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The Tale of Station 109.1
Season 5 , Episode 2
Air date November 4, 1995
Written by Scott Peters
Directed by Ron Oliver
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The Tale of Station 109.1 is the second episode of the Fifth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Fifty-fourth episode in total.


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That night, Stig is sitting down blindfolded as Gary takes it off. Stig tells Gary that it's getting old. Gary tells him it's do or die this time, he has one last chance to join The Midnight Society and after tonight either way he'll never have to wear the blindfold again. Gary tries to return it to Sam, disgusted she says to burn it. Kiki says to bury it so there will be no toxic fumes. Stig, is sitting down with a battery powered stereo. A little annoyed he tells them, if he doesn't get a fair shot he's out of here. Stig is about to leave when Tucker convinces him to stay asking them if he does have a fair chance. Gary says they'll be fair. Betty Ann says "Come on Stig, tell your story".

Stig sits down, and it turns out everyone else brought a radio too. Sam asks him what they need them for. Stig says it's a demo and asks everyone to tune to their favorite station, and when he says go to turn them all on. Stig counts to 3 and says go and they all turn their radios on. The radios all blare out broadcasts and loud music and it's get really annoying and it's really bothering Stig. He calls for them to turn them off, after they don't hear him the first time, he loudly yells: off! Then they all turn them off. Kiki asks to know what the point of it was.

Stig says that every second, everyday, there are tons of invisible radio signals. That are playing all around us, and with all those invisible signals there's no way to tell what might be hidden somewhere in the static. There might a signal coming from some place you never thought of. Betty Ann asks from where? Stig says like maybe beyond the grave! They all look a bit shocked and intrigued.

He submits his story for approval of The Midnight Society, while Tucker throws the dust into the fire to make the fire more intense for him. Stig Calls his story "The Tale of Station 109.1", and begins his story.


Stig, tells the story. The story is about a young teenager named Chris Leary. He has an obsession with death and the afterlife. So he dresses all in black. First we see a funeral is taking place for a young teenage boy. Then suddenly a stereo is seen and a hand turns off the funeral music. The it opens the window blinds. The woman is Chris' mom and she tells her son. that dinner is ready. Then she snaps at him for not picking up his clothes. Then she throws a pairs of dirty socks at him. They were the pair that he put on the furnace to make his room smell like decay.

At dinner, Chris creeps out his family by burying a piece of shrimp into his mashed potatoes. Then he places a cross in it made from Carrots sticks. While doing this, he asked them to imagine what it would feel like to be buried alive. Then to have dirt dumped on top of you. Chris' mom is so creeped out, that she asks her husband to pass the grave. He looks at her as if to say "Honey, really?", Then she rephrases herself and says sorry I mean the gravy. Then another day later, on his was out he seals an insect inside a large glass jar. Then he wonders how long it can survive in it for. Meanwhile his normal brother Jamie leaves thinking he's an idiot.

Jamie goes to his part-time job working on cars with his friend Sid the Mechanic. Sid asks Jamie what Chris' problem is. Jamie tells him that Chris got into his obsession after playing a game of capture the flag with his friends in a graveyard. Now all he talks about is death, graves and funerals. Sid feeling sorry for Chris, gives Jamie the idea to do something to make Chris snap out of it.

That evening at home, Jamie isn't surprised to see Chris playing a game of "Hang Man" on the computer. Jamie then tells Chris that the past afternoon a hearse that just came back from a funeral went into the shop for some servicing. Hearing this Chris is astounded and amazed and he can't believe him. Jamie says it's for real and shows him that he has the keys. Then a little later Jamie and Chris go over to see the hearse. Chris is obsessed with it saying that he wonders how many bodies have been in it. Jamie opens the door lets him inside to try lying down. Then tells him the past afternoon a dead guy was in it. Hearing this Chris is excited and goes inside and lies down. Then he crosses his arm and says his "Here lies Chris Leary, dearly departed ". imaging things out.

The suddenly the radio goes on blaring with loud music. The horn honks non-stop and the windshield wipers go back and forth non-stop. For a moment, Chris is scared out of his skin thinking the hearse is haunted. Then he looks outside the window and sees Jamie laughing and holding on a huge battery. Turns out Jamie connected the engine to a battery and jump started the engine. This made everything go off at the same time. Realizing the cruel joke Chris yells at Jamie to let him out. Jamie just keeps laughing at him and tells him to quiet things down or he'll wake the dead!

Then Chris turns off the ignition and sighs relief, but before he gets out of the hearse the radio goes on by itself. Then a broadcast comes on saying it's Radio Station 109.1 for the dimensionally challenged. Then a DJ in a slight deep British accent says that sometimes when people die they miss their chance to crossover and need guidance. That is where they come in, all they need to do is follow his voice and he'll help them find the way "home". Jamie still laughing and thinking his prank was hilarious bumps into a elderly old man in a suit. The old man seem a bit disoriented. Now he asks Jamie if he can help him find the way "home". Jamie confused and creeped out says um no.. and walks away. Then suddenly the old man slowly disappears.

Later at home, Chris is listening to the radio in the kitchen hearing another broadcast from the same DJ. The topic is death and dying and what's the next step?  The DJ says that as he said earlier he'd like to invite anyone hearing him to come to the station. Then suddenly Jamie comes in teasing Chris about the prank and quickly changes the radio station. Chris mad at him snaps at him for changing it. Then Jamie says that it's 4 pm and time for his favorite radio show Clark & Ryan. Which he never misses. Chris ticked off storms away telling him to do what he wants. Jamie tells him not to be mad at him, because he was just trying to get him to lighten up and asks him to lighten up.

Chris, then goes onto the internet onto a radio station records website. At first it has no records of a current place for Station 109.1. Then when he checks for previous and last known entries for it, he finds the address. Then a day later, he walks over to the radio station. Then on the way, an elderly woman asks him he knows the way "home". The woman is with a small group of elderly people who all seem disoriented, lost and confused. Chris a little confused just tells her no and he's sorry he doesn't know. When Chris gets to station 109.1, it's very old and a little run down. He lets himself into the building. The the building inside is dark and very quiet. 

There are a couple of elderly people all patiently sitting down. They go up when their number is called. Chris asks some of them what the place is, but none of them answer him. He cuts in line and knocks on the front window. Then suddenly it opens and a DJ in a grating voice yells at him "Do not knock on the window!, what's the matter? you can't read? See knock window! do not on the! let's say it together do NOT knock on the window, let's say it together DO NOT KNOCK ON THE WINDOW!". Then the DJ snaps at Chris for not waiting in line with everyone else and lectures him about it. Then in a polite voice he smiles and asks for the next person. Then he just decides to just speak with Chris and get it over with. He screams at him saying "maybe you've got eternity but I'm on a tight schedule".

Then as Chris comes into the room to speak with the DJ, a green numbered bracelet is slapped onto his wrist and it won't come off. The DJ says that it's a bracelet that will relieve him from anything that is keeping him to the physical world. Then the DJ tells him he is going to the next life, and to wait until his number is called. Then step through the doors to it. Chris hearing this is horrified and tells him he's not done with his first life yet. The DJ then asks him ,if he isn't dead, then how did he hear of the station. Chris tells him from the radio in the hearse. Then the DJ is convinced that he is Daniel James Carpenter: An elderly man who was buried the past afternoon. Who must of have missed his chance to crossover by staying in the hearse too long. Chris tries to tell him he's not Daniel Carpenter. So he has made a mistake, but he doesn't believe him.

Then suddenly two black robed ghosts brings in a scared looking man. The man looks scared out of his skin. He is crying and screaming that they're mistaken and he's not supposed to go yet. Then as the ghosts brings him to the door, he keeps crying and screaming things like no you've made a mistake, I'm not supposed to go, you've got the wrong man. While the DJ tells Chris "He lead a nasty life!, he's gonna lead an even nastier afterlife. Then he is thrown into the bright light of the open door. Then it closes on him. Then he tells Chris his turn is coming soon, and Chris runs away scared.

Chris gets home and finds Jamie chatting with his friend on the phone. Chris tries to explain to him everything that has just happened to him. But Jamie doesn't answer him. Jamie keeps talking about how he's going to listen to Clark & Ryan when he works on a car later on. Chris tries to slap him across the face to get his attention, but his hand just goes right through Jamie like he's a ghost. Chris realizes that now he cannot be seen, heard or touched. And it is because of the bracelet he has on. He says he's gonna just stay at home and not go back, and even cries for help from his mom. Then suddenly when running into another room he is teleported back to the waiting room at the radio station.

Hearing the numbers called out on  P.A. he finds out his number is going to be called soon. Then he tries to pull off the bracelet but it won't come off. He tries to run away but every time he leaves a room he's still in the station. Then he finds the DJ's office illuminated by a red light. The DJ is mad and annoyed and tells him he's can't come in. Then in a slight deep British accent, he makes another broadcast to help more deceased people who didn't crossover right away. In the broadcast he says that "we're on the air live or so to speak. This is station 109.1 at the end of your radio dial for spirits at the end of their ropes. We're here to help, all of those lost souls who missed the boat. If you didn't crossover when you died then we're here to help you. Don't stay on earth forever, it's time to move onto the next life".

The DJ reveals his name to be Roy, and Chris once again tries to convince him that he has the wrong guy and he's made a mistake. Roy mad, snaps at him telling him that he doesn't make mistakes. Because when he was alive, he worked a government job for the department of motor vehicles. Then the black robed ghosts bring in an Old Man. The Old Man is upset and scared and tries telling him that there has been a mistake and that they've got the wrong guy. Then the Old Man is taken away, and Roy tells him it's same with everyone, they all have a story. Chris then finds out it's 4 pm and tunes the broadcast to Clark & Ryan's station and takes over their broadcast.

Jamie can finally hear him as he explains to him that he is at Station 109.1.  A crossover station and they think he is Daniel Carpenter who recently died. Also they're trying to send him to the afterlife and he ran away once and tried to come home but he couldn't see, hear or feel him. Jamie thinks it's a practical joke at first and doesn't believe him. Then suddenly, the old man he bumped into the night before appears and reveals that he is Daniel Carpenter and that both he and Chris really need his help before it's too late. Roy finds out Chris is intercepting a broadcast and is really mad and screams at him to stop or he can lose his job.

Chris, is caught once again trying to escape, Roy having enough of him and fed up decides to send him through the doors right away. Jamie drives Daniel to the station as the robed ghosts slowly bring Chris to bright light of the doorway. Roy stands by looking with joy saying "Oh I'm gonna enjoy this!". Jamie breaks in with Daniel and they make it to the room as Chris is almost at the door. Jamie screams to him to stop because his brother isn't dead. At first Chris is relieved because the ghosts stopped moving and Roy says oh really? The suddenly Roy doesn't believe them and has Chris thrown in through the doors. Jamie screams no! Then suddenly a loud crashing sound, with a huge shaking little tremor is heard from behind the doors. Roy is worried because that's apparently never happened before.

Daniel, furious tells Roy that he is Daniel Carpenter and calls him a fool. Roy says he isn't because he just had him processed, and claims that Chris is him. Jamie backs Daniel up and says that was his brother. Then suddenly with a powerful shaking little tremor, the doors to the afterlife swing open and Chris is thrown back out. They're all shocked to see him. Jamie is amazed and asks Chris if he really went to the other side and asks him he is okay. Chris says yes he did and says he is okay, and "they" rejected him and "they" said he isn't dead yet. Then mad he looks at Roy and tells him and "they" also want a word with you. Roy very worried, that he'll face his bosses wrath finally realizes he actually did make a mistake, and tries to apologize to them. Then he has Chris simply peel the bracelet off his wrist and slap it on Daniel's wrist. Now they can forget the whole thing ever happened.

The doors open and bright sunny light shines at Daniel's face, and he is ready to embrace it. Before he goes, Chris asks him if he is afraid that it will be horrible? As Daniel slowly walks into the doorway, Roy nicely tells them that it's only horrible if you lead a bad life. If you lived a good life it's the best thing going. Soon Chris decides he's had enough of his obsession and decides to let loose and enjoy life and be happy again. He stops dressing in all black and goes out to play baseball with Jamie. Then, on his way out he opens the jar and lets the insect out.


Then as the story ends Stig tells them, the next time you play your radio to listen closely. Because you might pick up a signal that's just for you! Then a little impatient and annoyed he tells them all that if they don't let him in after that story, then they haven't been listening to him. Gary then has the five of them all huddle together to vote. While this happens, Stig turns on his radio and loud rock and roll music comes blaring out. This seems to slightly annoy them so he stops.

Gary tells them that they've come to their decision and it had to be unanimous, Tucker happily tells him that he's in. Stig says cool and tell Tucker he'll never forget him for this. Then he goes over and gives Sam a hug. Sam is disgusted and screams "Ew". Tucker tries to hold Stig back as he wants to hug Kiki and Betty Ann and Tucker says oh come on give us a hug.

Betty Ann grossed out says no way! and leaves with Sam and Kiki. Gary a little ticked off tells Tucker to control him or he'll kick the both of them out. Stig high-fives Tucker saying "They love me!" and leaves with Tucker. Gary then puts out the campfire and leaves too.

  • Stig's last story.
  • The only time a story was a second attempt at entering the Midnight Society (Stig's).
  • This was actor Ryan Gosling's first role in a TV show or movie.
    • According to an interview D.J. MacHale originally had Ryan Gosling in mind to portray a Member Society Member. However he turned it down to appear in the New Mickey Club
    • Ryan Gosling also starred as Greg Banks in the Goosebumps episode "Say Cheese and Die". That episode was also directed by Ron Oliver.
  • In the afterlife scene(s), corpses were given the rules to take the next number in line while waiting to be escorted off into the unknown. This is exactly how they take care of the corpses in Tim Burton's 1989 cult classic, Beetlejuice.
  • Zachary Carlin also appeared in an episode of the Goosebumps television series: "Calling All Creeps!", as Ricky Beamer.
  • David Francis who portrayed Daniel Carpenter previously appeared in the show two times before. The first time was in Season One's episode "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds" as Giles, and the second time was in the Season Two finale "The Tale of Old Man Corcoran" as Old Man Corcoran.
  • Jason Cavalier who portrayed Sid the Mechanic later appeared again, in the series revival. He next appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie" as The Chinese Warrior.
  • Bill Corday who portrayed the scared looking man, later appeared in the the series revival. He next appeared in the episode "The Tale of Oblivion" as Thelodius but his name was credited as Bill Cordau.
  • The bracelets are Slap Bracelets, a huge 90's fad.
  • Scott Peters was nominated for a Gemini Award for "Best Writing in a Children’s or Youth Program" for this episode.
  • Jamie's friend he talks to on the phone is named Ron, a reference to director Ron Oliver.