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The Tale of Vampire Town
Season 6 , Episode 13
Air date October 8, 1999
Written by Alison Lea Bingeman
Directed by Mark Soulard
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The Tale of Vampire Town is the thirteenth and final episode of the Sixth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Seventy-sixth episode in total.


Midnight Society Cast[]

Story Cast[]


The night begins with Tucker & Andy getting the campfire going. Vange enters the circle, asking if Quinn showed up. Andy (giving her an I don't know look) says no. Megan (sitting on the sofa upside down, working on her nails) asks what they will do if Quinn doesn't show up. Tucker says then it's no big deal. If Quinn doesn't come, he'll tell the story instead.

Andy asks Tucker if Quinn really started a fight in school. As Tucker is slowing breaking out into laughter, he says all he knows is that something happened and he got sent to see the principal (Andy is now laughing too). In a mocking tone, Vange says that she bets he's grounded now. Megan is ticked off, saying that Quinn is a jerk and asks why he would start a fight.

Quinn comes in hearing this, he says that being called a jerk, is just the kind of thinking that drives him nuts. Vange, Andy & Tucker all quickly approach him and interrogate about what he did. Quinn defensively backs them off, and asks them all why it is whenever something terrible happens, he always takes the heat. It's like he's always seems to be guilty until he's proven innocent. Megan, still annoyed says it's because he usually is guilty. Quinn annoyed, says that just because someone does something bad at times, doesn't mean he does the bad things all of the time. Quinn is frustrated telling them to just forget it, then sits down on the storyteller's chair.

Quinn says his story is about this very thing. The story is about a guy who is a little different, who doesn't go along with what's normal. Because of course people don't like things that aren't normal, it makes them feel uncomfortable. Still that's just the way the guy in his story likes to be, that is... until he gets in trouble and has nowhere to turn. Then the only person who believes in him, is the one person he should fear the most!

Quinn throws in the campfire dust (non dairy creamer) to make the fire more intense, while he submits his story for approval for The Midnight Society. He calls his story "The Tale of Vampire Town" and begins his story.


Quinn, tells the story, it takes place in small town called Wisteria. That evening, during a showering thunderstorm, Wisteria's Funeral Home Mortician Carl Mueller is just about to go home for the evening. Then he steps back inside to answer the phone, turns out it's only his wife who wants him to pick up milk on his way back home.

When Carl is about to leave, he hears a banging sound and goes off to investigate. He carefully checks the coffins to find nobody hiding in them. He hears the sound again, next he checks the prep room. When carefully tucking a corpses arm into the sheet and checking under the bed, another body nearby rises up and slowly closes on in him. Carl bumps his head and passes out, and the creature is a vampire, who is opening it's fangs and closes in to bite him! Then just as the vampire closes in, it sees Carl's holy cross necklace, which causes it to hiss and run away leaving him unharmed.

A week later the Carballo family is driving up to spend a trip in Wisteria. The teenage son Adder is a creepy, Gothic person who is greatly obsessed with vampires. Adder even dresses like them, complete with makeup and sunglasses. This is for him to try and learn how they think and act. The reason why Adder chose a trip to Wisteria, was because he heard about the vampire attack that happened the week before and suspecting it might be Dreyfus the greatest vampire (Who has slept in the catacombs under Wisteria for centuries) he took this as a chance to see if vampires actually exist and try and hunt one down. His dad Mark would rather take his son to a football game, which he has field seat tickets for. His Mom Rose insists they go through with Adder's decision because it was his turn to choose the trip.

They arrive  to a huge old mansion hotel, in seemingly deserted town,. His dad isn't too excited, but Adder says it's just the way he expected it to be. Before leaving the car, Adder opens a small blue vial sniffing it, the scent is repulsive and really grosses his parents out. He says it's raven's blood, with nightshade and mandrake all the way from Romania. A mixture and delicacy that no vampire can resist, before going inside his father tells his mother that Adder gets his weird behavior from her side of the family. Adder is annoyed that his His dad constantly makes fun of him, thinking he's weird and he should try and be normal. While his mom, just wants Adder to be himself and be happy the way he is, supporting him in his unusual interests.

Inside the meet the hotel manager Stanley, Stanley is a quiet and seemingly paranoid man. He tells them they don't open the curtains because the sunlight will ruin the antique furniture. Rose and Mark check into their hotel rooms, while Adder trying to thinking like a vampire, waits inside the car until it's nighttime before going to check in.

As his parents leave for their rooms, Rose says their third guest won't be coming to check in, until after sunset which arises Stanley's suspicions. Mark asks if the rumor about the town being full of vampires is true. Stanley a little tense again, says it's just old fables like the witches of Salem. Rose tells Stanley they heard there was a vampire attack the week before. Stanley asks her if they believe in them, and she says they don't. Stanley tells them that neither does he, or any of the people in the whole town. He explains the town has been trying to fight off those rumors for years, because it keeps away the tourists or is some cases attracts them, because people still believe what they want to believe. Stanley then speaks up for his town and asks them to try and not spread rumors.

Later that evening Adder comes to check in, his Gothic and dark appearance frightens Stanley. Adder coldly asks to be shown to his room, and he is told the room number and given the keys. Adder asks if he can see the catacombs, Stanley is shocked and tells him that they are closed and have been for many years. Adder is greatly disappointed to hear this. He asked if they were really closed because he heard they are right under the basement of the building. Looking at the back tunnel he asks if that is the door inside. Stanley (very tense) asks him why he would want to see them. Adder says because he has a date with Destiny and goes up to his room.

Worrying that Adder might a vampire, Stanley phones Carl Mueller and asks him if he saw what attacked him that other night, because he's very suspicious about one of his newly checked in hotel guests who is making him really nervous.

Adder writes in his journal that tonight when everyone is asleep he’ll sneak inside the catacombs and hunt down Dreyfus.. that is if he really exists. Later that night at midnight Adder sneaks into the tunnels of the catacombs, as both Stanley and Carl nervously watch him from nearby. Adder forcibly opens the door ( being ambushed by bats) and lets himself in. The catacombs are filthy, rotten and dusty, with skulls and skeletons everywhere. Adder is astonished by this and through an iron gate, he continues to investigate the catacombs, as Stanley and Carl slowly follow him armed with hammers and stakes.

Then a little further ahead, Adder enters a small burial chamber with a huge coffin. He wipes off the dust, and sure enough the name reads "Dreyfus", he is amazed taking photos believing he'll be famous for his discovery. Stanley and Carl, storm in armed with their hammers and stakes. They angrily tell him they've got him and thought they had seen the last of his kind ages ago. Adder realizes they must think he's a vampire and they're hunting him down. Adder nervously tries to tell him he's not a vampire, but they don't believe him, so he pulls the stake out of the coffin and throws it at him and runs off into the catacombs. However shortly afterwards Dreyfus' coffin begins to open by itself!

Adder is running looking for a way out, when hiding in a room he can hear Stanley and Carl still looking for him. Stanley tells Carl that when they find the vampire (him) they must stake him to death, which horrifies him. Then suddenly he got the shock of a lifetime. He is approached by an elderly vampire, who introduces himself to be Dreyfus! However Dreyfus is in very poor shape. He is trembling and his flesh is rotting off his face. Adder is amazed telling him he can't believe he's real but not what he expected. Dreyfus tells him he needs to feed, hearing this Adder takes a picture and the flash blinds Dreyfus and he runs off.

When running off again, he bumps into Stanley and Carl again. Adder gives them his word that he's not a vampire, just a vampire hunter. Stanley is not convinced saying he looks like a vampire, Carl screams at him wielding the stake, Adder closes the gate and runs off again. He is trapped with danger everywhere he goes. He runs off to the end of the tunnel, realizing he can sneak through a vent into the prep room of Wisteria Funeral Home. Luckily he does this right in time, as can see that Dreyfus is slowly trembling in hot pursuit of him. He breaks in and hides under a cloth on a prep bed.

Stanley and Carl, realize he's somewhere in the building. Stanley points out that the way he came in, must have been the way he was almost attacked the other night, and they both nervously split up to find Adder. When the coast is clear, Adder quietly sneaks out until he is cornered by both Stanley and Carl, armed with their stakes pointing them right at him.  Adder points out his reflection appears in the mirror, but Stanley tells Carl it must be a trick. Carl screams at him to tell his kind to leave their town alone. Adder once again tries to convince them that he's a normal teenage boy., by saying he's just on a trip with his parents who are guests at Stanley's hotel. Also he tells them his appearance is all makeup and just an act, so he can pretend and see if vampires really exist and that he actually found one. For a moment they almost believed him, then suddenly they scream at him that they also found a vampire and it's him! They are about to vigorously nail their stakes into his heart!

Then suddenly an immense gust of wind and smoke rises through the floor causing them all to cough. Carl is horrified and shocked to see Dreyfus has appeared and has frozen in fear as Dreyfus grabs him. Stanley gets scared and runs away, as Carl screams repeatedly for help as Dreyfus closes in to bite him. Adder opens the vial and tells Dreyfus that it's raven's blood with nightshade and mandrake and how it's so much better than regular blood. Dreyfus who was just about to bite Carl, drops him and jumps at the chance to go after the vial, which Adder placed on a coffin. Then as Dreyfus begins to drink from it, Adder opens the curtains and exposes Dreyfus to the sunshine.

Carl watches in complete shock as Dreyfus gets destroyed, instantly frying and burning to a big pile of ash. Carl feeling awful about how he and Stanley treated him, gratefully thanks him for saving his life saying that it was Dreyfus all along. Adder amazed about the events says that he never actually thought he would find a vampire, he thought it was all just a game. Carl seriously tells him in Wisteria it's no game, because there are dozens of vampires buried in the catacombs. Usually they have no problems, but every once in a while one shows up and it really is Vampire Town. For saving his life,  Adder's only favor in return is for him to tell Stanley that he's not actually a vampire. They laugh about how Stanley ran off like a scared weenie when Dreyfus appeared.

The next morning, Mark decides to spend the day doing what Adder wants to do. To both his parents surprise, Adder has changed. Adder is not wearing sunglasses and he's wearing normal clothing, and has washed off also of Gothic make up. His dad tells him it might be creepy but he's ready to go see the catacombs with him. Adder is happy to hear this but tells him that they are closed. Instead he asks his dad if the can go to the football game, which they are all happy and excited to do.

Then after checking out, Adder thanks Stanley for keeping quiet about what happened the other night. Adder gives Stanley another vial of Raven's blood, in case he encounters more vampires. Stanley seems really grateful, sniffing it almost like he's in paradise. Adder is confused asking him, if Dreyfus only rose the other night, then who attacked Carl Mueller the week before. Stanley tells him, he was hoping everyone would think it was just him, because it's getting harder and harder going around undetected. Adder is shocked to see Stanley has no reflection! Stanley was the vampire! He tells Adder: "I Hope you like Vampire Town, because you'll be staying here a long long time!". Then in a big hiss, Stanley opens his fangs to bite the terrified boy.


Quinn ends his story simply by saying: "And that's the end". Vange and Andy are both pleased and smiling. Tucker tells him it was great, Megan is no longer mad at him, she's smiling now and also tells him it was a great story.

Tucker gets up and says the meeting is over and it's time to go, Tucker puts out the campfire as everyone begins leaving. When Andy leaves he apologizes to Quinn, saying that it wasn't fair to just assume he started the fight. Vange apologizes to him too, Quinn tells them both that's it's okay. Megan is ticked off again and leaves quickly without saying a word to him.

Tucker asks him, who really started the fight. Quinn looks around to see that everyone else is gone and says that he did, because the guy deserved it because he stole his lunch. Tucker says that he kind of figured it was him, as they both leave Quinn tells him he figured it out because he's a smart guy just like him. Hearing this, Tucker chuckles.

  • Kyle Downes, who portrayed Adder Carballo, previously appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Forever Game" as Nathaniel.
    • He also portrayed Tom in the Goosebumps episode "An Old Story".
    • In airing order, he appears in the premiere and finale of season 6.
  • Richard Jutras, who portrayed Stanley, previously appeared in the original series episode "The Tale of the Phone Police" as The Pizza Delivery Guy.
  • Michel Perron, who portrayed Carl Mueller, previously appeared in the original series episode "The Tale of the Dream Girl" as The Bowling Alley Manager. 
  • For unknown reasons, this episode aired 5 months after the previous episode.
  • This is the first episode to be written by Alison Lea Bingeman since The Tale of the Whispering Walls. This was her final episode.