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The Tale of the Carved Stone
Season 3 , Episode 7
Air date February 19, 1994
Written by Susan Kim
Directed by Ron Oliver
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The Tale of the Carved Stone is the Seventh episode of the Third season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, as well as the Thirty-Third episode in total.


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That night, Kiki, Sam, Frank, Tucker and Betty Ann are all heading to the clearing together. Suddenly they all stop frozen in their tracks. They see standing near the campfire, what appears to be a scary, creepy person in a long black cloak and wide black padre hat. They are all nervous and frightened about who the person could be.

Frank suspects it might be Gary, Sam agrees saying it must be some costume from his dad's store. Tucker nervously stuttering saying that Gary's probably trying to spook them. They all call out to Gary saying that they know it's him and to cut it out. Then suddenly Gary appears from behind them and asks them "To cut what out?" His friends are very scared and nervous now asking if he is there then who is by the campfire?

They look over to the campfire and The padre hat gets blown off in the wind to reveal the cloak and hat were just placed on a stand and Gary confesses it was just a little joke. They all sit by the fire and Gary stands up and puts on the cloak and padre hat. He explains the hat and cloak were worn by a strange group of monks Hundreds of years ago. Legend says these monks were truly evil. Stories say they had this magical power that can take over peoples minds, and to control the forces of nature. They're not around anymore, but what if these Mystical Monks had so much magical power that they can learn to control the one thing that could make them dangerous forever... Time.

Gary, sits down and then throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while he submits his story for approval for The Midnight Society. Calling his story "The Tale of the Carved Stone".


Gary, tells the story. The story is about a teenage girl named Alison Denny. She and her family had just moved to a new town and she is lonely and hasn't made any new friends yet. Alison knew it was tough being the new kid, and it was going to be hard to make new friends. What she didn't know, was how dangerous making a new friend was going to be.

Alison sits by her window alcove feeling miserable about having to move to a new place. She notices that a person who lived in her room at one time carved onto the wood of the alcove bench "T.J.B. was here". She laughs for a few moments and wishes Whomever T.J.B. is was still here to keep her company. She hears voices out the window and can see a group of teenagers walking by. One of them drops a pair of goofy eye glasses. She calls to them but they don't hear her.

She retrieves the broken glasses, and finds the shop where they came from. The shop happens to be none other than "Sardo's Magic Mansion". When she gets inside Sardo is heard talking in the back. He is trying to buy an item from a customer. The customer is dissatisfied and threatens to take all his business over to "Uncle Bobo's House of Magic". That is if he doesn't get the price he wants. Hearing this Sardo reluctantly agrees. Because he for some reason resents whomever Bobo is. Then as always, Sardo is heard saying that he is losing on the deal.

When Sardo comes to the till, she meets him and he corrects her as usual how to properly address him by his name. She buys another pair of goofy eye glasses from him. After noticing she isn't familiar with any of his items, he realizes she is new in town. Alison foolishly tells him that she and her family just moved into a town a week ago. Also she tell him that they're living in the old brown brick house on Maple lane.

Sardo wanting to make an easy sale as always, tries to sell her a popularity potion. He then changes his mind as he looks through his chest and finds a little black carved stone. He cons her into thinking that it's an Egyptian friendship stone. To make it work he tells her to close her eyes, hold it in her hands. Then to recite the incantation "Amrack Vitualin Ra" (which he probably made up off the top of his head). She seems to fall for it and is excited to hear that. To really con her unto buying it, he lies to her again. He tells her that after saying the incantation, she'll have plenty of friends. Alison buys it for $17.75, with Sardo as always saying he is losing on the deal.

Then after Alison leaves, a shady and scary man all dressed in black with a black padre hat and black sunglasses is seen. Then after Alison goes home, she has invited that group of teenagers to come over. She says the incantation hoping it will work. A teenage boy named Don, answers the door. Alison then gives him the new pair of glasses. His friend, a girl in a red jacket gets smart with her. She rudely complains that she invited them over in the cold just to give them a pair of stupid glasses. She tells Alison to get a life, and then they all leave.

Then Alison returns to Sardo's shop. There she questions him on why the friendship stone didn't work. The scary man has him in the backroom in the store, with is hand covering Sardo's mouth. He speaks in Sardo's voice, telling her he is closed right now and insists that she leave sat once. When she leaves, The shady scary man demands to know where the amulet is. He says that he knows it was in the chest the past morning. He mesmerizes Sardo, telling him to look into his eyes. When it takes effect, he tells Sardo that he seeks the Amulet of Ankhra. It is a most unusual black stone.

Sardo under the mesmerized trance, tells the man that he sold it to Alison Denny and tells him her address. At home Alison is seen talking on the phone. She is talking to a friend from her old neighborhood. When she hangs up, she feels ripped off and throws the stone, and it hits her wall mirror. The mirror jolts with a bit of lightning, then suddenly the projection of another room is shown. Inside of it, there is a boy writing with a feather quill pen. He is wearing old-fashioned clothes, and his room has old-fashioned furniture. Confused, she calls "Hello? "The boy is also confused, He answers asking "hello who is there?" but she is too nervous and doesn't answer him . She picks the stone back up and the mirror becomes normal again. After this, she is most impressed with the stone now.

Suddenly, an evil voice calls out her name. she looks out her window and it's the evil shady scary person from Sardo's shop. He tells her to look into his eyes, and she asks him what he wants. He tells her that she has the amulet and that he wants it back. The man then tries to mesmerize her into giving it to him. She backs away terrified, covering her eyes while holding the stone. She then falls right through her mirror, landing into what appears to be another bedroom with very old-fashioned furniture.

She sees the boy again and asks him what he is doing in her bedroom. The boy is armed with a slingshot. telling her he is named Thomas Jefferson Bradshaw and it's his grandmother's house. She says no it's her house because her family moved in just last week. They both say the houses exact same address at the same time: 15 Maple Lane. Alison finds the initials "T.J.B. was here" carving on the wooden bench. The alcove is looking much newer and she realizes it is her room but it's different. She introduces herself to him, and shows him the stone She says it is a magic stone and that she somehow traveled through time. She asks Thomas what year it is. Thinking she's dumb or silly, he tells her in a patronizing way " Don't you know anything it's 1892" She is shocked to hear this. She is amazed to hear that and tells him that with the magical carved stone, she traveled through the mirror 102 years back in time.

Alison and the boy whom she nicknames Tom get to know each other a bit. They realize they're a lot alike. They're both an only child and they both don't have any friends. This is because, Tom is an orphan and he lives all alone with his strict Grandmother, and she never let's him out of the house. They become quick friends, and Alison invites him to visit her time. She feel that he'll just love movies and video games. Then just as they are about to head back to her she nervously stops. She suddenly remembers the evil, scary person who was outside her window. Tom ensures her that he's a good shot with his slingshot. Therefore he will protect them when they go back to her time. When they get to her time in the house, Tom doesn't see very much other than slighter different furniture.

Suddenly someone is knocking at their door! Slowly the door is opened and answered. The person is Sardo, he has come to warn her. He informs her that the rock really is a powerful amulet. It is known as the Amulet of Ankhra. The Amulet belongs to a truly evil monk known as Brother Septimus. He was supposed to have been hanged in the 15th century, but he escaped and he is on the loose. Then suddenly, the scary man known as Brother Septimus jumps in. He grabs Sardo, and Alison and Tom run away in fear. Brother Septimus, threatens Sardo to retrieve the amulet for him. If not, he threatens to slice him open and serve him to rats off the abyss.

Tom from up the staircase, shows the monk he has the amulet and taunts him saying "look what I got mister". Then Tom tosses it back to Alison, and they toss it back and forth. Then Alison grabs Sardo by the hand, and exits through a mirror into Tom's time infuriating the monk. In Tom's time, they run upstairs to Tom's room. There she explains to Sardo what the amulet does. Sardo thinks it could make him rich beyond his wildest dreams and wants to sell it. Then wondering how it works. Sardo taps it onto the mirror and goes through it. Unfortunately, just as Sardo went through The Monk now comes in. The Monk closes in on her, asking for the amulet. She tells him she doesn't have it. then he threatens to make her suffer for messing with him. Suddenly. Tom comes back through the mirror. Tom threatens to shoot the monk with the amulet in his slingshot.

The Monk laughs at him, realizing Tom is no match for him. The Monk then has Tom look into his gleaming bruised blues eyes to mesmerize him. Then the Monk claims that without the amulet, he hasn't been able to travel back and forth through time. Therefore it's been far too long since he's claimed a victim's life! Then he takes off his glove to reveal his right hand, It has a five inch long sharp silver fingernail. Then just as he closes in to possibly slit Tom's throat, Tom snaps out of the trance. Then Alison jumps on the monks back and they both bump into the mirror. Then just as this happens, Tom shouts "Check out time!". Then he shoots the amulet at the mirror and they both fall through as it shatters in a huge blinding flash.

Alison makes it home safely, she and Sardo look through the shattered mirror pieces. They find in one piece Brother Septimus was accidentally sent to some unknown dimension. By the look of things, it possibly the abyss and it's tearing and ripping him apart and he vaporizes. Then Tom's voice call's her through another piece of the mirror. Then she asks him to come through. But he tells her it's too late and he can't because The mirror is broken. He tells her not to be sorry, because he's glad that he finally made a friend and waves goodbye to hear. She says goodbye to him and wishes for him to have a good life, then he vanishes. Suddenly Alison and Sardo notice another carving on the wooden bench near the window. The carving is a heart with the words "Alison and Tom friends forever" meaning that as time went on, Tom never forgot about her.


As Gary ends the story he says that the amulet was gone and Brother Septimus was never seen again. Alison would never forget the first new friend she made in her in new home. Then Gary ends his story and declares their meeting closed. He tells them all until next time and puts out the fire and everyone leaves.

  • Sardo's third appearance, his fourth and fifth appearances would be in "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure".
  • Aidan Pendleton who portrayed Alison Denny reappeared in the series again two seasons later. She reappeared as Gwen in the episode "The Tale of Badge".
  • First mention of Bobo, Sardo's competition and possible rival. Bobo finally makes his appearance in the series revivals episode "The Tale of the Time Trap".
  • John White would later star in the Goosebumps episode "The Cuckoo Clock of Doom" (1995) - again as a boy who experienced time-travel.
  • Frank Gorshin was best known for his portrayal of The Riddler in the classic 1960s Batman television show.
  • Richard Dumont has stated this is one of his favorite episodes he was in.
  • According to writer Susan Kim, she had previously pitched a few stories to DJ MacHale, but this was the first to finally be accepted.