall. Therefore it won't be noticed. Justin is still mad, stating it'll be noticed sooner or later. Then Craig suggests they go to the junkyard the next day to find him a new mirror. Hearing this, it gives him a sigh of relief.

The next day, the two of them check out broken and written off vehicles at the junkyard. Craig points out a good potential replacement on a broken 1976 car. However, having a vast knowledge of cars, Justin says his mom will notice the different. This is because, his mom's car is a 1978. The side view mirrors on them are more rounded then they are on a 1976. Observing the damaged and broken cars, Craig is a little amazed. He states that it's almost refined to get wrecked so bad. So he can almost picture the sounds of the damage that happened. When they take off to continue looking, a person watches them from nearby.

Craig jokes about trying to find the nastiest wrecked car in the yard. Justin tells him to be serious, because he needs to find a new mirror soon or his mom will be furious with him. Craig, teases him about why he enjoys driving that old vehicle. He tells him that he needs a cooler vehicle. One that has power and makes a statement. Then another person nearby, calls out to them. He points out an old broken car. The vehicle is a broken down red muscle car (a 1969 Pontiac GTO). The person is nicknamed Bulldog. He says the owner of the junkyard thinks it is broken. However he does not realize how good the engine still is. Bulldog says he cannot buy it because he got his driver's license revoked. Sensing that Craig is rebellious, he encourages Craig to buy it and fix it up. Craig is thrilled, because it is the right kind of vehicle to make a statement for him. So he goes inside to buy it from the owner.

After Craig leaves, another employee named Tony shows up. He says that he heard an engine. Justin points out the muscle car and how his friend is going to buy it. Tony is awestruck, staring at the old vehicle with utter shock. Until Justin gets him back on task. He asks him to help specifically find a 1978 side view mirror that is more rounded than a 1976. Tony snaps out of it. Then he helps him search the junkyard. Just as they take off, an old red dump truck begins flashing its lights.

They repair the vehicles themselves, in Craig's garage. Both being skilled mechanics, they grind, sand, and repaint the old vehicle like new. Then soon enough, the old Pontiac GTO is repaired like new and beautifully restored. Craig is about to take it off for a spin, when Tony stops by. Tony, delivers Justin a 1978 mirror. Justin is thrilled and relieved, because now his mom won't notice. Tony gives it to him for free, and is amazed by the car. He compliments them on the great job they did fixing it. Craig nods and he's excited stating he just can't wait to take out for a spin. Then his mom screams out to him. It turns out his mom is furious because she just found his poor report card. So now he won't be able to drive it just yet. Tony stares at the car in shock once again. Now he touches it and for a moment his hand goes through it like a spoon in JELL-O. Then a moment later, he touches it normally and shakes it off.

Then a day or so later, Justin passes by Craig's house. Craig reveals that he is still grounded for his poor report card. However since his mom's at work, she won't know if he sneaks out for a little ride. Justin, doesn't think it is a good idea to drive the Pontiac because it isn't registered yet. Craig taunts and persuades him to join him for the ride. After he says that he will drive over the Shop-n-Drop to impress Ronnie. Then just after they head off, at the junkyard Tony is panicked. He observes the red dump truck suddenly drive off at full speeding honking its horn.

Driving down the road, Craig and Justin are relaxing and enjoying the ride. Then Justin warns him to be cautious driving through the fog. When they pass through the fog, suddenly the car's radio plays nothing but old retro surf music. When they arrive at the Shop-n-Drop, they are both puzzled. The building seems to have been repainted and restored like new. The other day it was an old and worn out. Inside the restaurant, Bulldog calls out to them. He tells them that he had a feeling that they would be coming by. Bulldog calls out to a Trucker. He taunts him telling him that the two guys are the new drivers now. The Trucker, is a big tall and intimidating man. He seems very short-tempered and serious. Craig tells The Trucker, that they are the drivers of the muscle car now. The Trucker tells them to stay out of his way, and he'll see them on Highway 13. Justin quickly grabs Craig and they run off, before they can get beaten up.

Justin and Craig then decide they should just go home. Then on their way out, The Trucker begins to tail them. When on the road, Craig realizes he missed a turn and they're now on highway 13. The Trucker begins chasing after them in his dump truck in hot pursuit. The boys are terrified and panic. Just by chance Craig goes another lane and cuts him off. Then Suddenly much to their annoyance, they find themselves back in the past at the old Shop-N-Drop truck stop.

Inside the building, they are terrified and try to call the police. But the phone doesn't work. Craig tells Bulldog, that The Trucker is after them. Bulldog just smirks saying that the phone won't work. But it's just a little race. All they need to do is beat the Trucker to the end of the Bridge on Highway 13. Then they can all go home. They are both shocked to hear this. Then Tony comes in furious at Bulldog. He tells him that he never should have gotten them involved. Bulldog in a smart Alec tone, says that Tony doesn't have the guts. So he found someone whom he thinks does and it's Craig.

Bulldog explains that his pal Tony got the coolest Monster car around, but never got a chance to show it off. Then one day Bulldog got The Trucker mad at them. The next thing they knew, The Trucker was chasing them down Highway 13. They both ended up racing for the bridge at the end of it; side to side. But the bridge was too small. Therefore it was only wide enough for one vehicle to pass through at time. Bulldog kept asking Tony to hit the speed and pass The Trucker, because they could have won the race. Then Tony got too scared to speed ahead of the big dump truck. Then soon both vehicles crashed into the bridge in a huge accident, and they all died. Everyday since 1969, at the exact same time, Tony and Bulldog are forced to race The Trucker again. And the same thing always happens.

Justin and Craig are shocked to realize that they are all ghosts. Bulldog can see the rebellious potential in Craig and has a feeling he can beat The Trucker. Then they can be free and all go home. Justin tries the phone again, and hears nothing but a horn honking. They try to run out the backdoor, but the Truck is there honking at them. They are told, that it won't go away until they race him. Justin still wants to run away. Craig however wants to win the race and get it over. Then he drives off in the car.

Craig drives along Highway 13, realizing he just needs to make it to the bridge and they can all go home. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Tony and Bulldog appear in the backseats. With their motivation, Craig cranks up the speed and cuts past The Trucker getting into the lead. Bulldog is full of excitement and enthusiasm. He states that the moment he saw The Trucker, he knew they could beat him. Craig is mad, asking him if the race was actually his idea. Tony answers him saying it was all Bulldog's idea. He went after the Trucker, challenged him and made him chase them. The Trucker was never at fault. It was all their fault instead.

Hearing this, Craig steps on the breaks and forfeits. This allows Trucker to pass ahead winning the race with nobody harmed. When entering the bridge, the dump truck vanishes in a flash. When they get out of the car, Bulldog is upset. He complains saying that he blew it, and they could have won. So after all these years they lost. Craig tells them they never should have raced in the first place, and either way it is over now. Tony applauds him shaking his hand. he thanks him for having the courage to do the right thing. Which was what he should have done in the first place years ago. Craig says the car is too hot to handle. Then he gives the keys back to Tony. Tony is thrilled to have his car back. Now he and Bulldog prepare to drive off to locations unknown. Now they also vanish away in a flash.

Craig meets back with Justin at the Truck stop. He explains that he lost, but he feels great anyways. Suddenly, they both freeze in fear as the dump truck approaches. The Trucker speaks to them. Now he reveals himself to actually be quite friendly. He tells them that the last thing he wanted to do was race. Then he thanks them for letting him get home. Then his ghost vehicle vanishes away to locations unknown. Then afterwards, back in the present they are still both shocked that it was all Bulldog and Tony's fault, not The Truckers. Craig then reveals to Justin that he was talking to Ronnie about him and she thinks that he's cute. Justin is thrilled to hear this, and wants to know if she'd go out with him, but he won't tell him. Craig tells him he needs to figure that out on his own.


Quinn, ends his story with a message: Before you take a hand-me-down, make sure you know what you are really getting! Then he ends his story, simply saying: The End! His friends are all pleased and impressed. Tucker says it was awesome. Megan says it was great. Andy tells him it was a good story.

Vange lovingly speaks to her mouse Jerry. She asks him if he liked it too. Megan says that she thinks her mom gave her a hand-me-down also. Which is the fear of mice. She decides that she wants to deal with it. So she walks over to Vange and asks permission to hold Jerry. Vange lets her pet Jerry. Megan now smiles and enjoys it. She comments that Jerry is actually kind of cute and feels okay.

Then, Vange takes out a big brown rat calling him Matt, asking her to meet him next. Seeing this pet, Megan runs home terrified, screaming. The others all smile and laugh and pet Matt. Quinn jokes that Megan certainly has one hand-me-down that's she'll never get rid of.

  • Gary is mentioned, but not seen, once again.
  • One of eleven episodes where the New Midnight Society didn't leave and douse the fire with the water-bucket (the last shot was of Quinn and Vange, with the others in the background, after she scared Megan).
  • Benjamin Plener, who portrayed Justin, previously appeared in the series of the show many years earlier. He first appeared in "The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun" as Jake Joysen/The Boy.
  • Adam MacDonald, who portrayed Bulldog, appeared in an episode in the previous season. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie" as Eddy.
  • Gilbert Larose, Jr., who was the stunt driver for the character Craig, would later be a stunt double in the episode "The Tale of the Last Dance" for the character The Lurker.
  • John Walsh, who was the stunt driver for The Trucker, appeared in the original series portraying a character. He first appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Silent Servant" as The Silent Servant/Scarecrow.
  • Matthew Lemeche (Craig) was also in the Goosebumps episode Calling All Creeps as David.