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The Tale of Jake the Snake
Season 6 , Episode 6
Air date March 20, 1999
Written by Alan Kingsberg
Directed by Mark Soulard
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The Tale of Jake the Snake is the sixth episode of the Sixth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the seventy-first episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]


That night, Andy quietly enters the clearing. He calls out for each of his friends by name, but gets no answers. He hears rustling in the bushes, and he gets a little nervous. Then he says he knows it's them, and that they're just messing with him, and to stop messing with him. He hears another bush rustling, and now he's really getting scared. He screams: "Okay fine I'm out of here!". Suddenly a guy in a hockey mask with a snake on it pops out and terrifies him. Andy screams his head off, backing away and he's ready to run off.

Then Quinn comes out and stops him. He tells him to calm down because they were pranking him. Vange comes up to him and tells him that he is so easy to scare. Megan appears and she is compassionate. She tells them that it was mean to scare him, and that the person in the mask is just Tucker.

Tucker takes off the hockey mask and apologizes for the prank, and explains that it's for his story. Realizing this Andy laughs it off with the others. Then Megan takes him to sit down on the sofa with her. Then as the others all sit down, Quinn asks him why he isn't mad at Tucker for the horrible joke he played. Andy just smiles and laughs it off. Then Vange rudely tells Quinn that it's okay for friends to joke around with each other, and if ever makes a friend he'll know..

Tucker says it's kind of what his story is about. Megan is confused saying that she thought his story was going to be about hockey. He says that it is, but it's also about friendship. Friends stick by each other. If your friends are having fun, you'll be having fun. If your friend needs help, you help him. But what would happen if your friend was in danger? And the only way to help him, would be to put your own life at risk. The question is: Would you do it?

Tucker throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while he submits his story for approval for The Midnight Society. He calls his story: "The Tale of Jake the Snake". Then proceeds to begin his story.


Tucker tells the story. It first takes place in a high school hockey arena. Coach Harry Cramp is holding tryouts for new players to join the team. Two best friends, Zach and Wiley Halpin have been practicing months for it. Zach is playing with ease, but Wiley isn't doing so well. Wiley is constantly being slammed and tripped by current team member enforcer and bully Pierre Duchamp (better known as just Duchamp). The Coach sends Wiley to get ice for a bleeding nose. Then the coach switches him with another person trying out.

In the locker room, Wiley is very discouraged. He tells Zach that he's trained so hard for this. And he's not sure he's gonna make it. Zach is more positive. He gives him his support and encouragement. He tells him that he just knows that they're both good enough to make the team. The Coach reminds him once again to get some ice for his bleeding nose.

When Wiley goes to the back of the training room, he knocks on the door. Suddenly someone gives him an ice block for his bleeding nose. Wiley is told by the creepy voice, that he reminds him of a player he knew years ago. Wiley asks him if he sucked too. The voice tells him that the person did at first. Then he soon became one of the greatest players ever. Wiley asks who it was. Then he's told that he was named Jake Desmond. But he was better known as Jake "The Snake" Desmond" (because, he could slither like a snake through any defense). Wiley asks how he became so good. The voice says that it was because he found a new hockey stick. One which gave him the advantage and an all new attitude. Because it was magical. Wiley doesn't believe him. Then the voice tells him if he doesn't believe it, then to try it for himself. Because Jake's stuff is still in the basement.

Wiley slowly goes to the basement, which is a mess with old hockey equipment, nets and pucks everywhere. Nervously he calls out if the creepy man is there, but gets no answer. Then he finds a box and he is grossed out to find a piece of snakeskin in it. Then he finds another box, with old-fashioned skates and a red sweater jersey in it. The jersey reads "Desmond" on the back, and there is a number 4 on the front. Wiley then finds the old-fashioned hockey stick and grabs it. He backs away as boxes suddenly start falling. Then he mistakenly touches a piece of fly tape. It has a dead rat stuck to it. He screams and shakes it off and runs off with the stick. As he leaves the creepy person is heard laughing diabolically.

Wiley tests the hockey stick. He hits a pop can right into the garbage with a perfect slap shot. It left him feeling amazed. The next day at tryouts, Wiley is pumped and ready. Wiley plays better than he ever did before. He earns the respect of everyone else (including Duchamp). The final cut for the team is announced and Wiley gets a spot. Which, otherwise might have been for Zach. Zach is upset that he didn't make the cut, and he is shocked how Wiley improved so fast. When asking Wiley how he improved so fast all Wiley says is: "New stick, new attitude!".

That night before going to bed, Wiley now feels great about himself. he plays around his room hitting a few shots. Before lying down, he notices the beginning of a rash on his left arm. He scratches it a bit. Then he goes to sleep with the stick in his bed. When he's asleep, the stick transforms into a cobra. Then it opens it's fangs and bites him. Wiley wakes up thinking it was a nightmare. Then he looks to see that the hockey stick is still in his bed. However his rash has gotten worse. Now it's dry and scaly and pieces can peel and chip off.

The next day at lunchtime, Wiley has developed a bad attitude. When Zach tries to sit down to eat with the team, he rudely tells him that he cannot sit with them. Since he's not on the team. Zach, is offended and gets up and leaves. Later Wiley meets Zach in the science lab. Zack tells him that he never would have treated him that way, if he had made the team and he did not. Wiley rudely says that they'll never know because he did Not. Zach asks him what the deal is with his attitude. He tells Zach new stick new attitude. Looking at the stick, Zach asks who "Snake" is. Wiley explains that Jake "The Snake" Desmond, was the greatest hockey player ever. Now he is (referring to himself as Wiley "The Snake" Halpin). Zach points out that he's getting the scales to match. So now he should have his rash looked at.

Wiley looks at the white lab mouse Puzzler. He speaks to it in a loving tone. He tells Puzzler that he wouldn't mind eating him for dessert. Then he begins to slowly lower Puzzler into his mouth to eat him! Zach screams at him to stop. Then Wiley comes to his senses. He explains that the mouse suddenly looked like a hot dog to him. Wiley then points out that his rash is getting worse. He peels some skin off to reveal gross scales are now developing. Concerned Zach tells him something is wrong with him. Wiley denies it saying that he's fine. Then he leaves in a huff saying that he's just jealous. Because he's on the team and he is not. Before going to a hockey game, Wiley asks the creepy voice, why his skin is getting all scaly. The creepy man tells him to not worry about it. If he enjoys playing, then keep playing. Because with the stick he can become professional. Hearing this, Wiley becomes more intrigued and heads off to the game.

After he leaves Zach comes out of hiding. He enters the training room and calls out to the creepy man. A man appears in black robes. He wears a hood concealing his face. Zach asks him, what is happening to Wiley. The man tells him that Wiley will soon belong to us. Zach confusingly asks him who means by "us". The man pulls off his hood. Then he introduces himself to be Jake the Snake. Jake is all hideous and scaly. His skin is greenish black and his fingers are long and snake like. His eyes are menacing, and he has striking sharp fangs.

Zach asks him if Wiley will become just like him. Jake says that he won't be so lucky. Since he was the first one to have used the stick. Then many others after him have used it as well. Jake grabs him and explains to the terrified Zack that when Wiley scored his first goal with the stick, his transformation began: Therefore each time he uses it, he changes a little more. Soon he will take one last shot. Then his transformation to a snake will be complete. Then he'll join the others and steal his soul. To explains who he means, Jake opens a trap door to a pit in the floor. The pit is filled full of snakes. Jake throws in a dead rat, explaining it's just a snack. However they would certainly appreciate a full meal. He grabs for Zach, who runs off terrified and escapes.

Zach runs over to Wiley's house, who finds him in his room. He's applying zit cream to his face which has broken out into more scaly rashes. He asks Zach what he wants. He tells Wiley that he spoke to the creepy man and he's in danger. Wiley says that he said that he's going to be good enough to play pro hockey. Zach tells Wiley that he'll already be a snake before that happens. Because he doesn't have zits, he has scales. Since he's changing. Wiley reveals that the reason he looks worse than before, is because during the game he scored four goals.

Zach explains that every time he uses the stick, he becomes more like a snake. So if he uses it again, he's gone for good. Wiley doesn't believe him. He tells him that he's just jealous. Zach tells him to think about it: If Jake the Snake was the greatest, how come nobody every heard of him? Because he turned into a nasty snake creature. Therefore the same thing will happen to him, if he uses the stick again. Wiley gets angry and snaps at him saying that he doesn't believe it. Zach says that he's going to return the stick, Then they argue and fight over it. Zack locks Wiley in his room with a chair. Then he quickly runs off to return it.

Realizing the danger, Zach risks his life and returns. He calls out that he's brought the hockey stick back and to leave Wiley alone. Because he's not going to use it anymore. He looks all around the room and gets no answer. Then slowly a huge snake from an air vent crawls out and grabs him. It starts pulling him in by the feet. Zach screams out for help. Then we see Wiley who had shown up to reclaim the stick, He tries to pull him back, but the snake pulls him in vanishing.

Jake now has Zach suspended in the air by a rope pulley from the ceiling. He laughs diabolically saying that his friends haven't eaten in so long and they're very hungry. Zach, terrified begs him to let him go. Jake tells him that it's too bad that Wiley isn't here. But he will be soon enough. Wiley shows up armed with the hockey stick. Seeing Jake for what he really is, he demands for Zack to be released. Jake just hisses and begins to lower Zach into the pit. Jake tells him, that since he'll be in soon anyways, he should just give up and join the others in the pit. They all used the hockey stick just like he did. Now after just one more shot and he'll be a snake too; just like all the others.

Jake begins to lower Zach into the pit. Zach screams bloody murder for Wiley to help him repeatedly. Wiley begins to get disoriented. Finally he risks everything and slap shots a puck onto the side of Jake's head. Jake gets knocked over and falls into the pit. Wiley grabs the rope in time and helps him down. Jake is heard moaning: "NOOOOO!". As the snakes pull him into the depths of the pit. Zach closes the door. But it's too late Wiley is beginning to transform. Wiley's hand begins twitching and throbbing. He says that he can feel it happening. Because he used the stick to save him. Wiley begs him to not throw him down into the pit. No matter what will happen.

Zach realizes that the hockey stick is the source of all the trouble. So Zach breaks the stick in half. First yellow gas hisses out. Then it changes into a cobra that is ready to chomp him. Zach then throws it into the furnace. Then it incinerates and is destroyed. Then Wiley sheds all of the scales. He is immediately changed back to normal. Since his transformation wasn't complete. Wiley thanks him for all his help. Then he apologizes for the way that he treated him. Zach accepts his apology. Then he tells him that without the stick, he's back to being a crummy hockey player. On the way out they argue about whether he is, or isn't a crummy hockey player.

Then just after they leave, the trap door to the pit opens. Then Jake Desmond's hand emerges from the pit!


Tucker ends his story saying that Zach and Wiley were such good friends, that they both risked it all to save each other...and won!

Vange is really impressed and tells him it was very cool. Quinn is really impressed and tells him it was great.

As Tucker is putting out the campfire, he begins to apologize to Andy for the prank. However Andy isn't there anymore. Megan is surprised, saying that he was just sitting next to her a moment ago. Then they see rustling in the bushes, (thinking it's payback). Quinn says you gotta be kidding me. Vange says in a sarcastic tone "Oh no! there's something scary in the bushes! Ooooh!"

Quinn approaches the bushes, saying how pathetic his payback attempt is. Quinn tells Andy in the bushes, not to embarrass himself. And to give it up and that it's time to get going and leave.

Suddenly Andy returns to the clearing. Then he asks Quinn who he's speaking to. Quinn is stunned and turns around. He is shocked to see that the bushes keeps rustling,

Realizing it might actually be a wild animal, Quinn gets terrified and runs away screaming. Along with Andy, Megan, Tucker and Vange. The Hockey mask remains forgotten and shines in the moonlight.

  • James Hayes Liboiron who portrayed Wiley Halpin, previously appeared in the original series episode "The Tale of the Manaha" as Steve.
  • Shawn Potter who portrayed Duchamp, previously appeared in the original series episode "The Tale of a Door Unlocked" as Ben. His next next appearance would be in the episode "The Tale of the Lunar Locusts" as Pete.
  • When the list of the players who made the final cut was shown, one of the names listed was Ned Kandel. He is the co-creator of the series and became an executive producer during the series revival.
  • Ricky Mabe and Daniel DeSanto appeared together in the Disney movie Phantom of the Megaplex.
  • Ricky Mabe also played Clark in the Goosebumps episode How to Kill a Monster.