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The Tale of the Locker 22
Season 2 , Episode 3
Air date July 3, 1993
Written by Chloe Brown
Directed by David Winning
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The Tale of Locker 22 is the Third episode of the Second season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Sixteenth episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]

  • Karen Elkin as Julie Dufaux
  • Cory King as Chris
  • Jennifer Irwin as Candy Warren
  • John Koensgen as Mr. Shaffner
  • David John LeBlanc as Fritz
  • Sean Tataryn as Donny
  • Alexandra London-Thompson (uncredited) as The female hippie student
  • Brad Raskin (uncredited) as The male hippie student
  • ? as the Science Teacher
  • ? as Mr. Radeau
  • ? As Assistant Principal Miss Warren


That night the Members of the midnight society are all excitedly gathered round wondering what Kristen will bring or dress up as for her new story that night. Frank guesses She'll dress up as an axe murderer with blood dripping from her weapon. David guesses she'll come as a mummy wrapped in rotten bandages. Betty Ann with her hand tucked in her sleeve guesses she'll be someone who has a razor sharp hook where her hand used to be. Kiki guesses she'll come as a zombie with sunken eyes and moving all stiff like.

Gary approaches and excitedly overhears them talking and tells him he guesses that Kristen is up tonight. Frank tells Gary they're just trying to guess what act she'll pull tonight to scare them. David mentions that he really like it when she came as the prom queen. Gary says he doesn't mind what it'll be as long as she shows up soon.

Kristen shows up all dressed like an 1960's era hippie with bell bottom pants on a thick white belt, her tummy exposed, with her hair parted down the middle and wearing a long silk headband several beaded necklaces and gives the peace symbol and says "peace, love" she tells her friends she found all the cool clothes in the attic thinking her parents must have been hippies at one time. She lends David a pair of old sunglasses and he says groovy man. She lends Kiki a peach symbol necklace and she says sock it to me.

Gary asks what this has to do with her story. She tells him that there is an old saying that "If you don't learn from the past then you're doomed to repeat it". Then explains that her story is a little different, if you don't learn from the present you'll repeat the past.. and meet your doom. She throws the dust into the fire and she submits her story for the Midnight Societies approval, calling the story "The Tale of Locker 22" and begins.


Kristen, tells the story, in present day (when this first aired) When see a young foreign girl from France. Her name is Julie Dufaux, her family just moved to the United States of America. She has just registered as a student at a High School named Derby High School. The school is old and a mess. The lockers are old and dusty, covered with years of sticker residue and all sorts of graffiti. Also a lot of clutter is stacked up like old chairs etc.

She is now being assigned locker 22 in the secluded cluttered corner by the stressed, short tempered assistant principal Mr. Shaffner. Julie at first complains about it being so far away from her class, and Mr. Shaffner objects to her complaining claiming that he will not take any grief from anyone especially a new transfer student who's just arrived. She apologizes and he leaves her giving her a cold but sort of friendly welcome. Then as she opens her locker, strange and mysterious sounds come from it.

Next we see that she is in science class. The science teacher is instructing the class on how to collect fluids from containers, by sucking them carefully through a pipette. Then to hold a finger at the end so it doesn't run out. Julie has sucked it in a bit too fast and has started to cough a bit . Then she accidentally knocks over a beaker making it smash as it falls to the floor. This catches the attention of the whole class including the two class bullies Fritz and Donny. The teacher doesn't seem mad, he just tells her not to do it again and to pick it up.

As class ends, the two class bullies approach her cleaning up the mess. They tease her saying next time it will be done with acid. Then they laugh she gives them an annoyed look. Then a nice young man named Chris stands up for her, shooing them away. He helps her clean up the mess. He tells her not to be afraid just because she is new. Then she tells him that she is from Paris and they moved to the USA for work business. He tells her just take it easy and she will adjust soon.

Then he agrees to show her around the school, and to help her find where the rest of her classes are. She thanks him and suddenly she sees another girl appear in the classroom. She asks her why she startled her, because she thought everybody already left. The girl doesn't say a word. Instead she just cries a tear down her left eye. Then Chris asks her to hurry, she tells him she is coming. Then when she looks back again, the girl is no longer there.

Then at lunchtime, Julie has trouble finding a place to sit down. She almost sits down with Fritz and Donny, but she decides against it. So she sits alone at a table all by herself. Then Fritz and Donny come and sit down between her. There is now one of them sitting down at each side of her. Then they tease her about what happened that morning in science class.

Fritz asks Donny what he thinks of her. He tells him he thinks she is kind of weird. Then he asks Fritz if he knew what happened in chemistry. Fritz asks what, Donny tells him "she had this straw thingy and she sucked up the water and did this" * spitting milk in Fritz's face. It was meant to be spit on Julie's face but she ducked away just in time*. This makes Fritz so mad that he and Donny have a little food fight with each other. Julie crawls away on the floor as this happens. Then a group of students encourage them to keep on going.

Then Mr. Shaffner comes by to break up their food fight. Then he gets some thrown at him as well. Then he raises his voice very loudly telling them that's all! Then very loudly with a lot of anger he asks them both to come to his office right away. Then he sees Julie crawling on the floor. He suspects that she may have had something to do with it or encouraged them. He very madly asks her "Did I say something about giving me grief Miss Dufaux?". She tries to tell him it's not her fault, Then he angrily tells her that if she's a troublemaker, then she's crossed paths with the wrong man. As he leaves, students laugh at what happened. Then she shouts at them, asking them all what they're laughing at.

Then Julie goes to her locker again to put somethings away.  Then that Mysterious young girl with old fashioned clothes and a beaded headband appears again. She walks up right next to Julie and startles her again. She asks her to stop creeping up on her. Also she asks her what she wants from her. But suddenly she vanished and is gone again.

Julie leaves the school in a scare. Chris tries to catch up with her. Julie having had such a bad day doesn't want to talk at first. Then she just tells Chris she has to go. Chris tells her he heard about what happened at lunchtime. He apologies  and he encourages her not to give up. Because if she gives up now it might just be harder later on.

Chris can tell something is wrong and asks her if she is okay. She trusts him, so she tells him that she thinks she just saw a ghost. That night she gets a prank phone call. It is from a student telling her that he is the ghost form Derby High, and he has come to haunt her. She furiously tells the caller to leave alone and hangs up.

The next day at school, it turns out Chris told some people what she told him. So now word of it got around. Now she is mad at Chris because she thinks that thanks to him, people are now going to think of her as a crazy foreign student. So now she thinks that that Chris is no better off than the class bullies. Chris then tries to explain had a reason, and he only told one person. Also that he didn't think it would become news.

Then as Julie goes to her locker someone's ball bounces onto the the opened door. This startles her and then she notices a dropped beaded necklace on the floor. Turns out Donny threw the ball. So he apologizes that he scared her. Then he mocks her saying he didn't think anything could scare her because she is a Ghostbuster. She asks him in annoyed tone to stop it.

Then suddenly a booing sound can be heard. We see a bed sheet ghost with sunglasses has appeared. She’s slightly frightened at first. Then realizing it's just Fritz telling her beware, beware. She pushes him away and tells them to leave her alone and walks off. They both high five each other thinking what they did was funny.

Curiously, she looks at the beaded necklace. Then suddenly, that mysterious girl shows up again. Shes asks her who she is but she doesn't answer. She just hints for her to wear the necklace. Julie puts on the necklace. Then in a flash suddenly she appears in what appears to be Derby High School in another time. Judging from the clothes, hairstyles and the trends it is the 1960's. Although Julie at first doesn't know what is happening. The school is much cleaner, the lockers are in good shape and have no graffiti on them. Also everyone seems more pleasant and friendlier. Julie is greeted by a long haired hippie student who calls her Candy, and tells her that her beads are so far out.

Julie is puzzled about the name she called her. Also how the kids there just seem to know her. She runs off to her locker to see there is a sticker on it. It is a yellow petaled flower with a pink center core. Above it is the name candy in multiple colored letters. Suddenly she is greeted by a teacher who looks like a much younger Mr. Shaffner. He says to her "I'm waiting, Miss Warren" and heads off. She realizes that wearing the necklace might have something to do with what is going on. So she takes off the necklace, and she is back in the present time. Now the sticker is gone. There is nothing left but old residue to show that a sticker was once there; she is examining it carefully.

The next day at school Julie takes Chris aside, saying that they have to talk. Chris apologizes about telling someone she saw a ghost and for it spreading around. Julie wants to know why he had reason for telling someone about her seeing a ghost. Chris tells her that, there has been word around the school for many years about a ghost haunting the school. He also says that he knows someone who says they knew somebody who saw it, and he apologizes for embarrassing her.

Julie takes him over to her locker. There she explains that at one time long ago someone who had that locker put a nice flower sticker on it. Also shows him the beaded necklace she found. She states that it must have also belong to the person who owned the locker too. She gets him to examine that now the locker is old and worn out, and there is nothing left but glue residue. He apologizes for the bullies picking on her but, claims that she is starting to get a little spooky. Julie says Spooky you haven't seen anything yet, She she puts on the beaded necklace.

Suddenly in a flash they're take back in time. Now everything is cleaner and the locker looks like new again. All Julie tells him she isn't sure what's happening, just whenever she puts on the necklace it's like she goes back in time. Once again she passes by the same long haired hippie female student.

Then the hippie addresses Julie as Candy again, but this time Julie goes along with it. The hippie asks her who Chris is. So Julie asks the hippie "you don't know him?" The hippie kindly asks Chris if he is new. Chris is confused and puzzled he tells her that he doesn't know. The hippie tells her that if he figures it out to invite him over tonight. Because she has The Beatles White Album. Then she happily says good bye and leaves. Chris reacts in shocking saying slowly Beatles.. White..Album?

Julie points out her locker to Chris. She points out the flower sticker and he reads he name Candy on the locker. Then he mentions that the hippie called her Candy. Suddenly a teacher approaches them. It is the younger Mr. Shaffner. He says Miss Warren! Chris in shock to see him so young. He says Shaffner? Mr. Shaffner in a little friendlier tone tells him it's Mr. Shaffner and asks him who he is. Chris lies saying he’s new. Mr. Shaffner tells him to learn some manners. Mr. Shaffner then says "Now Miss Warren, not tomorrow, not next week". She says but, then he tells her that he will stay late today to help. But if her chemistry project isn't done today by 4 pm she'll be getting an F and will be forced to go to summer school. Then he says ya dig? She says yes and he tells her Groovy and he'll see her after school in the science lab.

Chris is shocked to see that they were approached by a young Mr. Shaffner and the old fashioned expressions he used. Julie says it's like they're back in the sixties. Chris suspects it is because of the necklace. So he tells her to take it off. When she does they're returned back to their present time. They are amazed and shocked to realize they can travel to the past with that necklace. Now they are very curious to find out who a girl named Candy was.

Then Chris and Julie go the school's records storage department, to look through the locker records. Chris chooses to look through 1968. Because this was the year that The Beatles White Album came out. They find out that year locker 22 belonged to a girl named Candy Warren. They look through an old 1968 yearbook several times, and they just can't seem to find her. Then finally they find a special memorial tribute page in the year book. The page show's her picture, her name and date of birth and date of death: Candy Warren 1951-1968. Also under the picture it says "Friends Forever"

Them on there way out, Julie is confused as to why Candy's ghost is showing up to her. Also why it is that people in the past think that she is Candy. Chris says it is too much for them too handle, but Julie doesn't want to give up so easily. She suspects that Candy is trying to tell her something. They say good bye and agree to talk more about it that night.

Then on Chris' way out he finds the school's eldest teacher Mr. Radeau on his way out. Then just as Chris starts speaking to Mr. Radeau, Julie travels to the past again. Chris asks Mr. Radeau since he's been working at the school forever, if he knew a girl named Candy Warren. Mr. Radeau confirms, that yes he's been there a long time, thirty years to be exact, and yes he knew Candy Warren.

Apparently she was a sweet girl and it was such a tragedy. She wasn't sick and it wasn't a car accident. The accident that took her life happened right at the school. Candy was doing an after school science project. Then she got a little careless. She lit the Bunsen Burner and died in a burning gas explosion. Chris then asks him who her teacher was. At first Mr. Radeau can't remember. Then a moment or so later he remembers. It was Mr. Shaffner. Before becoming the assistant principal, he worked as a chemistry teacher.

When Chris hears that he realizes, Julie has gone back in time to the day that Candy Warren died. So he quickly runs off to find her. Julie as Candy goes to Mr. Shaffner's science lab to do the project. Mr. Shaffner greets her and sets up the lab. He was completely unaware that he accidentally set up the Bunsen Burner's gas valve with a worn out and rotted gas hose. Then Chris not finding Julie anywhere finally guesses that she went back to the past again.

Then in the past, Mr. Shaffner tells her that the project is identifying compounds by determining the melting points. Mr. Shaffner tells her or she can just skip it right now and go to summer school. Julie decides to try but asks him how to do it. Although it's test he gives her a hint. She has to turn on the gas. Then light the Bunsen Burner and gives her twenty minutes.

Chris is finally approached by the ghost of Candy Warren. He asks her if she is Candy and she nods her head yes. He asks her if Julie is in the past. Candy sadly nods her head to yes. After asking this, In the past Julie turns on the gas and it begins to leak through the rotted gas hose. But she can't light the flame, because the sparker is worn out too. Back in the present, Chris asks Candy to stop Julie because she is going to die. Then Candy steps forward and sends him to the past.

Next we see Julie trying to light the Bunsen burner with matches, but all the matches are burnt out. Chris is running through the halls at full speed trying to stop her. Then Mr. Shaffner stops him ans grabs him. He asks to be let go claiming that Julie I mean Candy is in danger. Mr. Shaffner not realizing what will happen jokes saying "I know she's gonna flunk bummer! Chris continues to struggle to be let go. Then Mr. Shaffner asks him who he thinks he is. Chris then shouts to him "I'M YOUR FUTURE PAL!" and breaks free.

He runs into the science lab, just as Julie is just about to light the Bunsen burner with a lit candle.  He startles her telling her to stop and she drops it on the table. The lit candle is about to roll right into the path of rotten gas hose. Then Chris sprays it out just in time. Julie asks him why he did it. Then Mr. Shaffner barges in demanding to know why he did it too.

Then Chris holds out the gas valve hose. He’s tense and frantic. He raises his voice and says "Stop just stop! See it's rotted right through! if you were to a put fire into this, the whole place would have gone up! Then he rudely asks him "don't you check your equipment MR. SHAFFNER?". Mr. Shaffner now seems very concerned. He responds with saying I don't know what to say". Chris tells him "say you're in wrong line of work!" Then Mr. Shaffner says "Thank God you saw this, if you hadn't". Then Candy Warren suddenly appears. She is sitting down at the lab table. She finishes Mr. Shaffner's sentence by saying "I would’ve been toast!".

Julie and Chris return to their time, realizing that is what happened to Candy. The school now seems a little cleaner than before. Then suddenly a pretty teacher asks them what they're both doing at school so late. Chris says he was helping her with her locker because it got stuck. The teacher tells them that it used to get stuck for her all the time. The teacher tells her she must be Julie Dufaux. When finding out it was her locker, Julie surprisingly asks her who she is. The teacher tells her she is the assistant principal Miss Warren "Candy Warren". They both are shocked realizing that they saved Candy's life and changed the past .

They did it by going into the past and helping Mr. Shaffner realize what would have happened if someone hadn't stopped by to point out the unsafe chemistry equipment , Mr. Shaffner may have resigned. Or he may have realize that he might have been in the wrong line of work. Or it might have been reported and he got himself fired. Now we see Candy has grown up to become a kind and caring, successful teacher. One who puts up with no nonsense. She gives Julie a friendly welcome to the school. Aware of Fritz and Donny's bullying she hauls them into her office for discipline.


Then as Kristen ends the story four of the members each say a 1960's expression Gary says Far Out! Kiki says Solid. David says Psychedelic, Frank says Neato, Betty Ann can't think of one. Then they returned the borrowed items and call it a night.

  • This was the first episode where none of the cast members appear in any other episodes. The second episode was "The Tale of the Frozen Ghost", The Third episode was "The Tale of Apartment 214". The Fourth one was "The Tale of the Bookish Babysitter", and the fifth episode was "The Tale of the Virtual Pets".
  • This is the first of three episodes in which history is altered, changing the fate of the tragic victims. The second was "The Tale of the Long Ago Locket" and the third The Tale of the Night Nurse.
  • One of twenty-one episodes where the Midnight Society didn't leave and douse the fire with the water-bucket (they were returning their borrowed hippie gear to Kristen).
  • Julie Dufaux is from Paris, France. The actress that plays her, Karen Elkin, is actually from Quebec, Canada so her character would naturally speak with a French accent.
  • John Koensgen who portrayed Mr. Shaffner, is the father of Jonathan Koensgen. Years later, Jonathan Koensgen appeared in the first series revival episode "The Tale of the Virtual Pets" as Tom.
  • On the High Schools locker record chart, some of the names are references to people who worked on the show:
    • David Winning: Director, including on this episode.
    • Shauna Patterson: Assistant director.
    • Lana Sherman: Post Production Manager.
  • The White Album from The Beatles is mentioned in the episode because it was released in 1968.
  • This episode was filmed in the same school as The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice.